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There are moments of humor to go along with the action. It wasn't terribly hard to figure out who the villain was, but the journey is still well worth the time. As pat as the outcome of the book is, there is something terribly satisfying about bad guys getting their comeuppance, and in such a spectacular way as well. If only real life worked like that.

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I so wish mystery writers would realize that, if written properly, such tales can stand on their own without having to throw romance into the mix. When this book was getting down to the 'nitty gritty' and the reader is anxious to learn the outcome, there were irritating pauses in the story for 'friends and lovers' time. The flow of the book was majorly hampered by this. Also, we are asked to believe that a woman who is sharp enough to be Chief of Police and who apparently loves her two small daughters very deeply is so casual as to expose them to a man she's known less than a week and falls for him just as quickly.

The last minute 'saving grace' decision to not allow him further into their hearts due to his sketchy way of life is so obviously a contrived device so that the character can go on into the rest of the books of this series unattached. I would have had much more respect for the Chief if she would have agreed to spend time alone with Mike before even beginning to think about bringing him around her children.

Small town sensibilities need not equal gullibility. I doubt I will read any more of this series. As interesting as this book is, the language and criminal subject matter are just a little too raw for my taste. I have just about finished 5 of the Mike Bishop novels and really enjoyed the series. Characters are well developed and Bishop is a likable character as a rough around the edges sleuth bringing his own brand of justice to each plot.

Not quite at the same level as Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels but Bishop shows some of the same intuitions as Reacher as he puzzles through his investigations. If you like the Reacher novels, you will probably enjoy reading Jess Butcher's Bishop series. This starts with Mike Bishop and his pal Karl Pfaff having a little talk with a drug dealer. A drug dealer who is a pedophile. He likes young girls. This time he's taken over the granddaughter of a Judge.

A Judge who wants her back. After a few words and broken bones the two men get the message or so Mike thinks. Mike then gets a call from a Susan Dunbar. Dunbar is someone Mike knows and really doesn't like or trust. Dunbar wants Mike to go to Muleshoe, Kansas. She wants Mike to assist a writer, Anne Graham, on the history of Muleshoe to include missing gold.

The gold is what Dunbar is after. Muleshoe is a little town with a big history. A history that involves confederate gold, decapitated bodies and quite a Civil War story. So begins one pretty darned good read. The story begins with a pawn broker found beheaded with a civil war gold coin in his mouth.

To paraphrase a song, evil may grow in the dark but it does live in people's minds. Mike is a fixer , ex-military with like friends, who has a knack for finding things or making problems go away. He prefers doing it by the book, but does not fret doing a little or a lot extra to stop those who appear invincible to lawful persuasion.

Mike is hired to find the rest of the coins, a writer is hired to do a story about people who may have had contact with the coins and he is assigned to work with her without her knowing that his assignment is the coins, not just to help her interview.

Muleshoe (Mike Bishop #1) by Jess Butcher

Beheadings and other troubles have followed the treasure and continue. Evil finds an equal lover and they do deserve each other. Quite a fascinating tale. So many, at least fictional heroes, seems to step outside the law, however, if I faced the kind of people he dealt with, I would want him on my side.

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Muleshoe (Mike Bishop #1)

Bishop enlists the help of former Marine Corps Sergeant, Abraham Lincoln Decker and together, they encounter an eccentric cast of barmaids, blackjack dealers, and geriatric bikers as they search for the killer. In Sidewinder Requiem, Bishop and Decker learn that sleepy Sidewinder, Kansas, like its viper namesake, can strike with unexpected and deadly consequences.

These short story titles range from 1, to 4, words in length. You may contact Jess Butcher by email at: Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Opiniones de clientes No hay opiniones de clientes.

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There are things that I really like about this book, and things that I could live without. Although Butcher is not as good a stylist as Lee Child, this book shares an appealing understatement with the Jack Reacher novels. Too many action novelists get carried away in their explosions, and they start to sound like a twelve-year-old boy. Though there's gritty action aplenty in this book, the situations aren't hyped up. This is a big plus. Also, this novel revolves around scenarios that remain unsettled and unexplained. Yeah, there's a conspiracy -- but it's not all-knowing, and it doesn't explain all of the bad deeds that take place.

And, in fact, the protagonist isn't even the guy who ultimately puts all the pieces together -- even if he is the catalyst for all the discoveries. These structural details really add verisimilitude. Plus, Bishop is not indestructible. He takes a significant beating a couple times in this book, and indeed, he won't survive more than three or four novels like this one.

And he makes mistakes -- not bumbling mistakes, but mistakes nonetheless. Still, this is some pretty unpolished work. Butcher's style, as I mentioned above, is ragged. It swings from very matter-of-fact to almost expressionistically vivid, with no apparent reason. Having these swings in voice accompany shifts in time, or in shifts to narrate other characters, would have been nice.

And there are errors. Things like possessives in the place of plurals and other penny-ante lack of attention to detail. Really, the vast bulk of this book's problems could have been solved with better editing at the level of words, clauses and sentences, without having to get into the more sophisticated stuff. Just that low-hanging fruit would have made this a legitimately high-quality thriller.