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Sleepwalkers tend to go back to bed on their own and they won't remember what happened in the morning.

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Sleepwalking may run in families and sometimes happens when a person is sick, has a fever , is not getting enough sleep, or is stressed. If sleepwalking happens a lot, every night or so, it's a good idea for your mom or dad to take you to see your doctor. But sleepwalking once in a while usually isn't something to worry about. Still, it may look funny or even scary for the people who see a sleepwalker in action.

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It's important, of course, to keep a sleepwalker safe. Precautions should be taken so the person is less likely to fall down, run into something, or walk out the front door while sleepwalking. There's no cure for sleepwalking, but the doctor can talk to you about what's happening and try to find ways to help you sleep more soundly.

Most kids grow out of sleepwalking. For kids who sleepwalk often, doctors may recommend a treatment called scheduled awakening.


This means your parent will gently wake you up a little before your usual sleepwalking time, which can help stop sleepwalking. In rare cases, a doctor may prescribe medicine to help someone sleep.

One thing you can do to help is to clear rooms and hallways of furniture or obstacles a sleepwalker might encounter during the night. If there are stairs or dangerous areas, a grown-up should close doors and windows or install safety gates.

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Getting out of bed and walking around while still sleeping is the most obvious sleepwalking symptom. But young sleepwalkers may also:. Also, sleepwalkers' eyes are open, but they don't see the same way they do when they're awake. Often, they think they're in different rooms of the house or different places altogether. Sleepwalking itself is not harmful.


But sleepwalking can be hazardous because sleepwalking kids aren't awake and may not realize what they're doing, such as walking down stairs or opening windows. Sleepwalking is not usually a sign that something is emotionally or psychologically wrong with a child. And it doesn't cause any emotional harm.

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Sleepwalkers probably won't even remember the nighttime stroll. Sleepwalking isn't dangerous by itself.

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  7. But it's important to take precautions so that your sleepwalking child is less likely to fall down, run into something, walk out the front door, or drive if your teen is a sleepwalker. If the sleepwalking happens often, causes problems, or your child hasn't outgrown it by the early teen years, talk to your doctor. For kids who sleepwalk often, doctors may recommend a treatment called scheduled awakening. This means you will gently wake your child up a little before the usual sleepwalking time, which can help stop sleepwalking.