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Dominic Wallis, 28, was jailed for life 18 years and his girlfriend Elizabeth Ellis, 20, was jailed for life 14 years.

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Both denied murder, initially blaming a third party before turning on each other to apportion responsibility. Wallis suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. She had been reported missing after failing to return home from college. Her body was found at 2. It was in the middle of a heatwave. Mark Buckley, 51, from Preston, has been charged with her murder. David Steele, 47, from Billinge, and Dean Speakman and Vicki Calland, both 30, and also from Billinge, have been charged with handling stolen goods and perverting the course of justice.

He had suffered two broken kneecaps, broken ribs, broken eye sockets and a severe head injury. Jamie Grimes, 22, was jailed for life 27 tears for murder. Darren Colecozy, 23, and Karl Kelly, 32, were both jailed for 22 years for manslaughter. Dylan Owen, 23, received six years for assisting an offender.

During the assaults, Colecozy, a self-styled rapper also known as Capz, texted a friend and likened the violence to that seen in TV crime dramas, the court heard. The two men escaped about 6: Tuesday after they overpowered and disarmed the guards on a bus. One of them fatally shot both guards, and then they jumped out and carjacked a driver who pulled up behind the bus on a rural highway and fled in his car. They were captured by an armed homeowner and face trial for murder. June 13 — Adam Chambers, 30, a drug dealer, was stabbed with a combat knife at the rear of a block of flats in Woolwich, south London.

Doh was jailed for 12 years and Abadja for 18 years. June 11 — Philip Carter, 30, was pushed in front of a moving tram at Victoria station, Manchester. Charrissa Loren Brown-Wellington, 31, has been charged with murder and awaits trial. Tino was a passenger in a Volkswagen Golf when a motorbike, with a pillion passenger, pulled up alongside the car and shots were fired on the A, the Croydon flyover, at the junction with Park Lane. While a motive for the attack remains unclear, detectives strongly believe Tino was not the intended target. Mahad Ibrahim, 27, was jailed for life 32 years in July He had been the pillion passenger and gunman.

The motorbike is believed to have been ridden by Stephen Weatherley, 39, from Thornton Heath, who died in prison at HMP Thameside on February 24, while awaiting trial. Dashcam footage captured the bike pursuing the Golf as it sped through a red light to take Mr Makwanya to hospital. Joshua Taylor, 22, was also arrested at one point but was never convicted. She was a struggling actress in the film industry. She had also worked in few Balaji production TV serials.

She was last seen with two men. Shauna Doyle, 23, was jailed for seven years for manslaughter. Eric Wertz, 45, from, New Malden, was jailed for three years and four months for attempted grievous bodily harm with intent. It was later claimed the fight started after footage of girls fighting was shared over Snapchat. Their bodies were found burnt on the veld. Their Mercedes-Benz was stolen. June 3 — Joanne Rand, 47, died 11 days after being splashed with sulphuric acid in Frogmoor, High Wycombe.

Xeneral Webster, 19, was convicted of manslaughter and jailed for 17 years. Webster, from Westway, west London, had admitted manslaughter. The acid was knocked from his grasp by another man during a scuffle over a bicycle. After the corrosive liquid hit Ms Rand she screamed in pain and ran to a nearby restaurant to douse herself with water.

June 2 — Yusuf Sonko, 18, was shot in the head at 8. Nobody has been charged with the murder. June 2 — Dawn Rhodes, 38, was stabbed in the throat at her home in Redhill, Surrey. Her husband Robert Rhodes, 43, was acquitted of her murder. The court heard Mr Rhodes had learned his wife was having an affair with a married colleague the previous Christmas and the pair had decided to divorce. June 2 — Abdirahman Mohamed, 17, was stabbed to death in Peckham. They went on trial at the Old Bailey but were cleared of murder on 10 January Haaris Rana, 22, from West Drayton, was jailed for life 19 years for murder.

Yasir Ibrahim, 22, from East Finchley, was jailed for eight years for attempting to cause grievous bodily harm. They allegedly owed him money for war gaming gear. Alan Wilson, 28, has been charged with murder. The murder was linked to the murder of Geordie Gilmore in March. It was linked to a UDA feud and to social media exchanges. Two teenagers on bicycles shot at the group and then rode off. The killing was believed to be a dispute between rival gangs. Mohammed Tawfik, 19, and a year-old boy were charged with murder in November and await trial in Jeremy Christian, 35, a convicted felon, has been charged with murder and awaits trial.

May 26 — Michael and Marjorie Cawdery, both 83, were stabbed at their home in Portadown. The pair had been in an eight-year relationship which ended in , the court heard. In a text message Morris had told Ms Day: He then stabbed her. The trial heard Eisa was stabbed when he appeared to reach for a knife during a confrontation after he came out of the cinema with his girlfriend. May 14 — Megan Bannister, 16, was found dead in the back of a car after a car crash in Leicester. Police said her injuries were not consistent with the car crash.

Megan had been due t o take her first GCSE exam. In her last post on Twitter on March 3 she said: May 14 — Sinead Wooding, 26, a mother-of-four, was stabbed six times at her home in Potternewton, Leeds. Her body found dumped in woodland at Alwoodley Crags, outside Leeds. Her former boyfriend Akshar Ali, 27, was jailed for life 22 years as was his accomplice Yasmin Ahmed.

Vicky Briggs, 25, was found guilty of assisting an offender and sentenced to four years in prison. The court heard she helped Ali and Ahmed clean up and burn material after the murder. May 13 — Joao Ricardo Gomes, 18, was stabbed to death during a fight at Six teenagers have been arrested but no-one has been charged. Her partner, Anthony Bird, 48, has been charged with murder and will go on trial in November The trial heard that Kyle, a trainee electrician, went to Waterloo Road because his best friend wanted to buy cannabis from a dealer he knew as MMK.

Kyle and his friend planned to rob MMK of his cannabis.

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His body was found two days later. CCTV footage released police showed a young black woman who had been with him shortly before he died. She may have been a hooker. She is the prime suspect. Tyerell Przybycien, 18, has been charged with murder and faces trial in Police found a receipt showing Przybycien bought the rope she used and tied a knot in it for her. Przybycien also told her at times that he would also kill himself.

The two drove to the canyon where they tied the rope to a tree and fashioned a makeshift platform of rocks and wood underneath the tree. Brown stood on the platform with the rope around her neck while Przybycien recorded a cellphone video of her inhaling compressed air from a canister, giggling and stepping off the platform. He died in Barnet Hospital. No-one has been charged. The drive-by shooting remains unsolved.

April 30 — Guy Hedger, 61, a marketing executive with Liverpool Victoria insurance firm, was shot dead in a raid at his home in Ashley, near Verwood, Dorset, in the early hours. Police said a breakthrough in the case came from DNA found on cigarette butts near the murder scene. Baccus and Downton were also found guilty of aggravated burglary, possessing a firearm and one count of burglary. Scott Keeping, 44, from Bournemouth, was found not guilty of murder as well as the other above charges. His wife Helen Keeping, 40, also known as Helen Cooper, was found not guilty of two counts of assisting an offender.

A year-old girl has been charged with murder. Two other girls have been charged with attempted robbery. They were allegedly escorts. Parrish Ofoeme, 23, from Greenwich, was jailed for life 21 years for his murder at London Crown Court. Bilal had gone to the shop with a friend who was having his phone repaired. He encountered Ofoeme outside the shop, and a row developed between the two men over perceived disrespect and who may have been staring at whom.

Ofoeme claimed self-defence, and gave a false account insisting that he had taken the knife used in the attack from the victim. Police and paramedics were called to the bus in Gloucester Place, Marylebone, at John Doherty, 38, from Fulham, has been charged with murder and two counts of possession of an offensive weapon. April 27 — Archie Sheppard, 48, was stabbed to death on a bus between Brent Cross and central London. John Doherty, 39, was jailed for life 21 years for murder. The court heard how Doherty had met up with Archie during the day.

They met up in Willesden and spent the day drinking and riding buses before finally boarding a bus at Brent Cross at around Both men went to the top deck of the bus and Doherty sat at the back while Archie fell asleep in a seat a few rows in front. Doherty stabbed him to death around midnight and then got off the bus. The body was found by another passenger who got on board the bus. The Argentine government declared a day of mourning. He handed himself in to police but denied he was guilty. April 25 — Renata Antczak, 49, was last seen near her home in Hull after dropping her daughter off at school.

Her dentist husband Majid Mustafa, 47, has been accused of conspiracy to administer a noxious substance to Mrs Antczak. Mr Mustafa and Robert Lipinski, 45, are also charged with conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm with intent to Dariusz Kleinert. Mr Lipinski also faces one count of conspiracy to administer a noxious substance to Mrs Antczak and another victim, his wife, Anna Lipinski. Mr Mustafa claims she has returned to Poland and joined a religious sect. She has not been found as of June April 25 — Abdullah Hammia, 24, was stabbed to death near Wandsworth Common, south London, around 7pm after getting into a heated row with several men in a black VW Passat.

Nobody has been charged with murder but Fabian Reid, 22, was jailed for 18 months for perverting the course of justice in Nov April 23 — Mahamed Hassan, 17, was stabbed to death at 1am in Wandsworth, south London. Tyriq Aboagye, 18, from Ilford, was jailed for life 27 and half years for murder, violent disorder and perverting the course of justice. Donald Goate-Oueyeya, 18, from Lambeth, was jailed for life 19 and a half years for murder and violent disorder. Kishon Allen, 19, from Mitcham, was sentenced to life 21 and a half years for murder and violent disorder.

The murder was the latest in a series in a feud between rival gangs in south London which had already claimed the lives of Lewis Elwin and Malachi Brooks. Mahamed is thought to have been from the rival SUK. Patrick Dunn, 25, and Peter Tutton, 19, were both jailed for 18 years for manslaughter and wounding with intent after a trial at the Old Bailey.

The trial heard Dunn and Tutton arrived at the flat and knocked loudly on the patio door. Both men appeared to be drunk and were carrying beer. They demanded Mr Sinclair go with them to rob a drug dealer with whom they were having a dispute. Mr Sinclair refused, and the men threatened to stab his friend if he did not assist them with the robbery.

A heated argument erupted and Dunn spat on Mr Sinclair, who then tried to eject the pair from his flat. During a struggle he was stabbed. His friend was injured but survived. April 23 — Jalen Johnson, 24, a father of three, was shot dead as he travelled in the back of a car near Clarksville, Tennessee. Seven bounty hunters have been charged with his murder. They are William L. Byles, 31; Kenneth Chiasson, 38; Antwon D. Keesee, 32; Jonathan Schnepp, 31; Roger D. West, 31; Prentice L. Williams, 34 and Joshua Young, It was a case of mistaken identity.

Johnson and his friends were entirely innocent. The man they were looking for was a convicted felon called Ellis. April 23 — Mike Samwell, 35, a former Royal Navy officer, was killed when he tried to prevent his Audi S3 car being stolen from outside his home in Chorlton, Manchester. Ryan Gibbons, 29, has been charged with murder and awaits trial. Eduardo Embalo, 18, was jailed for 14 years for manslaughter. Andre Joseph, 25, was jailed for 16 years for manslaughter. Both men were found not guilty of murder.

Omar Warner, 18, was acquitted of all offences. The trial heard that McLaughlin knew his killers. I n McLaughlin was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for being the ringleader of a gang of violent robbers. H e organised 45 north London robberies and aggravated burglaries. Paul Akinnuoye, 20, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, was jailed for life 21 years. Wright was due to start an apprenticeship in the construction industry when he was attacked. His killer Steve Stephens, 37, filmed the murder live on Facebook.

He told Mr Godwin he was doing it for Joy Lane, his girlfriend, who he had just broken up with. He also threatened to kill others. After a brief chase Stephens shot himself dead.

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Conrad Craig, 26, has been charged with murder and awaits trial. The gunman shot Brayden twice in the head and then fled. Brayden was known to be involved in gang activities. Her boyfriend, Dylan Harries, 22, has been charged with murder and went on trial in October They had plans to get engaged and he had even picked out a ring he wanted to buy her in Argos. Miss Evemy and Harries had been on a night out days before her death to try and set her sister up with someone, he explained.

But Harries said the person was more interested in Miss Evemy and persisted after it had been pointed out she was with him. Harries walked off and told Miss Evemy he was not happy with it. Miss Evemy had told him she had kissed someone and exchanged numbers as she thought they had split up after he walked off. He told the court he felt betrayed but said Miss Evemy was remorseful, and they left it behind them. He took a copy of the number from her phone and added it to his own and began texting it, discovering it belonged to a man called Robbie Morton.

But he insisted he had nothing to do with her death and claimed he found her bloody body. His family was originally from Ecuador. They are believed to have been killed by the MS gang, which are endemic in the area. Abdullahi, from Greenford, died in hospital at 5. T wo boys aged 16 and 17 have been charged with murder.

The killing is believed to be drug-related. A year-old boy was jailed for life 16 years in Dec Nayeem Chowdhury, 18, was jailed for 18 months for conspiracy to commit ABH and driving offences while trying to evade arrest. Mauricio Canosa Fratti, 26, has been charged with murder. Once she was dead washed the naked corpse with a hose. Denver Simmons and Jacob Philip have been charged with murder. The motive for the crime is unknown. All six were inmates at the prison. Another man in his 20s was found shot in nearby Claremont Close later the same evening and was taken to hospital.

Police believe both were shot in the same incident nearby on Pier Parade just before officers were called. Several people have been arrested but not charged. Their granddaughter Cassandra Bjorge, 17, and her boyfriend Johnny Rider, 19, have been charged with the murder. Cassandra, or Cassie, was a habitual runaway while her boyfriend was a drug user. Alaeldien Ahmed, 26, has been charged with murder and awaits trial. The father of four died from multiple stab wounds shortly after getting off a tram at 4.

March 30 — Tracey Wilkinson, 50, and her son Pierce, 13, were stabbed to death at their home in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Aaron Barley, 23, was charged with murder and attempted murder. Barley had been homeless and had also been supported by a local church after falling on hard times. Barley was jailed for life 30 years.

Barley murdered the pair after a year in which he was given food, friendship and shelter. March 28 — Malachi Brooks, 21, was stabbed to death in Battersea, south London, at 1. Ashrafur Rahman, 23, Joel Preddie, 20, and Abdul Popatpotra, 26, have been charged with arson and perverting the course of justice.


A charge of murder against Mr Preddie was dropped. They face trial at the Old Bailey on July 23, Lyndsey McCool, 37, from Tranmere, admitted murder and was jailed for life 17 years in July Martin Wood, 34, from Egremont, Cumbria, was charged with assisting an offender but charge was dropped.

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The court heard McCool stole money from Mr Dickinson after killing him. March 26 — Pedro Godinho, 22, was stabbed to death in a car park in Mowmacre, Leicester at 6am. Ezekiel Braithwaite, 19, has been charged with murder and attempted grievous bodily harm. Taome Stabanner, 21, from, Mountsorrel, Leicester, has been charged with assisting an offender. They both face trial.

Other patrons were diving to the ground to dodge bullets in what they described as a chaotic and terrifying scene. Some people were inside the club near the Ohio River, east of downtown Cincinnati at the time. Deondre Davis, 29, and Cornell Beckley, 27, have been charged with murder and await trial. He died in hospital on April 1. Phillip Picken, 55, and Neil Barnes, 33, have been charged with murder and await trial. His bodyguard survived and shot dead the assassin, Pavel Parshov, 28, who came from the eastern Ukraine. Voronenkov had fled to the Ukraine and was allegedly killed on the orders of the Kremlin.

March 23 — Nicholas Churton, 67, was bludgeoned to death at his home in Wrexham, north Wales. Jordan Davidson, 25, has been charged with murder and awaits trial. Mr Sheikhey was shot dead in revenge for a knife fight with Omar the previous day at a chicken takeaway and that there was a background of drug dealing. Kibusi had rented the car under a false name. March 20 — Landen Lavarnia, nine, was shot dead at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. His mother Wendy Lavarnia, 28, and her husband Kansas Eric Lavarnia, 31, have been charged with murder.

Wendy originally told police her four-year-old son had shot Landen as he played computer games. Police say they cleared up the scene in an attempt to fool investigators. Both parents are drug addicts. Caughman, who was black, was collecting cans for recycling. March 19 — David Adegbite, 18, was shot dead in Barking, east London. Di Marco was said to have been close to reputed Montreal mafia boss Giuseppe de Vito, who was murdered while in custody in His father Bidhya Sagar Das, 33, was charged with murder and is due to stand trial at the Old Bailey on 11 September A little girl survived.

Vikat Bhagat, 23, has been charged with her murder but others are believed to be involved. Her former boyfriend Ivan Griffin, 24, was jailed for life for murder in October The court heard that the pair had been in a relationship for just four months after meeting while neighbours in the same residential block. But a few hours later she was killed. Hayleigh testified that she heard her mother shouting for help, saying: The killings were linked to a feud within the UDA or former members of it. They were linked to the murder of Colin Horner in May.

Three people have been charged but nobody has been charged. Megan Sambrook, 18, has been charged with murder and awaits trial. March 8 — Michael Widner, a prospect for the Hells Angels in Nanaimo, was reported missing near Sooke, British Columbia, days before his body was found. Bikers from across Canada rode in his honour on Vancouver Island. They bragged about it on a Facebook live video. His parents Ernest and Heather Franklin have been charged with murder. The Oscar-winning Casey Affleck picture is about a man who accidentally kills his children in a house fire.

Feb 28 — Shamus McNama, 17, was stabbed 10 times in the face, leg, chest and back at the family home in Lockleaze, Bristol. His half-brother Jazzie Watson, 20, was jailed for life 11 years. Bristol Crown Court heard Watson took exception to the way Shamus spoke to their mother, Paula McNama, when she told him off for taking her car. They exchanged punches and held each other in headlocks before they were pulled apart by their mother and a friend. The fight resumed downstairs and Shamus was fatally stabbed with a small potato knife.

Watson was high on drink and drugs. February 28 — Lea Adri-Soejoko, 80, was found dead in a shed at an allotment in Colindale, north west London. Rahim Mohammadi, 40, from Hackney, has been charged with murder. Ms Adri-Soejoko — also known by her maiden name Hulselman — was reported missing. Robert Stratton, 42, has been charged with murder. He is also accused of the attempted murder of Wendy McKinney. Mr Stratton is further accused of assaulting his partner Lee Kinney.

The killings occurred at a gathering to remember Ralphie Duffy, 18, who fell to his death from cliffs at Arbroath. Alex Scott, 18, and Corey Donaldson, 18, were both jailed for life 18 years. Uzoeme Emeofa, 18, was acquitted. An Old Bailey trial heard the fatal stabbing was part of an ongoing feud between the Lewisham-based B-Side gang and rivals from the Splash gang.

Mr Pascal-Modeste was not a gang member himself but had links to the Splash gang through friends.

Their bodies were dropped into the waterway with kettlebell weights tethered to their ankles. The remains of Kenneth bobbed to the surface on March 22 with a kettlebell still tied to his body. Horacio Johnson, 41, has been charged with murder. Ms Howarth, originally from Southsea, Hampshire, died after the ordeall.

After being tortured, the couple were put in the back of a pick-up truck and left for dead in a ditch. Several people have been arrested but nobody has been charged. Jason De Sousa, 21, was acquitted of murder but jailed for manslaughter. De Sousa in particular was keen to have his driving licence returned to him. In the days before this meeting, De Sousa had made veiled threats of violence against others and had given them an ultimatum to return his licence.

Feb 15 — Omer Raza, A kol Garang, 18, and a year-old man have been charged with murder and await trial. Feb 15 — Humera Khan, 42, suffered catastrophic head injuries after being attacked with a hammer at home in Preston, Lancashire. She had been working on a sewing machine. She died in hospital. Her husband Jamal Khan, 52, was found guilty of murder at Preston Crown Court and jailed for life 16 years. Mrs Khan was attacked when her husband lost his temper because she had failed to make him a meal.

Chi-Wah Cheung, 39, was jailed for life 28 years in September Cheung and his ex-girlfriend Jamie Given were previously in a relationship for about nine years until , and Cheung did not take their break-up well. The jury heard he had gone to the home Mr Heaven shared with the woman on several occasions in February and behaved in an aggressive and threatening manner towards them both. Feb 11 — Lauric Lebato, 22, a fashion student from Hackney, north London, was stabbed in Leicester city centre after being chased from a party.

Sulaiman Sillah, 20, from New Parks, Leicester, was jailed for life 24 years for murder.

Sheriff Oluwa, 20, from Leicester, was jailed for 30 months for violent disorder. The killings became known as the Florencio Varela massacre. Feb 10 — Noel Williams, 27, was shot dead at 1am in York, Ontario. Jasper Atienza, 28, has been charged with murder.

Laurie Phan, 22, an aspiring model who took part in Miss Asia Toronto pageant, has been charged with being an accessory. He was a keen hunter. Four of his friends have been bailed until later in the year. A shotgun was recovered. His condition is not thought to be life-threatening and detectives believe he had been with Mr Lewis.

She was knocked to the floor and held to the ground by one of the men. The case remains unsolved as of April She was found stabbed in Meadows of Irwin on Feb 1. Her body was found just before midnight. Victoria Arthur, 43, from Milton, Portsmouth, has been charged with murder. His killer had waited in a car next to his black BMW. Moments after the shooting Richards was filmed on Snapchat watching a YouTube clip featuring C Biz rapping about a killing in a barbershop. Detectives had to persuade Snapchat to release the video so it could be used in the trial.

Kieran Gillespie, 25, has been charged with murder. A 15 year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of murder at his home in Norbury, south London, on 24 January He was charged with murder on 26 January and went on trial at the Old Bailey on 9 June. He was convicted of murder on 30 June.

Jan 21 — Kyle Maher, 21, was repeatedly stabbed in a dispute over loud music in Tooting, south London. Richard Wilson-Michael, 29, was found guilty of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility as he was suffering from an abnormality of the mind at the time of the offence. A year-old girl who had been visiting ran downstairs and witnessed Wilson-Michael repeatedly stabbing Kyle.

As she tried to fend him off she suffered several knife wounds to her wrists and arm that required hospital treatment. The injuries have resulted in a restriction of movement in her hand. Jan 16 — Kiran Daudia, 46, was found in a suitcase in an alley in Leicester. Her estranged husband Ashwin Daudia, 50, has been charged with murder and awaits trial.

Her ex-boyfriend Antowan Parker, 27, has gone on the run. Surveillance footage around 5am showed her making her way through snowy and foggy streets by herself and buying a kebab. Her shoes were found in the port of Hafnarfjordur, south of Reykjavik, not far from the dock where a Greenlandic trawler, the Polar Nanoq, was moored. Video surveillance cameras also showed a small red car, a Kia Rio, parked near the vessel around 6. The ship returned to Reykjavik and two sailors were taken into custody. His partner Michelle Spencer, 48, admitted murder and was jailed for life 13 years. On the night of the murder Mr Butterfield had come back from the shops at about When Mr Butterfield entered the room, Spencer had asked him whether he was going to cheer up, the court heard.

He allegedly urinated on sweets in the shop and was attacked by the men outside. Her body was cut up and flushed down the toilet. The couple, originally from Winsford in Cheshire, had known each other since childhood because their parents were friends, the trial had heard. Both were drug users. The house was then set on fire. Aaron Fyle, 27, has been charged with murder and one count of burglary and will go on trial in February She had lacerations to her chest and neck.

Family of seven found dead in Christmas murder suicide

Paramedics and police officers performed CPR on Katie in the football field. She was taken to York hospital and pronounced dead shortly afterwards. The court heard she had been stabbed with a Stanley knife. A year-old girl admitted manslaughter diminished responsibility and was detained for life 5 years minimum https: Joe Storey, 26, has been charged with manager and awaits trial.

She left behind two children. She was a well known hair and make up artist. Dec 31 — Cameron Logan, 23, died in a fire in Milngavie, near Glasgow. Blair Logan, 26, was jailed for life 20 years for murder.

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The court heard Cameron and Blair had a hostile relationship. Derron Campbell, 24, was jailed for life 23 years for murder. Donavan soon finds out that money and pedigree don't always go hand in hand when some of the old money black elite residents look down on him. To ease tensions, Donovan decides to have a yacht party to introduce himself and mingle with the other residents. The party is going off without a hitch until a dead body is discovered floating in the water.

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Dectective Theo Pratt intends to solve this murder as quick as possible. They soon fall in love, get married and are happy for several years during which time they adopt twin orphans: Whether a result of being a mother or from an organic or drug-induced biochemical imbalance, Generosa becomes increasingly paranoid accusing Ted of, among other indiscretions, adultery. Her erratic behavior tears the marriage apart, thereby unleashing a very contentious divorce procedure with Generosa demanding custody of the twins, ownership of their house in the Hamptons and, if possible, all of Ted's wealth.

She even resorts to lying to the children about Ted in an attempt to turn them against him. Unable to come to an agreement, Generosa and the twins stay at a hotel where she meets her contractor Daniel "Danny" Pelosi Shawn Christian , and the two start a relationship, with him pushing her to hold out for money from Ted.

When Ted is murdered, she inherits all of Ted's estate; three months thereafter, she and Danny get married. She holds back the truth about Ted's death from her children by telling them that Ted committed suicide by drinking alcohol, along with swallowing pills. They eventually come under police suspicion. Generosa learns that she's dying from breast cancer. Danny wants custody of the kids, but Generosa rejects the idea because of the fact that he'd been partying and spending her money carelessly.

Kaye also receives custody of the children and soon, she sends Greg away to a private school, while his sister remains behind. Some time after Generosa's death, Danny is arrested for Ted's murder.