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A fictionalized account of the career of jazz singer Ruth Etting and her tempestuous marriage to gangster Marty Snyder, who helped propel her to stardom.

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Jane Osgood runs a lobster business, which supports her two young children. Railroad staff inattention ruins her shipment, so with her lawyer George, Jane sues Harry Foster Malone, director of the line and the "meanest man in the world". A series of misunderstandings leaves a married man believing he has impregnated the owner of an adoption agency, and that she will be his and his wife's surrogate.

A rich businessman and a young woman are attracted to each other, but he only wants an affair while she wants to save herself for marriage. American couple Janet and Mike move to England for his business. She soon becomes paranoid that he is having an affair with his attractive secretary, and decides to get back at him by pretending she herself has been unfaithful. After a series of misunderstandings, the head of an aerospace research laboratory begins to suspect his new girlfriend is a Russian spy.

Once A Year Day

A series of misunderstandings leaves an advertising executive with a campaign for a product which has not yet been invented, while he romances his rival in the guise of its inventor. Romantic misunderstandings abound when spouses suspect each other of being unfaithful, and a nightclub singer takes a cruise under a false identity.

A man and a woman who share a party line cannot stand each other, but he has fun romancing her with his voice disguised. A hard-nosed newspaper editor poses as a night school student in order to woo a journalism teacher who cannot stand him. Employees of the Sleeptite Pajama Factory are looking for a whopping seven-and-a-half cent an hour increase and they won't take no for an answer.

Babe Williams is their feisty employee representative but she may have found her match in shop superintendent Sid Sorokin. When the two get together they wind up discussing a whole lot more than job actions! I believe "The Pajama Game" is the quintessential s musical comedy. Although the film cut a few of the songs from the Broadway version, there were none added, so what is seen is a very faithful version of the source material. Another bonus with the film is that much of the Broadway cast is featured in the movie version. Doris Day, is as usual, wonderful, as is a young Bob Fosse's choreography.

The DVD features a cut number written for the movie. Sid Sorokin the new shop superintendent is trying to keep things under control on the shop floor, while trying to persuade Hasler to come to some kind of agreement. There's a topical reference in the show to a s conservative talk radio host some things haven't changed that Hasler listens to all the time.

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Hasler's also a bit paranoid about letting anyone see the company books Sid's caught in the middle. He's just managed to move up from the shop floor himself from another city, and this is his big chance. He finds himself tangling with "Babe" Williams, head of the union grievance committee over labor issues at first - and then over romantic issues as the two of them are mutually attracted to each other.

There's plenty of other sources of tension in the factory as well. Vernon Hines is the factory timekeeper, a man dedicated to shaving seconds off every production task and keeping the factory moving at top speed.

Once A Year Day

He's also insanely jealous of his girl friend, Gladys Hotchkiss, who is the secretary to Hasler. The head of the union is Prez - a bit of a Lothario, but sincerely dedicated to the union nonetheless. The song Racing With The Clock captures the stress on the shop floor, in the relentless drive to get as much out of the workforce every hour as possible. This is before OSHA or concern about things like repetitive stress injuries.

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It foreshadows the productivity gains in the U. The video comes from the Warner Brothers movie version of the Pajama Game.

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The song Once A Year Day is set at the annual Company Picnic, the one day a year everyone gets to relax and blow off steam, outside the factory. It's a regular Bacchanalian frenzy. Hasler has helped fund the outing, but it's largely the union that makes it possible. It's a wild dance number, but it's also a reminder that people who work hard also need to play hard. A work place isn't just a job after all - it's a kind of community with a shared culture. Set in an era when lifetime employment with decent wages and benefits didn't seem like an impossible dream, the high spirits seem poignant today.

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Negotiations over the wage demands continue to go nowhere, and tensions continue to rise. Babe and Sid are caught between their romantic interest in each other - and their roles on opposite sides in the labor-management struggle.

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When the union stages a slow down, an incident forces Sid to fire Babe. The rest of the story turns on whether or not Sid can find a way to reconcile his conflicting interests, settle the dispute equitably, and win back Babe. There's also some secondary romantic tangles going on elsewhere that lead to some amusing scenes, as does the discovery that the workforce has found a creative way to use quality control issues in their tactics.