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The cook made grilled steak and rice for dinner, not bad, and then a few members of the Charka community stopped by our campsite to welcome us. We learned the community had a school, but no teachers. A river, but no potable water. They also said that less than three decades ago, it was common for boys to get married and start families between the age of 12 and These days, they wait a little longer.

The jungle creatures were singing with full strength by the time the potable alcohol ran out and we put out the fire. Everyone crawled into their mosquito nets to call it a night. For whatever reason, we were sleeping on the ground, not in hammocks, but Taz said it was okay, so I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best. The next morning I woke up alive and without snake bites, which was good. I then took a squat in the forest and learned the origins of the name Madidi National Park. They swarmed all over my waste before I could even finish.

Taz went on to say the jungle ants can strip the flesh from a dead animal within minutes. He then talked about the dreaded Canduri , a tiny fish that can enter the urethra or anus of unsuspecting river bathers. When a Canduri inserts itself in the male organ, it can be extremely difficult to remove and the victim is left with two options: It was a heavy conversation for our morning toast and jam, but a necessary one.

Regardless, it felt good to be in the jungle, under the tall trees and to be surrounded by explosions of green in every direction. Taz picked up his machete and woke up one of the villagers, who also got his machete, and we all went quickly into the bushes to hunt some wild pigs. Every 50 meters or so, Taz and villager stopped, sniffed the air and listened for the ruffling of leaves. The pursuit went on for about a half an hour. Each time we stopped to listen, the long moments of silence made me realize how city life had dulled my senses.

In the end, we got close, but never caught up to the pack. Taz blamed it on our foul insect repellent. Apparently, pigs have a powerful sense of smell and they knew we were coming. The village pig feast was postponed. We passed the rest of the day, hiking and looking for jungle animals. Some time before dinner, we went back to camp, packed up and moved deeper into the jungle, next to a small river where we would spend the second night. Amir and and I began clearing a new area for our tarp as the Parisians looked on again and the cook started collecting firewood. Then there was a terrible scream.

A small viper wrapped around her wrist while she was picking up a branch, but she was able to swing her arm fast enough to send it flying through the air. Still, Taz said it was fine. We washed up in the river — wearing underwear, of course — and ate a couple of decent-sized fish Taz had caught with the bow and arrow. Not long after, we set out into the jungle again, this time in the dark, and spotted some very large, horrifying creatures. I never knew snails could grow larger than my open hand.

By the time we got back to camp our mouths were full of spiderwebs and our feet were tired from a long day of hiking in the mud. Jul 01, Abbie rated it liked it Shelves: I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review. Actual rating - 2. This started out quite confusing, and I found it difficult to get into unfortunately. There was quite a bit of action, but as the story was quite confusing at times, and was difficult to get into, I found it to be a pretty slow read. Overall, Not a bad read, but It couldn't keep I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review.

Overall, Not a bad read, but It couldn't keep my interest well. Everything including pace and relationships moved incredibly fast: Carolyn was such an interesting main character to follow. Developed faultlessly her personality jumped from the pages. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. When I agreed to review this book I did so with a sense of trepidation.

My main problem with female leads, generally, is how wea I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. Or 2 Use cartoonish levels of aggression posing as assertiveness. Louise White, in Carolyn, bucks this trend and in style. Louise writing is remarkably assured for a debut author, using various POVs to move along her narrative at pace and giving her characters motives without any judgement and emotions without forcing the point. Louise makes the magical, a realistic component, something that rarely happens for me as a reader. Shows what I know. A great debut novel.

I love fantasy, so I was quite eager to read Louise G. The Calling is beautifully written with strong characters, especially the protagonist, Carolyn. White has cr I love fantasy, so I was quite eager to read Louise G. On a personal note, Ms. White and her book came to me at a time I desperately needed a distraction, an escape. The Calling was perfect, truly one of the few bright spots in a week of sadness and loss.

I am very much looking forward to the sequel, Chasing the Demon, which will be released later on this year.

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Thank you so much, Ms. Your world, your characters, your story, is a joy and a genuine privilege. This book took me by surprise in every way, I finally finished reading it in the early hours of the morning, last night, had started it the day before. The story is magical, enthralling, intense, a rollercoaster of a ride. You have fantasy, different worlds, dimensions, underworlds, strong characterisation, love, romance, biology, amazingly beautiful, fantastic writing, an imagination out of this world.

Story touches on religion v magic, however not in a way you would imagine. One of the best fant This book took me by surprise in every way, I finally finished reading it in the early hours of the morning, last night, had started it the day before. One of the best fantasies ive read in a while. Think beauty and the beast meets daughter of smoke and bone meets mortal instruments, if you enjoyed these you will love this story.

This is a stunning book and I urge anyone who loves fantasy to buy it, its unputdownable. I won't tell you the plot as many over reviewers have already done this, its the kind of book that really takes you by surprise, although I have outlined some similarities to other fiction books, there is so many more elements to it than that. I've never read a fantasy book like this before. It is a little like Alice in Wonderland, who travels through the looking glass. The main character, Carolyn, travels to a different dimension. She is the heroine, who is trying to save her mother and brother.

She goes on a journey where at the beginning nothing makes sense. Then you begin to understand the dynamics of the underworld. Her journey is also a coming of age journey, where she experiences love for the first time. It is in the form of a l I've never read a fantasy book like this before. It is in the form of a love triangle that adds a nice amount of tension to the scenes. The story is left open at the end so anything could happen between Carolyn, Ethan, and Nate.

I enjoyed reading the book and can't wait for the next one. No spoilers about the plot as that would ruins the reader's experience however this story has danger, intrigue, mystery and romance and is a real page turner! It is also a good mixture of magic and fantasy that is compelling with strange features and good characterisation particularly of the heroine.

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The writer takes you on an exciting roller-coaster journey that ends on a cliff hanger so I can't wait for the next book in this series. Wow this book was a rollercoaster, I don't even know where to begin. The first couple of chapters are hard to get into as there is so much thrown at you and so much going on, but you immediately fall for the main character Carolyn and you can't stop yourself from reading as you NEED need to know what happens to her and you can't sleep until you know she safe from the suits.

Oh dear sweet Carolyn, her family and the life that she knew is ripped from her when she is fifteen. Carolyn spends the next Wow this book was a rollercoaster, I don't even know where to begin. Carolyn spends the next two years as a possessed incoherent killing machine, ruled only by primal instincts she never knew existed inside her. It isn't until she meets Note spoiler- he's not human that she truly regains her self. The thrill ride that becomes their life on the run draws you in even more than you thought possible.

Eventually Carolyn finds her place with a bunch of ''special'' people just like her and comes to peace with what and who she is - Only to have the story finish on the dramatic cliffhanger that rips the whole world and her relationships to shreds. I really think there is a little bit for everyone here. I'm going to give it four stars. I really think the only reason I didn't fully love the story was that I fell for Ethan is human , not Note as the leading "man".

Note gets Carolyn to an extent, but I won't give away too much and Ethan is left to struggle with his frustrating and unrequited feelings - Yep Ethan I feel for ya buddy. I can't really explain it. I await the next installment to find out what happens to Carolyn "The Destroyer" next. Feb 16, E. From the first sentence of 'The Calling', I felt I was going to enjoy it. Louise White has combined her great writing style, world building and plot development to create a thrilling novel.

The story focuses on year-old Carolyn whose mother and brother vanish through a gateway to another realm inhabited by demons. I loved the originality and description of the demon realms, their chiefs and mages and the magic gateways.

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Louise White has created an intriguing magic system and character roles such as the Protectorate, Breeders and Defenders, and interesting concepts such as anchoring and claiming. Carolyn is a dynamic and gritty character whose life is in upheaval. After losing her family, she discovers emerging powers and must dodge sinister government agents. After joining the Protectorate team, she is challenged by confusing emotions evoked by those on the team and in particular Note, a young demon she brings back to Earth through a gateway. She must decide who she can trust and determine if her feelings are true or the product of rituals and magic.

The Calling is a terrific fantasy for YA and older readers.

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I was captivated from the beginning and will definitely read the next book in the series. This book was given to me by the Lovers of Paranormal in exchange for an honest review. Carolyn came home one day to witness a bizarre experience, where her mother disappears. She then realised that her brother was missing too. She would do anything to find her mother and brother but nothing is straightforward. She possesses mystical powers, where she can travel between gateways to other dimensions amongst other things.

Note is a demon who has all good intentions towards Carolyn. Then there is Et This book was given to me by the Lovers of Paranormal in exchange for an honest review. Then there is Ethan, who has is own magical powers but even though he is there to help Carolyn, I found that I was unable to like to him. Carolyn and Note are captured by a Paranormal Investigative Unit, who tortures them because of their differences.

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When they are rescued, they get together with Ethan's team to combat evil. This novel is full of magical and mystical creatures and the story is very gripping. Note and Carolyn care deeply for each other and have a very sweet relationship, which they are not given a chance to develop for various reasons. I found this book fascinating with so many twists and turns, which made it difficult to predict what would happen next. It ended on a real cliff hanger and I cannot wait to read the next book to see, where the story leads.

I would fully recommend this book, if you like reading about demons, magic and different dimensions. It would keep you on tender hooks. A big thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book, which deserves a five star rating. I absolutely love this book and can't wait for more! First of all I want to thank the author for sending me a copy of this book. My first thought when I finished this book was. Why… why is it finished already. My second thought was that this book should be made into a movie. I would compare this book with the hungergame books.

Although I found the first chapters very confusing. Maybe I was a little bit sleepy or it could be that we were seeing things from the vantage point of Carolyn. The way she felt the confusion she felt. Maybe that is why it was hard, for me, to follow the first chapters. But the storyline is strong and it enthralls you. The characters in this book are strongly written.

They are moving, they are changing along with the story. Sometimes they even seem to come to life. I love the way the relationship between Carolyn and Note develops. Sometimes not in ways one would suspect. The world created by Louise G. White is an unique one. This book is certainly a good read for any age. When you miss a book after you're done reading it, you know it was good. That's how I feel about "The Calling. Carolyn is a strong personality, yet she retains some of her teenage habits even as she learns of her new responsibilities.

This is the kind of story that could get bogged down in complicated details When you miss a book after you're done reading it, you know it was good. Dec 11, J. Brennan rated it it was amazing. Get ready for demons, monsters and other worldly creatures to comes out and play in you imagination. Carolyn McInally, or to her enemies, the Destroyer!

Has survived fine for the past two years with no-one to help and not much o Review of The Calling By Louise White Hold on to your socks people this fantasy takes you on a wild ride. Has survived fine for the past two years with no-one to help and not much of a memory of that time either. Her life for those two years and after has been committed to killing demons.

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This can only mean trouble right? Well, as for as the other destroyer, Ethan, is concerned and some unfriendly others, yes this is going to let to a handful of difficulties. And Carolyn is left to figure out who to trust so that she may stay alive —could a demon be the one she lays her trust in? The Calling is a marvelous fantasy for all ages. I was fascinated by the world Louise created and the character that are larger than live.

Wonderful written, fun adventure, a real must read. Louise white's The Calling is one of the best and most readable books I have had the pleasure to come across. Though admittedly unfamiliar with this genre, I was enthral led by the strong characters, the vivid atmospheres and environments created. The uniquely stylistic and fluid language used, as well as the extraordinary degree of imagination that White possesses skilfully conveys the worth of this debut. Although dealing with far fetched concepts, the well rounded nature of the novel and the Louise white's The Calling is one of the best and most readable books I have had the pleasure to come across.

Although dealing with far fetched concepts, the well rounded nature of the novel and the breadth of White's skill in storytelling is such that my disbelief was suspended throughout. The Calling is White's first literary work, yet it's accessibility definitely bespeak a writer of real talent; I foresee that the seeds have definitely been sown for a very fruitful career, and I look forward to further works from her. This is a book that I recommend to fantasy enthusiasts as well as the general reader.

I was sucked into Carolyns world, desperate for her to make the right choices during this fast paced adventure, and loved the characters, snake demon Note, and Ethan, who Carolyn travels demon realms with. The book is beautifully written and I ca The Calling is a story of Carolyn McInally who's life change suddenly with a disappearance of her mother and brother. The book is beautifully written and I can't wait until the next instalment in the series.

Would recomend to fantasy lovers of all ages. Excellent read, classic tale of good against evil with the unusual added benefit of a young strong female character who is both feminist and feminine, good role model for young women and a good example for young men. I'll recommanded this book to my friends. My gateway to mystery? I read so many And like you, sci-fi was my first love. But I think my first real passion for mysteries was inspired by Dorothy Sayers.

On my very first trip to England, in my twenties, I made two pilgimages--one to Oxford, to see Balliol especially, and one to Lord Peter's fictional address on Picadilly. Can you say "fan girl? I even co-authored a play in elementary school, a mystery set in Egypt, which was put on for the school. As I matured into my twenties, the mystery series that sealed the deal was Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, quickly followed by Hercule Poirot. Of course, Sherlock Holmes took a permanent place early on, too.

Also, I remember that when I started going to the adult section of the public library, I gravitated toward true crime and mystery. The mixture of true crime with mystery fed and began my love of historical fiction mystery. Oh, Denise, I am a Lizzie Borden groupie, too. I have read several non-fiction books on the murders, and it remains a topic of great interest to me. In fact, it seems that the non-fiction books I read are related to true crimes or historical events with true crime at the center.

And, Jim, I now have another series to add to my must-read mysteries. Your Billy Boyle novels sound fascinating, and they might just be the mystery series I've been looking for to tempt my husband into the genre. Glad you're writing about Operation Tiger, Jim. I had visited Devon to research All Things Undying and was so fascinated by the Slapton Sands and the disasterous pre-Dday exercise that I had to write it into the book. My heart stood still.

Fascinating story, hushed up to protect the secret of DDay several months later. You might remember an episode of Foyles War that mentioned Slapton Sands, but otherwise, not much written about it. Will definitely add your book to my collection, Jim.

Today I own all of Christie's books in HB and have reread them all at least once. Having grown up near Cleveland, I have been fascinated with the Sam Sheppard story, although the murder occurred well before I was born. By the way, I'm convinced he was guilty I will have to check out your Slapton Sands book soonest!

One is that it was coined by the British early on in the war and it meant British Invasion of German Occupied Territory. So glad to see you on Jungle Reds again, Jim. After that, I discovered Nancy Drew, but kept reading Christie mysteries with which Nancy could hardly compare well. I remember when I was young reading about the Lucky Lucan case when it happened though I'd forgotten lots of the details.

Forgot the first mystery novel I read in the 6th grade. Around the same time, my grandparents bought me a gift subscription to the Nancy Drew book club and I received ND books every month for about a year. I still have the ND books. I challenged myself to read "harder" books, meaning books with no pictures inside. I started with Agatha Christie novels.

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Now they are easy for me to read. There are many mystery series, which I enjoy. Thank you for an excellent post, hmdt. Oh, and Encyclopedia Brown. James and Catherine Aird and Ellis Peters. And now several of the Jungle Reds as well! But Christie was almost certainly the first adult mystery writer I read. Mysteries are the only fiction I read. What a fascinating story, Jim -- truth really is stranger than fiction.

James's An Unsuitable Job for a Woman. Too bad she only wrote 2 Cordelia Gray mysteries. My new book due out next year is inspired by a true crime Hi Jim, welcome to JR! I've never been too much for true crime but that is one heck of a fascinating story! I have only a vague memory of the Lucan name, but the story sounds fascinating. And terrible for the nanny. Meanwhile, awaiting the outcome of the Pistorius trial. Surely that's the Lucan tragedy for the 21st C. I've been honored to introduce.