A Life That Matters

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These quotes might just help you find a new perspective. Having a big vision is one of the primary drivers to living a significant life. Finding a purpose and working towards its fulfilment is not enough. Be content and challenge yourself to discover new methods that will help you create a better and bigger impact with your efforts. Always be grateful for what you have achieved and keep asking for more. You'll be amazed to see how far your vision can take you.

How do you live a life that matters?

Perhaps, it is important to surround yourself with people who radiate positivity and enthusiasm. Human interactions is an important part of any journey, and being around meaningful and encouraging people will give you the courage to keep building new paths every day, making your belief much stronger with each passing day.

In the end, it is important to realise that the meaning of significance is different for each of us. It is not about personal accomplishment, but about finding moments that espouse value, positivity and meaning to your everyday life. Following these tips will put you on the path of living a life that matters , but finding a goal that completely changes your story is something you need to figure out first. Hi donald, Thanks for your summarize. These all 37 lessons are really ingredient to bring success in life. I see some of those lesson are the lesson I got in the past to build my own business.

Such as have clear goal, find mission in life, manage your weaknesses, etc. By the way, recently Bob Proctor was interviewed. Get the free report here.

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Yes, I think at some points in life all of us will encounter these lessons of life, just like in your experience. While I liked this list conceptually, I think you could have gotten by with a much more concise list. I agree with you, many items in the list can be summed up the way you said. I think many books can also be summed up that way. I think we sometimes need to parse an idea into several different forms to help us grasp the right meaning and context. Later, when we already grasp the meaning and context of the idea, we can use the summed up statement to help us remember it.

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First, it focuses less on punishing the criminal—what we know as Retributive Justice—and more on making the victim whole. Second, it tries to involve the criminal in the effort to restore the victim, making him see himself as a member of society and not as an outcast.

You can see some of the things people are instinctively doing because the world has become so big and anonymous. They are defining themselves by sub-groups they belong to, by religion, by ethnic background, by geographical region, by sexual orientation. So now I believe in the brotherhood of Jews and the cousinhood of man.

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What I would rather see people do is find a community within their community where, as they used to say on Cheers, "everybody knows your name. If, as you say, people naturally want to be good, why do so many people do bad things? People do wrong things for a lot of reasons. My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Eastern Europe, where we visited the towns where our parents were born. While we were there, we saw the sites of Nazi massacres of Jews and other innocent victims. What makes a decent, church-going man become a Nazi? It has been suggested that these were people who were raised to follow orders, and they were just following orders.

But the stories we hears of Nazi brutality was more than just following orders. There was too much enthusiasm, too much sadistic glee in what they did. I believe what they were responding to, and these were often people who were inconspicuous, even ineffective in their civilian lives, was the opportunity to dominate another person, to play God with the power of life and death.

I believe that if we could find other ways for people to feel significant, a lot of that random violence would stop. Men are taught to see other men as prospective rivals. They will cooperate with them, they will join them for shared experiences at work or for fishing or football.

But they will be reluctant to open up and share their fears and weaknesses with another man. I suspect a lot of extramarital affairs are not the result of men looking for sex but of men looking for closeness. Many women struggle with seeing themselves as successful both professionally and personally, especially those choosing between a career and fulltime motherhood.

How do you advise those women? Advance your career, then take time off to have a family. Will it limit your advancement in your profession? So many people seem conditioned to define their success by how much money they make, or by their fame—highly visible, flashy things.

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Yet it is often the smallest, most ordinary daily acts of kindness and friendship that are truly important. How do you go about convincing people of that? Ask yourself what you would rather have on your tombstone: Ask yourself, When I look back on my life as Jacob does at the end of the Book of Genesis, what will I be most proud of? It was the knowledge that God approved of the kind of person he had grown to be, and the memory that he once knew what it felt like to love somebody.

Everything else faded, those two things remained. Some argue that this is due to a sense many people have that we no longer live in an age of great heroes or events, that it is harder to live a life that matters. How would you respond to that?