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But her musical education wasn't limited to hip-hop. She started opera lessons when she was six years old. Vocal lessons were just one part of Nicole's unusual childhood. She witnessed her father build a music empire. While conceding that she was "raised around gangbangers and thugs," Nicole suggests that her formal education at St. Teresa's Academy gave her the confidence she needed to apply her talent in the recording studio. She considers her contribution to a song by Tech N9ne as a turning point in her career.

It's very much a familial mob-type mentality and that was something in 'We're Not Sorry' that I wanted to bring to light.

Strange Music

She hasn't embraced every element of Strange Music's culture. Much of the label's output requires warning labels due to graphic content. Nicole acknowledges that the off-color tone extends to water cooler talk at the label's headquarters. That's what it feels like and I hate it. Nicole rose above the bothersome environment to sing the hook of " Habanero ," the lead track of Tech N9ne's "Planet.

Rapper Tech N9ne Sues Record Company for Ripping Off His 'Strange Music' Label |

A very different sensibility informs "The Edge. We were broken up, got back together and broke up again. So you're actually hearing in real time me breaking up with this guy. Even if the songs of heartbreak on "The Edge" don't perform as well as the old guard at Strange Music hopes for, Nicole has another claim to the empire.

She's earned the role of the heir apparent, especially after an upbringing that gave her the hip-hop version of an MBA. Since then it has expanded from one large building to three.

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Douglas Street and Interstate An exclusively hip-hop label for nearly 18 years, Strange Music is about to launch its pop music division. Mackenzie Nicole, 17 and about to graduate from St. And she really likes music. And since she was 9 years old, she has been contributing vocals to Tech N9ne tracks.

Inside Strange Music’s compound: Home of Tech N9ne and now, pop artists | The Kansas City Star

Mackenzie is the first lady of Strange Music, which is crazy to me. I always thought it would be a rapper. It deals with an issue close to her: It did not resonate.

Strange Music

But the negative comments would have a profound effect. After graduation, Mackenzie will spend some time this summer working with songwriters and industry professionals in Los Angeles.

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She will also have to weigh her ambitions. I can only stay in the industry as an artist as long as it will have me. I want to have other options. Sometime later this year she will release a full-length album.

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Brian Hudgens, widely known in Kansas City radio as Ponch, former program director and morning-show host at The two have known each other for a while and had discussions over the last three years about starting a pop division at Strange. At some large labels, you can be very hot for a second, then forgotten about.

Our goal is to fulfill our goals with each of those artists first, before signing anyone new. We ship more physical goods to Best Buy than any other label in the independent realm. The first thing you notice about every building and room in a Strange Music building is how spotlessly clean everything is. You could easily expand the 5-second rule to 10 or 15 seconds.

Everything is also impeccably organized — even the warehouses that store tons of merchandise, which constitutes much of the lifeblood of Strange Music. He is also a savvy businessman with a very healthy appetite for buying things and profiting off them, like the car wash not far from the Strange Music headquarters.