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The eminent psychologist Erik Erikson believed that what he called "fidelity" is a. From t h e psychological growth p o in t of view, Glenn's attempt to separate [ Du poin t de vu e d e l a croissance psychologique, la te ntati ve de Glenn [ A lack of generativity is expressed in stagnation, self-absorption. As one need is satisfied, [ Respect for human rights need to be learnt and should go beyond an acceptance of legal norms to.

Le respect des droits humains qu'il s'agit. It incl ud e s psychological growth f r om the total dependence of an infant, to the emerging independence of an adolescent, to the full independence of responsible adulthood. Emotional balance is attained but only. In fact, it is there that the genius of the Osirian religion. Fundamentals of learning include developmental movement patterns including cellular.

We also believe that play is imperative. Psychological a n d spiri tu a l growth m a y be enhanced [ L a croissance psychologique e t s pir ituel le peut [ This pounding 'aheadbackwards' generally. T h e psychological l i nk that econ om i c growth d e pe nds on more energy virtually at any cost has [ O u r psychological , e mo tional and spiri tu a l growth c o nt inues for our lifetime. They are a permanent physical a n d psychological m e na ce and inhibit econ om i c growth ".

Jesus, as previously noted, also imposed a second sort of restraint on his gospel. Most frequent English dictionary requests: The procession for the three bridegrooms arrives. Three men go into the chalets which stand on-stage, to fetch the three brides. Hedwige, Jemmy and Melchthal come out from Tell's house.


Venerable Melchthal, honour of bygone days, it is for you to bless their chaste love. The three couples come forward and kneel before Melchthal who is sitting in a bower of greenery which has been prepared for him. ALL except Arnold O sky the world's adornment, cause a sweet augury to shine for them!

For their love is as pure as your light on a fine day! They are going to be united. For me no more hope! What pains I endure! On entend de nouveau les bruits de la chasse. Un peuple sans vertus n'enfante plus de braves! Les fers dont vos bras sont meurtris. Femmes, de votre couche exilez vos maris, Il est toujours assez d'esclaves. Je ne vois plus Arnold. TELL Il me fuit. The sound of the hunt draws nearer. TELL Gessler proscribes these vows. Listen to the tyrant, listen, he calls out to you that there is no longer a fatherland, that the source of the courageous blood that seethed in our ancestors' hearts is forever dried up.

A people without virtues no longer brings forth brave men! What would you bequeath to your sons? The fetters by which your arms are bruised. Wives, exile your husbands from your beds, there are always enough slaves. Has the day come to let them break out freely? I no longer see Arnold. TELL He's running away from me. In vain does he conceal from me the uneasiness that attends him. You, start the games going again. Ton beau jour Luit pour nous, etc.

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TELL Let it hide from the tyrants the noise of the tempest! Drown it beneath your joyful strains: Your glorious day dawns for us, etc. Of the crowns that you give these happy couples are envious. With joy and tenderness their youth grows in beauty, etc. Over our heads the tempests are dumb, etc. Everything tells us - Hymen, your happy day, etc.

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Through your flames in our souls you proclaim our hope; your rapture unceasingly joins tenderness to duty, etc. Hymen, your happy day, etc. The three bridegrooms and their partners make up a dance-set for six. These dances are followed by an archery competition; several bowmen try without succeeding; Jemmy, luckier. Gloire, honneur au fils de Tell, Il obtient le prix de l'adresse!

Glory, honour to Tell's son, he gains the prize for skill! For us, children of nature, the simple fustian garb takes the place of the armour that protects the warriors. But to the mark that summons it our arrow is true, and with it hope revives in our homes. JEMMY Pale and trembling, hardly able to support himself, mother, a herdsman comes hurrying towards us. Leuthold appears; breathless, he carries a bloodstained axe on which he supports himself. De toute ma famille Le ciel ne me laissa qu'un enfant, qu'une fille ; Du Gouverneur un impie soutien, Un soldat l'enlevait - elle mon dernier bien!

Ma hache sur son front ne s'est pas fait attendre ; Voyez-vous ce sang? O my friends, save me from its blows! Out of all my family Heaven left me only one child, only one daughter; an impious supporter of the Governor, a soldier, carried her off - she my last remaining blessing! Hedwige, I am a father, and I knew how to defend her. My axe was not slow to find his forehead; Do you see this blood?

To brave this danger is to expose oneself to death. TELL aside Arnold has vanished. I have not been able to catch up with him. TELL J'entends menacer et se plaindre. Pour mon salut il n'est qu'un seul chemin. TELL I hear threats and complaining. TELL Your boat is there, fisherman, you hear him. Well then, follow me! Woe to you, Leuthold! The perils are indeed great; pointing to the sky but God will lead him!

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  8. Hedwige attempts to hold her husband back; Jemmy, for his part, seeks to follow his father. Tell entrusts them both to old Melchthal and, guiding Leuthold's unsteady steps, succeeds in getting him into the boat just as the soldiers are about to seize them both. The boat moves off at once.


    Deign to protect from shipwreck the defender of the innocent, deign to protect the courage of the defender of the innocent! The boat is seen approaching the opposite shore. Why does not my age serve my anger better? There is more than one guilty person. Who lent his help to the murderer? Name the traitor - your lives are at stake. Virgin, whom Christians, etc. Je les vois tous tremblants! Il y va de vos jours! Les vois-tu tous tremblants? Amis, calmez votre frayeur, Il ose agir, osez vous taire!

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    Ah, let us fear our tyrants, etc. I see them all trembling! Ah, let us fear our tyrants! Your lives are at stake! Do you see them all trembling? Obey, obey, Your lives are at stake! Friends, calm your terror, he dared to act, do you dare to keep silent! Seize this daring fellow who defies my just fury.

    Let the horror of devastation and pillage lie heavy upon this shore! Shame and misery are the reward that my wrath bequeaths to misfortune! Nous bravons ta fureur! JEMMY If the horror of devastation and pillage lies heavy upon this shore, vile mercenary, my father's bow can shield us from your fury! We defy your fury! Ah, fear my rage! Le rideau tombe sur ce tableau. The soldiers seize old Melchthal; the Swiss try to free him, but they are without arms and the old man is dragged off violently before their eyes. They try to follow him but a wall of halberds stops them.

    The curtain falls upon this scene. On entend le son d'une cloche. On the far horizon we see across the water the summits of the mountains of Schwyz: Hunt-servants, carrying torches, open the march. Others control the hounds; still others arrive with slaughtered stags, foxes and wolves. Ladies and gentlemen on horseback, with falcons on their wrists and followed by pages, cross the stage. Lastly, huntsmen on foot come to a halt and drain the wineskins they carry.

    The cry of the dying chamois blends with the noise of the torrent; to hear him breathe out his life - is there a greater pleasure? The fury of the tempest holds nothing more intoxicating; etc. The sound of a bell is heard. The village bell sounds, C'est notre retour qu'elle ordonne. Voici la nuit, voici la nuit. Voici la nuit, voici la nuit! Toi, du berger astre doux et timide, Qui, sur mes pas, viens semant tes reflets, Ah! Night is here, night is here. Night is here, night is here! The horn sounds, the horn sounds, night is here, night is here!

    Enter Mathilde, who seems to have deliberately become separated from the rest of the hunting-party. He has followed me here, he is somewhere nearby. I tremble - if he were to appear! What is this deep, mysterious feeling whose warmth I nurture, that maybe I cherish? Arnold, Arnold, is it really you, a simple inhabitant of these fields, the hope, the pride of these mountains, who captivate my thoughts and cause my terror?

    Ah, that I might at least admit it to myself? Melchthal, it is you whom I love; you saved my life and my gratitude excuses my love. Gloomy forest, sad and wild wilderness, I prefer you to the splendours of palaces; It is on the hills, in the dwelling-place of the storm, that my heart can be restored to peace; but the echo alone shall learn my secrets, etc. You, soft and shy shepherd star, who come shedding your reflections in my footsteps, ah, be also my star and my guide! Arnold has appeared during the last few bars of the Romance. Mathilde, my indiscreet footsteps have dared to force a way through to you.

    How hideous is my destiny! ARNOLD I must speak, I must, in this moment so cruel and so sweet - so dangerous, perhaps - that the daughter of kings may learn to know me; I dare to say it with a noble pride, for you Heaven called me into being. I have weighed the danger of a fatal prejudice; it rises up between us in all its power; I can respect it, but only in your absence. Mathilde, order me to flee far away out of your sight to give up my country and my father, to go and die on foreign soil, to choose for a tomb uninhabited shores, pronounce on my fate, say a word.

    Yes, you wring from my heart this secret my eyes have betrayed, Oui, vous l'arrachez, etc. Il est donc sorti, etc. Retournez aux champs, etc. On s'ennoblit par la victoire ; Le monde approuvera mon choix. I cannot stifle my passion, even though it should destroy us both! So it has come, etc. Her passion responds to mine, even though it should destroy us both! This tender way you speak makes my heart drunk with delight! I love him dearly, everything foretells for me days of happiness near him. Yes, I love him, and everything foretells for me days of happiness near him!

    Everything here foretells my happiness. What ecstasies for my heart! Return to the fields, etc. One is ennobled by victory; the world will approve my choice. Can I doubt victory when I obey love? Mathilde, constante, Ira sous ta tente Recevoir ta foi. Mathilde, constante, Viendra sous ma tente Recevoir ma foi.

    Je retourne aux champs de la gloire In the one who loves you, yes, it is honour itself that rules. Mathilde, ever faithful, will go into your tent to receive your faith. Mathilde, ever faithful, will come into my tent to receive my faith. I return to the fields of glory Yes - in the one who loves you, yes, it is honour itself, etc. Tell et Walter entrent. TELL Nous craignons de troubler un si doux entretien.

    Walter and William, yes, flee from their presence! Tell and Walter enter. TELL You weren't alone here? TELL We fear to disturb such a sweet conversation. What do they matter to Melchthal if he is deserting our ranks, if he secretly aspires to serve our tyrants? TELL Elle est notre ennemie. Sais-tu bien ce que c'est que d'aimer sa patrie? TELL Myself; your conduct yesterday cast suspicion into my startled heart.

    TELL would be correct. TELL She is our enemy. A word will tell you them all: I am leaving this shore inhabited by discord and hatred and fear, worthy daughters of slavery; I hasten into battles to regain my honour. TELL When Helvetia is a field of tortures where they harvest its children, let your arms be Gessler's accomplices, fight and die for our tyrants, fight and die for our tyrants, etc.

    ARNOLD The camps restore my courage; in the camps loyalty reigns, already glory has marked my passage in them, besides, it replaces freedom. WALTER On account of us Gessler, as a prelude to battles, has cut short an old man's life; this victim awaits his funeral rites, he has claims on your help. He has cut short an old man's life, he has claims on your help. An old man, you say? TELL To speak is to strike him to the heart. Melchthal, the honour of our hamlets, your father, assassinated by the hand of executioners!

    His life that they dared to outlaw - I did not protect it! My father, you must have cursed me! My heart is torn by remorse! O heaven, O heaven!

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    I shall see no more! TELL He scarcely breathes. Remorse rends him, he is moved at his father's name, his heart is cast down for ever. His unhappiness I hope will restore his virtues to him, etc. Il est donc vrai! TELL Il faut vivre! Dans Altdorf voulez-vous me suivre?

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    Ils comprendront tes larmes. O heaven, o heaven! I shall see you no more!. So it is true! TELL You must live! Will you follow me into Altdorf? TELL Restrain the wild passions to which your soul gives way. TELL The night, favourable to our plans, already surrounds us with a protective darkness. You will see, in these parts that Gessler believes submissive, courageous friends rise up on all sides: Pour son pays quand il expire, Son beau destin semble nous dire: Let us fire ourselves with a holy frenzy! When he dies for his country his glorious destiny seems to tell us that it was for the palms of martyrdom to crown so many virtues!

    It was for the palms Let us fire ourselves with a holy frenzy, etc. TELL A confused noise seems to be coming out of the depths of the vast wood. TELL Who comes forward? Friends of the fatherland!

    Le Mondain

    Sous l'escorte de la prudence Notre audace au Rutli nous a fait parvenir, etc. Que ce bois solitaire Seul connaisse nos pleurs! The torrents, the forests have not been able to hold us back. TELL O you courageous sons of the canton of Unterwalden, this noble alacrity contains nothing to surprise us. The men of Schwyz enter. May this lonely wood alone be aware of our tears! TELL to Arnold and Walter The fear of such great misfortunes is pardonable; but believe in my hope, their hearts will respond to ours.

    Honour to their presence! Amis de la patrie! TELL placing himself in the midst of the deputies from the three cantons The avalanche rolling down from our mountain tops, hurling death upon our fields, encloses within its flanks evils less ravenous than each pace of the tyrants sows after it. Un esclave n'a point de femme, Un esclave n'a point d'enfants! C'est trop souffrir, que faut-il faire? Il aimait sa patrie!

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