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By Daily Mail Australia. Police have released eerie footage of an unused garage at a station opening by itself - moments before a broom appears from inside and starts moving around, apparently of its own volition. The strange incident occurred just after 5: Officers reviewed the security footage after finding the garage mysteriously ajar on Thursday. But the paranormal activity reportedly left the boys in blue with 'shivers down [their] spines'.

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The video shows the garage door opening 'of its own accord' moments before a broom slides out from inside the storage space. The broom 'flies out, as if propelled by a 'spirited' janitor The Facebook video was further dramatised by a ghostly soundtrack and a slow pan zoom that hones in on the strange happenings - which police are still unable to explain.

The 'possessed' broom sounds like a job for the Ghostdusters! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Eerie footage shows the moment an unused garage opens by itself, and a broom appears from inside e-mail 1.

5 Most HORRENDOUS Moments Ever Captured By Live News!

Most watched News videos Charlotte Teeling and Richard Bailey kiss inside a supermarket Out-of-control car mows into diners outside a Starbucks in Turkey CCTV footage shows Charlotte Teeling dancing alone hours before she died Shocking moment woman is savaged by Staffordshire bull terrier David Budd put on indefinite leave and has his arms confiscated Police cordoned Prezzo branch in Salisbury after 'couple fell ill' Richard Bailey uses Teeling's card to get food after he killed her Mistreated 'dreadlock dog' is rescued by police in Poland Area around Prezzo restaurant is cordoned off after diners fall ill Buildings sway back and forth as typhoon Mangkhut sweeps through China Fans take their anger out on Wallabies players after another loss Fearless year-old customer helps fight off armed robbers.

Immigration has undermined UK culture and migrants have London City lawyer who sacked nanny after she confided in Freshers week carnage as sozzled Is any fruit safe? The story every motorist must read: Monaco heiress was shot dead on the French Riviera by Teenage son charged with killing his retired NFL player Making a fuel of drivers!

Pranksters use a megaphone to Five squirrels are rescued after getting into 'Gordian Moment Indian husband is hacked to death in front of his Dua Lipa China concert's security guards are detained This photo shows him on his last day. He was the oldest of the Kennedy children. Cherise Perrywinkle was shopping with her family in a Dollar General when a man, Donald James Smith, approached them and offered to buy them clothes. The family went with him to Walmart, where he then offered to take Cherise to a McDonalds to get a hamburger but instead abducted and murdered her. Her body was recovered shortly after.

Watch this mortician from Order of the Good Death debunk Victorian post-mortem photos in the video below!

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This photo was found on the cell phone of a hiker whose body was recovered from a cliff ledge. The hiker had disappeared while hiking Yosemite. His body was found about a month later. It was believed he fell off a cliff. A year-old Australian boy named Keith Sapsforth tried to stowaway in a flight bound for Japan. He fell from the plane shortly after takeoff. Stowaways are rare but do happen occasionally. In a year-old boy tried to stowaway in the wheel well of a plane headed from Charlotte to Boston and was ejected over Massachusetts.

Stowing away in a wheel well is incredibly dangerous. However, people have made the journey and gotten off the plane alive. In a year-old boy flew from California to Hawaii, a 5 and a half hour flight, in the wheel well of the plane and survived. Tuqa Razzo, 21, the night before she was killed in a US airstrike that demolished her home in Mosul, Iraq.

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The night before she died, her family hosted a party at her house. She lit a sparkler indoors and her father scolded her and told her to go outside, it was dangerous to have a sparkler in the house. That night, their house was hit by a US airstrike. Tuqa, her mother, aunt, uncle and cousin were killed.

Only her father survived. Nunez was not trying to commit suicide.

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She was in Hawaii at a spot popular for cliff-diving. After jumping off this cliff, she got caught in the current and drowned. Halladay had just purchased a plane and took it out for a flight over the Gulf of Mexico. He was the only person in the plane when it crashed, killing him. The Phillies and the Blue Jays, baseball teams for which he played, retired his jersey numbers in his honor. On June 10, Christina Grimmie, singer and former competitor on The Voice was shot and killed by a fan during an autograph signing after one of her concerts.

The fan took a taxi from St. Petersburg to Orlando armed with two handguns and a hunting knife. He did not know Grimmie. In the Netherlands, two engineers were performing maintenance on a wind turbine when it caught fire. Their only escape route became blocked. One worker jumped off the turbine, the other burned to death. Anne Faber sent this selfie to her boyfriend only a few minutes before being abducted and murdered.

Anne was out on a bike ride by herself when she got caught in the rain.

Eerie footage shows the moment an unused garage opens by itself, and a broom appears from inside

She sent a selfie to her boyfriend to show him. Her body was found two weeks later in the woods. Shortly after this group shot was taken, the boy in the red shirt was killed on a hike by a falling rock. A young boy drowned while on a class trip. Drowning can be very quiet and easy to miss, unlike what you see on TV. A photo of a teenage boy in a swimming pool. Moments later, he died due to shallow water blackout. Shallow water blackout can occur when someone stays underwater too long. Their brain loses oxygen, causing them to pass out underwater and drown.

This normally happens when someone is holding their breath underwater for a long time, such as during a swimming race or while playing breath-holding games in a pool. The cheering you hear is the fans outside the stadium Baltimore Orioles MLB baseball. A video posted by Mike Morgan mikemorganphotodc on Apr 29, at If you are from Baltimore You understand how it's a strange sight to see an empty Pickles Pub on a game day A photo posted by juliebeugenio on Apr 29, at 1: The game ended and the song "Orioles Magic" was played over the loudspeakers as Baltimore celebrated its victory.

The game lasted just two hours and three minutes. We're using cookies to improve your experience.