Diabetic Cravings: 25 Dessert Recipes in Less than 1-Hour

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To add a pinch of sweetness, consider adding 1 teaspoon tsp or so of dark chocolate chips, Chong says.

More in Type 2 Diabetes

Just be sure to look for dry-roasted or raw seeds that are low in added oils and sugars. Olives Another smart salty late-night snack? Olives, which are low in carbs and high in fat, Lowenthal says.

Gestational diabetes and your diet

Try to keep to about half a cup maximum for olives, she advises. In fact, olive oils pack a powerful health punch. Some research even suggests that olive oil may be associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes in women. Researchers examined questionnaires from over , female participants who detailed their diets, updating the questionnaires every four years.

After over 20 years of follow-up, the researchers found nearly 10, of the participants had developed type 2 diabetes.

Diabetic New York Cheesecake Recipe : Recipes for Diabetics

Furthermore, the researches estimated that subbing olive oil for mayonnaise could reduce type 2 diabetes risk by 15 percent 8 percent if you swapped olive oil for butter, and 5 percent if you swapped olive oil for margarine. She notes that portion size for the raw veggies is flexible, but you should pay attention to how much of the hummus you're eating with those veggies — try sticking to about one-third of a cup.

Again, watch your portion sizes — 1 tbsp of peanut butter contains about 80 to calories, while a hardboiled egg might range from 60 to 80 calories, depending on size. That might help prevent additional snacking later on in the night. By contrast, carbs move through the stomach more quickly than proteins and fats. You can pick any type of cheese, but try to grab real cheese versus processed, Chong advises.

Read the ingredient list: Instead, she prefers products with simple lists of ingredients like milk, culture, salt, and enzymes. She also advises skipping crackers that have enriched flour, or any chips that are fried — even healthy-sounding chips made from sweet potatoes , which in this form are not as nutritious, since the heated oils in these foods can lead to free radicals that promote inflammation in the body, Chong says.

Baked chips are a better alternative, she notes. When it comes to crackers, the more fiber , the better, Lowenthal says. She recommends Triscuits, which only have three ingredients: One way to combat this is to buy calorie packs, Lowenthal says, which come pre-portioned. You can also pair your cheese with vegetables, like carrots or celery sticks, Lowenthal says.

A final option is to swap the crackers for a single slice of whole-grain toast, which also solves any portion control issues. Sugar-Free Pudding If you have a craving for sweet foods late at night, you can whip up a sugar-free pudding mix, Chong says. Most interestingly, I learned about the recommended diet for my personal needs and how food directly affects my body.

The Best Midnight Snacks for Diabetes | Everyday Health

During the Sweet Success program that was taught by registered dieticians and nurses, we learned the following things about gestational diabetes: After taking the first few lessons, I learned that there are 3 things to help keep my blood sugar level from spiking throughout the day, and to have a healthy weight gain for mommy and baby:. Through the gestational diabetes program, a meal plan was created for me by a nutritionist.

This is based on recommended calories and types of food I should be eating throughout the day to control my blood glucose levels. I was given a calorie based diet and was taught about food exchanges, so I could accurately plan each meal throughout the day. I found it easier to get in the mindset of eating healthy and trying to avoid those calorie-dense and nutrient-void foods whenever possible.

  • The Best Midnight Snacks for Diabetes Management!
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  • Eat little and often.

I may indulge once in a while, but I did not eat nearly as much of the bad stuff. I even found that it made me feel pretty terrible! This was especially the case when I got the occasional high glucose reading after a meal. The good thing was that I made smarter choices the next eating occasion to get my glucose levels back on track. This gave me a balance of carbohydrates, fiber, fat and protein, leveling my glucose throughout bedtime and keeping it low at my first fasting reading. General guidelines for the distribution of total daily calories: I also took my daily prenatal vitamins and omega 3 supplements.

Pregnant woman with gestational diabetes is recommended to eat 6 small meals throughout the day, about hours between meals. Most likely the most dreaded part of having diabetes is taking your blood glucose reading 4 times a day, and yes, it involves needles. As a side benefit, knowing that you have to test makes you accountable for making healthier choices at each meal at least it did for me. You will be provided with the proper guidelines on what your blood glucose level should be below after each testing period.

Diabetes Dessert Guidelines

The Accu-check Nano Blood Glucose Monitoring System and lancet device used to give you your blood glucose readings are nice and compact, and super easy to use. I bring my kit with me wherever I go.

However, I make sure not to leave the test strips in the sun or heat as it can damage them. I have to admit, I thought that having gestational diabetes was going to be a huge burden to my already hectic daily routine.