In the Name of Allah, I Became a Terrorist

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The Vatican is strengthening its ties with China. But at what cost? Britain and America fall out. Although both Muslim Americans and the U. Muslims who say religion is very important in their lives and those who say religion is less important to them express similar views on this question.

Terrorists don’t kill for their religion. It’s something else entirely

Pew Research Center staff called back some of the Muslim American respondents in this survey to get additional thoughts on some of the topics covered. Here is a sampling of what they said about extremism and violence against civilians: I know many Muslim countries are experiencing conflicts and Muslims are getting caught in the crossfire and it is unfortunate, but I think the only time [violence against civilians] is justified is if someone tries to harm you first.

Sometimes someone attacks first, and it is terrible. It is never justified unless someone might hurt you first. We do not wish to hurt [anybody]. He [does not] need us to bomb and kill people, OK?

I see the world from my own moral and religious standpoint: My faith is a completely a nonviolent faith. As an American, I have a huge problem with anyone choosing to take up arms against our country. The way we use drones casts an ugly glow over our foreign policy. Islam teaches us peace, not violence.

American Muslims' views on terrorism and concerns about extremism | Pew Research Center

Some might be psychos are something like that. But people need to know that real Islam is against violence. This new, more general question about violence against civilians was designed to be asked of all U. In previous surveys of Muslim Americans, Pew Research Center asked Muslims whether targeting and killing civilians could be justified in defense of Islam , which made comparisons with non-Muslims impossible.

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The new question finds that among the general public, Americans with a high school degree or less education are somewhat more likely than those with more education to say there are circumstances in which violence against civilians can be justified. In addition, Republicans and those who lean toward the GOP are more likely than Democrats to say such tactics are sometimes or often justifiable.

To better understand what respondents in the general public were thinking about when they answered this question, Pew Research Center writers and editors called back some of the survey respondents who said targeting and killing civilians for political, social or religious reasons can at least sometimes be justified.

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  • Some of them said civilian casualties that are a byproduct of war can be justified. One man in his 50s, for example, said: One promising example is the refusal of Muslim imams to perform traditional prayers for the deceased perpetrators of the recent London Bridge attack. Making such practices mainstream could evaporate the ambiguity around the idea of a holy death and deter otherwise justifiable suicide attacks.

    Equally — and perhaps more crucial — is for Muslim imams and clerics to preach greater moderation, acceptance and compassion, towards ourselves as well as others.

    Islamic terrorism

    Terrorism is a tactic, and we are wise to recognize that we cannot wage war against it. Instead, we need to focus on the social and emotional reasons for extremist behaviour. We need a human-centred approach, one that starts from within. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.

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