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Power Of Prayer

So I called his bluff. Sadly, most believers don't know about these three levels of giving because, as I've already mentioned, they rarely even get to the first level. Consequently, they never even get a glimpse of the joy, fun, and blessing available at the higher levels. However, over the years, I have observed that those who do get to the first level usually move on to the next one.

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Because tithing removes the curse and opens the windows of heaven over us. So, when we start tithing, we're much more likely to start giving offerings as the Lord leads us. Nevertheless, very few Christians will ever reach the third level of giving to the Lord—the level of extravagant giving—and this is a tragedy.

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Some of the most remarkable people in the Bible were extravagant givers. Take King David, who gave an extravagant offering to the Lord so his son Solomon could build the Temple. If that's not extravagant, I don't know what is.

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In 1 Kings 3, there's another example of an extravagant gift. Solomon became known around the world for being extremely wise.

Matthew NLT: You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it."

Do you remember how Solomon received that wisdom? He had just been set in as king, and the tradition was to sacrifice a bull, but do you know what Solomon did instead? He sacrificed 1, bulls! Because of this, God came to him and said, "Ask anything of Me, and I'll give it to you. He was a giver. I can assure you that a person who is not a giver at the highest level is not likely to have God come to him and say, "Ask anything.

He could not trust him with the blank check He handed to Solomon.

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Here's another extravagant gift in the Bible. This one rivals that of David and Solomon combined.

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  • We find it in Luke A poor widow with her offering of two mites made the extravagant gift list because, according to Jesus, it was all she had. It's not the amount; it's the heart. That is, in few words, lest words be present and deeds be wanting. Who does not fear when in this lesson he sees with the eyes of the heart the withered tree, withered at that word being spoken to it, "Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever"? For without doubt, the … Saint Augustine— sermons on selected lessons of the new testament A Sermon to Open Neglecters and Nominal Followers of Religion If the whole of us were thus divided into two camps, and we could say these have made a covenant with God by sacrifice, and those on the other hand are still enemies to God by wicked works, looking at the last class we might still feel it necessary by way of personal application to make a division among them; for although all unbelievers are alike unpardoned and unsaved, yet they are not alike in the circumstances of their case and the outward forms of their sins.

    He is gone from us now as to his actual presence, but he is with us spiritually, and his spiritual presence here is not unlike what his bodily presence was in the days of his flesh. They have represented it as though our Lord, being hungered, thought only of his necessity, and, expecting to be refreshed by a few green figs went up to the tree in error.

    Finding no fruit upon the tree, it being a season when he had no right to expect that there would be any, he was vexed, and uttered a malediction against a tree, as though it had been a responsible agent.