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The characterisation and prose from the smallest simile to the grandest gesture; the weight of heart and humour; Sheehan It's a rare thing wishing to have written a book. The characterisation and prose from the smallest simile to the grandest gesture; the weight of heart and humour; Sheehan's gift for the sentence Oh, and it reminded me of Geoff Dyer. I love Geoff Dyer. But we all know that now, don't we Jun 22, Paul rated it liked it. An absorbing mess, to be sure, made by a talented writer with more range and imagination than you'd guess from the first couple of chapters, but still, a mess.

Sheehan seems to have a young writer's gift for short fiction, but is impatient to publish his first full-length novel, so he crams several slight but compelling plotlines -- a gritty account of dirt-poor orphans coming of age in Dublin, a doomed love affair between a freelance war correspondent and a medica Um. Sheehan seems to have a young writer's gift for short fiction, but is impatient to publish his first full-length novel, so he crams several slight but compelling plotlines -- a gritty account of dirt-poor orphans coming of age in Dublin, a doomed love affair between a freelance war correspondent and a medical student in early's Sarajevo, the friends of a suicidal man dealing with survivor's guilt among others -- into a unwieldy narrative structure that strains credibility as it forces all these disparate elements to cohere into a single story.

Add a sojourn in a California desert hippie commune and a neuroscience lecture and you've got a book that seems to sprawl way more than its page length would suggest. That's a perverse achievement, but I suspect Mr.

Restless Souls

Sheehan will accomplish a few interesting things in his career. Jun 22, Lisa marked it as audio-tbr Shelves: Mar 14, Jo rated it really liked it. Little buzz prior to publication; understated cover art. Even the publisher synopsis, for me, exudes an unassuming, typically Irish stoicism. A coming of age story, and a debut novel. An excellent one, too.

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Irish, and the characters are from Dublin, but there is no real Irish sense of place. Are the characters all male - the women are mothers, wives and girlfriends meant to be homeless and wandering? They are the product of tough upbringings, parents sometimes alcoholic or absent, brought up in foster care, and so on, but they are all very much rooted in Dublin.

The only real sense of place though is in Sarajevo A coming of age story, and a debut novel. Where, arguably, the 20th century both began and ended. There, you feel the love. But the one who comes back from there with PTSD is a bit too much the romantic hero, and like most romantic heroes he is rather boring.

However, I am probably being mean-spirited. The craic is often hilarious, and the suicide of the never-seen friend is terribly moving, as I suspect real-life friends' suicides I never want to have to find out are usually not. And the denouement in the California hills is a tour de force.

A cool addition to modern Irish fiction. I'll be reading his next one. Like life, the humor is in the mundane everyday that surrounds the large life-changing events and relationships. While a bit of a buddy road trip type novel, thus a lot about what constitutes friendship and what are the possible limits of a friendship, it is also about war and the effects war can have on not only those present but those related to those present.

‘Restless Souls’ is a War Story and Journey Epic that Fights for a New Masculinity

I recommend this to almost anyone primarily because there are so many ways to engage with the story. Friendship, PTSD and associated disorders , limits to friendship, to what constitutes a cure, to whether there are even limits to things such as grief or guilt , and then there is the humor that exists between lifelong friends which often hides or cushions conflict.

Aug 19, Just This rated it liked it Shelves: Sep 16, Amy rated it liked it. An enjoyable read of what we are willing to do for friends who become our family. The story focuses more on the friendship and growing up than on the PTSD. The sections set in Bosnia are equally heartbreaking and uplifting as it shows the human struggles of trying to survive in a war zone.

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Sep 17, Anne rated it it was amazing. Aug 25, Sharon rated it it was amazing. A well-written, funny, heartbreaking novel. I spoke with the author about exploring trauma and grief without shying away from the surreal mundanity, imperfect relationships, and strange humor that percolate through these experiences. But what fascinated me most about your book was the way it explored ideas of perception, experience, and the concept of bearing witness. You completed years of research and you are writing about two very factual crises. Was the Restless Souls clinic always at the center of the novel?

Did these more intangible subjects surface out of the process, or were they always fundamentally what you wanted to raise through the narrative? I knew that I wanted to find something less grounded in reality, more outlandish, to place at the end of what is essentially a quest narrative.

Restless Souls by Dan Sheehan

They now feel that all of that promise and hope and invincibility has been stripped away and that the last chance to retrieve it is through a bold move, a grand gesture. I had been researching the different therapies available to returning soldiers and trauma victims for a number of months when I came across a fascinating New Yorker profile of a neuro-scientist named Dr. Daniela Schiller and her pioneering work on memory reconsolidation the process by which fixed long-term memories can be recalled and modified in order to dampen the intensity of their emotional impact, to essentially rewrite the memory.

There can be a wariness in people with regard to manipulating memory because we tend to picture mad scientists and cold-blooded dystopias, but there are many out there, like Dr. Schiller, whose cutting-edge work comes from a place of deep compassion and an abiding belief in the duty of care we have toward those sufferers for whom all conventional treatment options have been exhausted.

These treatments seem so alien compared to the mental health care available in Ireland, basically as surreal as zebras in a garden…. The bottom line is that before you can address a problem of this magnitude, you have to admit that there is one. You have to cultivate an atmosphere where that discussion can be part of the public discourse, and it took us a long, long time to do that.

This was a project that spanned five years and we have discussed your trips to Bosnia and the way you researched the conflict there, speaking directly with people preserving that history and visiting sites. You said that, when you were young, you were fixated by the images on the TV of the Bosnian war but also felt a sense of shame for being so eager to learn more about the horrors that befell Sarajevo.

I sometimes grapple with this in my own work.

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Looking back, in what ways did the novel and your expectations of it shift? By the end of the book, there is a distinct sense that no witness is reliable, but that we should perhaps embrace this. We are reminded of the strange power of a eulogy to reanimate a person we have lost, or a single frame of memory that can give us solace. There are numerous sexual couplings, but at least we have a supernatural element rather than the ol' repairman stops by for a fix.

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