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Part two comes out Jan 3rd! View all 64 comments. Oct 06, Shayna rated it it was amazing Shelves: It made me feel things I didn't want to feel. It forced me to embrace these characters and step into their shoes. I felt what they felt. I ached when they ached. If you know this author's work, then you know what I'm talking about when I say that she never gives us LESS than shocking in her novels. What fun would that be, right? Because when CD Reiss writes a book, I don't ask questions! So, this is why I was so stunned by the ending. Book one in The Games Duet, gives us two parts.

We also are taken back and forth from past to present with these two, which sets a great background for the depth of the story. God, I wish I could tell you more, but I can't without spoiling it for you. This needs to be experienced with fresh eyes. Go ahead, read the blurb, but don't think that this is all there is to it. This was masterfully crafted to leave you on pins and needles, begging for more. Reiss is a literary genius, who reminds us of her incredible talent with each new release she puts out. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my night, then to spend it clutching my iPad like it was my lifeline, begging for a happily ever after that may or may not come.

View all 8 comments. Marriage Games, book 1 of 2. Master manipulator Adam Steinbeck! Marriage Games Book 2: It is so much more than that! Marriage Games book 1 will set the stage and introduce the game. Told in dual POVs, it is a marriage in chaos, unfolding in current and past events. Think of it as a vacation from adulthood. His wife may have started the game, but it will be Adam who keeps it going and has you coming back for more. The complexity of his character is superb.

Nine words to describe Adam: Alpha, noble, secretive, commanding, ruthless, determined, doting, conflicted and ruthless. Wife, heiress and President of a publishing house Diana Steinbeck, Huntress just asked her husband for in divorce and unbeknownst to her she has set a game in motion that she is ill equipped to play. She is going to have to dig deep. Seven words to describe Diana: This is an unraveling crisis with secrets, lies, tragedy, deceit, kink, sacrifices, twists, jealousy and villains. Marriage Games, is butterflies-in-your-belly good! Needless to say it ends as chaotically as it started.

I am considering hibernation until book 2, Separation Games with the conclusion of their story. Wanted to love her. Would I re-read this series: Would I read future books by this author: ARC provided to me by author C. Reiss in exchange for an honest review. View all comments.

What did I just read? I had to know how it was going to end, and just when I thought I had it all figured out, C. D Reiss jumbled everything up in a ball and tossed it out the window. What I was left with was a cliffhanger. I will be stalking this author to find out when the next installment becomes available. The catch — she wants complete control of their company. Adam Steinbeck is prepared to give Diana what she wants on one condition — she spends thirty days in a remote cabin with him first. Oh and I may have left out a little tidbit of info ……….

Adam is one of those ruthless, commanding alpha type guys who also happens to be a Dom — a very kinky one at that. This story was intense, and it brought out so many emotions but I could not put it down. I would have no trouble recommending this book. This is a five star read for me. Reviewed by Stacey J View all 6 comments.

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I have a theory. Not just any type of plane. But an AirBusload of research. And she took copious amounts of notes. Which was then, painstakingly, info-dumped through Adam, our male protagonist. Reiss told us which paddle type is most suitable for, well, paddling ass. Idontcare She tells us that the Dom-Sub community is a close-knit one, one where they look out for each other.

It let the sub know the Dom was concerned. Stilldontcare Did you know the Dom-Sub relationship is all about power and trust? That the Sub does not get to argue with the Dom or that, a good Dom respects limits? Well, you lucky dog you, all you need do is read this book and all shall be explained But for you, I'll try.

Adam is a Dom who married Diana, a non-submissive. She left him after 5 yrs because she felt he was hiding something 3. He bargained for 30 days so he could show her his true self 4. Diana went, resisted, caved, realized she loved him still, declared her love and 4. Adam suddenly couldn't love her now that she'd become a sub. Yes, Serena, Adam's former sub, one who had been trained by Adam and whose virginity he'd taken while role-playing rape.

He also made sure to tell Diana about his previous interactions with Serena. Did I mention that Adam still played with Serena while at the day retreat? Yes, but he only paddled her Let's talk about the prose. That Adam sure can talk My bones were china and my muscles were stone.

My lungs shrank to the size of fists. I wanted her to stay. I wanted her on my terms. I wanted her on any terms. I wanted to be cured of the disease of love. I wanted to be cured of want. The feeling was freefall. The earth coming into sharp focus as I hurtled toward it at the acceleration of gravity. I rest my case.

Marriage Games

Oct 09, Serena rated it it was amazing. I don't even know what to say. I need a drink or twenty. My mind is just blown. My heart is all over the place. My soul was consumed by the breath taking journey I went on with Adam and Diana. CD Reiss' writing held me captive from start to finish. Marriage Games owned me.

I couldn't put it down. I never wanted it to end. I am dying all the deads because I need book two NOW. View all 11 comments. Oct 09, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reiss and it was exceptional. Adam Steinbeck woke up like every other day but today was so much different than any before. That was all it took to turn his life upside down. He knew the moment he saw Diana that he was going to love her. Give up anything and everything to have her. But nothing prepared him for the note and her admitting she was walking away. Losing Diana has Adam questioning everything.

Was giving up his dominance for her love a mistake? Did his omission doom their marriage from the start? Can he get over her simply by doing what comes naturally, getting her to submit? Forget connecting to the characters, forget just feeling emotions. When CDR flips the script and you start to get insight into Diana you begin to see things in a different light.

Your battle cry gets louder and your end game changes. CD Reiss draws out the story with such precision that you might just snap. Exposing the flaws beneath the shiny exterior of a marriage built on hiding who you are in your bones; showing the damage of loving with less than your full heart can leave in its wake. And with each layer that is peeled back, you fall deeper in love with these characters.

You see the complexity of the story, of their story. Everything just sort of snuck up on me. Little things that built to be so huge that they barely fit in the room. Marriage Games was an unforgettable read. View all 12 comments. Oct 24, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review A deep sensual provocative romance that is utterly hypnotic!! CD Reiss has boldly written one of the finest, thought-provoking erotic romance that flawlessly and meticulously captures every raw emotions and facets of love in her latest release, Marriage Games.

This book was visceral, touching, emotional, and sensual. It was everything you would expect from a CD Reiss novel. It is unlike any erotic BDSM novel that I have read as CD takes readers on a journey down the proverbial rabbit hole where the past and present collides in a brilliant fashion. Each detail and raw emotions are sprinkled throughout the book in order to allow readers to see how a marriage went from happy to the unknown possibility of divorce.

The integration and weaving of past and present throughout the story added a depth that made this book original and utterly addictive. Adam Steinbeck knew from the moment he laid eyes on Diana that he wanted her. She was the one that he wanted to spend his life with. It was game over. Four years of marriage, he thought their life and marriage was everything. Not only was he able to save Diana and her family's publishing empire, but he was able to work alongside her. I was a goner. Thirty days to save their marriage. Thirty days to show her his Dominant side.

And if she could last thirty days, he will sign over everything that she wants and grant her the divorce that she seeks. All he hoped for was that within those thirty days, she could feel his want, his need, his desire, his sacrifice, his loyalty, his truth, and his love. Is thirty days enough for Adam? I need to end this before I start to hate you.

Yes, this book had deep erotic BDSM undertones but that was not the main emphasis. This book was about the exploration of communication, sacrifice, love and understanding. It is about discovering and realizing the truth. Love is not something that can be instantly turned off. There is a reason as to why you love and fall out of love and so CD Reiss beautifully and poignantly explores this depth and perspective.

So if you are looking for a love story that was more then I highly recommend you to read this book as Marriage Games was a literary masterpiece that read like a journal entry.

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Your heart will ache, love, and feel for these characters. So are you ready to get lost in a love story where you will do anything to save a marriage even if it means thirty days of submission? View all 36 comments. Oct 18, Jay rated it it was amazing Shelves: More than a book, this book was life, real life. I felt their heartache, love, frustration and every emotion they had, so you can imagine how good this was and how good the writing is.

Adam and Diana story will grip you and will give you a book hangover buy don't worry the second part comes on January 3rd. But really dive in this book prepare to read something new, to maybe at first don't like the characters much but hang in there, well the story is so good that you won't put it down, you will l More than a book, this book was life, real life. But really dive in this book prepare to read something new, to maybe at first don't like the characters much but hang in there, well the story is so good that you won't put it down, you will learn to understand them once the story progress and you will love them.

I can't wait for next one View all 3 comments. Reiss did a stellar job making this story incredibly erotic and complex without it being over the top kinky. This novel explores the subject on a psychological level and has one thing I dearly crave in my reads - in depth character development. It's all about the two people and their relationship and the things that make them tick.

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Suppose it never felt quite right. Suppose you make a tough decision to divorce him. You can't help it, you fell out of love with him. You deliver the divorce papers and he finally comes clean - he's a sadist. He says he knows you're a submissive in the bedroom. You're confused but turned on. You agree because he is holding your family business hostage.

You will spend those 30 days with him and get the company signed over to you at the end. Now you just have to make sure you don't hand your heart over as well as your body. Adam was so complex that I wanted to crawl into his head and explore until I found out everything about him. Why wouldn't he dominate his wife if he knew from the start that she had submissive tendencies? You will be sure to fund out after reading this novel. Give it a chance! So while a lot of questions do get answered there's still a long journey ahead. I'm practically jumping out of my seat to get my paws on the second installment.

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For safety folks out there: View all 73 comments. Oct 24, Penny Reid rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't typically enjoy erotica. To be frank, most erotica I've attempted to read puts me to sleep. Maybe I'm wired wrong, but reading about or watching people have sex when there is no compelling story surrounding the act is It's like watching tennis. I can recognize that a person has good form and technique, but I just don't care. I don't care and I'm bored. Except if the tennis match includes decapitation That I don't typically enjoy erotica. That is, unless the author is C. Reiss writes erotica that is not boring.

In fact, it's damn compelling. This is because C. Reiss writes what I call 'psychological erotica'. She seduces your mind first. She paints an addictive picture with words and dares you to look closer. She draws you in with realism. She makes you question yourself, your beliefs; she pushes your boundaries; she challenges you to reevaluate what is sexy, sensual, erotic. And what is off limits between two consenting adults?

It's like when Brad and Jennifer got divorced and we all thought to ourselves: If these two have grown tired of having sex with each other, what chance do I have? He is a paradox. And his flaws make his struggles real. Diana is a surprise. I found her saying what I was thinking.

I connected with her strength and ambition, her intelligence and humor. She is also very real. I don't want to give the story line away, because you should go into this knowing nothing, but like Painted Faces by LH Cosway, this book will fundamentally challenge your perceptions of sexuality, femininity, masculinity, power dynamics, etc. But you should also know, 'Marriage Games' is just as smart as it is sexy.

In fact, it's smarter. I think everyone who has sex or who wants to have sex on the regular should read it. Aug 04, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads rated it it was amazing. It gave me those CD Reiss tingles. It hurt to get to the end of that sample. I wanted it so damn bad.

Feb 27, Phoebe rated it it was amazing. This book, this brilliant fucking book consumed me. Her writing is always amazing but she knows how to write men. She writes them so well. I wanted her to bend for me, and I was terrified she might. I wanted to welt her skin and make her scream and beg.

I wanted her to want to please me, to give me her This book, this brilliant fucking book consumed me. I wanted her to want to please me, to give me her body and soul. I was a starving man offered a buffet, yet all I wanted were the crumbs my wife offered. I married a man with a strong jaw and a heart shaped for me to fit inside. Not loving him hurt me.

Adam wants 30 days and when he gets it the journey is amazing for them and for us. She was turned on. Her expression was everything. It was complete submission to desire. Every guy you bring home for a night. Every man you date. Every one you think might be more than a fling. This book was beautiful and heartbreaking and scorchingly hot.

I'll be on pins and needles until then. Check out more of my reviews at www. With the exception of a few, really dark stories, the BDSM novelty has pretty much worn off for me. So, when I saw that this book focused largely on that particular topic, I put it on the back burner again. As t Check out more of my reviews at www. As the stellar reviews from friends kept rolling in, I eventually succumbed to my curiosity and decided to give it a shot. I'm glad that I did. Diane has left her husband, Adam. She literally dumped her husband with a "Dear John" letter, left in their loft for him to find.

Poor Adam thought that everything was fine in their marriage. She never mentioned any problems or told him that she was unhappy. Man, was he ever wrong. As the two grapple with the details of their impending divorce, Adam gets back in touch with a side of himself that he had suppressed while he was with Diane Adam had lived his life as a Dom before meeting Diane. When he met her, he wanted her so badly that he lived a vanilla existence to keep her, believing that she would be put off by his dominant inclinations. Fast-forward a few years and Diane is bored to death with her marriage.

The loss of a pregnancy and the grief that followed have changed the dynamics of their relationship and made Diane question what she really wants. Adam and Diane are more like roommates than lovers and Diane feels like she is dying a slow death, suffocating in the rote routine of their daily lives together. When she comes to the realization that she isn't in love with her husband any longer, she decides that it is time for a divorce. Adam is completely blindsided by Diane's letter. He adores his wife and is deeply in love with her.

He is devastated by her abrupt decision to leave him. When he seeks out the guidance of his good friend and mentor, Charlie, another Dom, he devises a plan to help him get over Diane. Adam has never believed himself capable of loving a submissive. What drew him to Diane was her strength and resilience. She challenged him and didn't back down. While he loves the sexual games he plays with his subs, he's never been able to develop feelings for them, beyond the concern you would have for a friend. In order to get Diane out of his system, he proposes that she give him 30 days at his private BDSM getaway.

If she serves him as his submissive for those 30 days, he will sign over full ownership of their business. Then, Diane will get what she wants and so will Adam. Diane agrees and so the story begins. I have to say that I enjoyed this story much more than I had anticipated. Even though I read some fantastic reviews, I was really expecting another over-hyped BDSM story that fit the mold of so many books before it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book stirred genuine emotions and held my interest from start to finish. As Adam and Diane explored their sexual tastes and boundaries, the growing intimacy was unmistakable.

However, the betrayal and hurt that Diane had inflicted with her rash decision was also unavoidable. It seemed like they took one step forward and two back. As Diane grew closer, Adam grew more distant. They couldn't ever seem to get on the same page where their marriage was concerned. On top of everything else, Adam's ex-sub is also on the property. Now subbing for one of the "friends" that co-owns the property with him, she clearly wants Adam back. At every turn, she manipulates the situation to commandeer Adam's attention away from Diane.

This leads to some very tense and emotionally charged situations. My heart broke for Diane, even as I knew that she was only reaping what she had sowed. Often times, I felt that Adam was intentionally callous in his handling of the situation. It was like he wanted to hurt Diane, which I suppose he did. All things considered, I thought it was a great story. There are still some things related to the BDSM genre that make me cringe, particularly the degradation and humiliation aspects.

However, I did enjoy this story quite a bit. It ends with a cliffhanger and I wanted to jump right in to the second book. Having listened to the Audible edition of 'Marriage Games', I was disappointed to find that the second book, 'Separation Games' was not out in Audible format yet.

That is something that you may want to keep in mind if you're considering listening to this series. The narration was great, but I had to switch to the Kindle edition for the second book, which peeved me. I like to start and finish a series in the same format. That being said, I'm sure if I'd been willing to wait a short while, it would have been released in the audiobook format.

I guess it says something about how good this book was that I wasn't willing to wait to finish the series. View all 18 comments. Oct 26, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was amazing. However, THIS story was impossible to put down, extremely well done, and totally kick ass. The writing is seriously fantastic, the sex scenes are uber-sexy, and that cliff was right on the money. It scared the hell out of me, and I denied it. I needed to love you more than I wanted to dominate you. Adam has just received a note asking for a divorce from his wife and business partner of four years.

He is reeling over the possibility of life without his beloved wife, Diana. He was so sexy, so complex, so desperate, yet controlled, he truly is an amazingly thought out hero. A reader is sucked into his desperation and will sympathize with him and totally be turned on by the all versions of Adam Steinbeck. Overall, a 5 Star read for a story that ends with a cliff hanger and is the first part of a two book series. I still love you.

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View all 75 comments. Michelle I read this because of your review! Nov 04, Jennifer Kyle Michelle wrote: ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Adam Steinbeck is a dominant to the core but he let that part of himself go when he met Diana and they got married. Now as his marriage lies in ruins, he is scrambling to try to get his wife back. He asks her for thirty days with at a secluded mansion at his bidding in exchange of her family business that she so desperately wants back and his signature on the divorce papers.

Will the thirty days suff Rating: Will the thirty days suffice for him to find himself again? While she is under the impression that he wants thirty days to make her stay, she could not have been more wrong.. It's like no other one out there. The drama, the suspense, the hot scenes were absolutely perfect!

The story just sucks you in right from the beginning and those flashbacks into the past where we get to see the different situations by which their relationship has gone through. I felt so connected throughout the whole story and my heart breaks for both Diana and Adam.. The way that book ended just nearly killed me! I now cannot wait for book 2- its gonna be epic! I'm freaking sure of that! May 31, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Your spouse, your agenda, the outcome.

God isn't calling you to obedience for a particular outcome. He is simply calling you to obedience Don't buy the lie that once you let go, it's done. Letting go and trusting God is not a one time event. For most of us, it's a daily dying to yourself, as you pick that cross back up and follow Him through the suffering. We just established that you have to let go of your spouse. No emailing great sermons or dropping Courageous in his brief case. Trust me, I've tried that, too. Your job right now Ask God to reveal to you what needs work. What can you improve upon as a spouse?

How can you draw near to God? What does God want to teach you in this. Before adultery was ever uncovered in my home, a friend told me that God would be faithful to work in me, teaching me if I would let him. When the storms rages will you cling to Him for answers? Will you let Him teach you and mold you? Is there someone in your church standing for their marriage? Sadly, it's unlikely, but look anyway.

I do have one friend here in town fighting with me and it is wonderful to sit and have fellowship with her in person. As special as she has been to me, I could not survive without the online community at Intentionally Standing. In this place, we hold each other accountable through prayer, encouragement, scripture, music, etc. Hundreds of people fighting for their marriage just like you are there to help you through the hard days, rejoice in the good days, and offer prayers over your marriage.

I put this last for a reason. It has to be. I am mom to 4 beautiful souls and their hurt wrecks me. Without being wrapped in promise, letting go, and finding help for myself, I can not help them.

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  • You know, it's the airplane mask theory. You must help yourself first, then those who can not help themselves. Because you are of no help to anyone if you can't breathe. Helping children through this nightmare is the hardest part for me. When a parent leaves, everyone has advice for you, but no one can help. Most counselors won't see young children and even if they do the help is limited.

    I found that counseling for myself was more beneficial for the kids. Many reminded me that I needed to be truthful with them, because the truth is they're not fine. I have written a 10 day series for parenting a hurting child if you have children, I pray that you will find it helpful.

    You might also check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries , who offers a daily email devotional for standers. And we've got a Marriage Toolbox right here at Intentionally Yours, with books, websites, and encouragement. Let's encourage one another. Intentionally Yours is committed to sharing God's truth, hope and vision for marriage until every home is a godly home.

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    Home Until every home is a Godly home Wrap yourself in promise Skip this one and you'll crash and burn in days. Freely mourn Allow yourself to cry. So cry when you need to. Laugh when it hurts and cling to the HOPE that is within you. Let go When I first started standing for my marriage, I was often accused of trying to control the situation. Fix you We just established that you have to let go of your spouse.

    Help your kids I put this last for a reason. Intentionally Yours is a c 3 organization committed to sharing God's truth, hope and vision for marriage until every home is a godly home. Will you partner with us in this mission? Thank you for your support! Intentionally Yours Intentionally Yours is committed to sharing God's truth, hope and vision for marriage until every home is a godly home. Get Updates from Us!