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Whether the person is a harried colleague, a stressed-out client, or an insecure spouse, things will go from bad to worse if you can't break through emotional barricades. Drawing on his experience as a psychiatrist, business consultant, and coach, and backed by the latest scientific research, author Mark Goulston shares simple but powerful techniques readers can use to really get through to people-whether they're coworkers, friends, strangers, or enemies.

Just Listen reveals how to: With the help of this groundbreaking book readers will be able to turn the "impossible" and "unreachable" people in their lives into allies, devoted customers, loyal colleagues, and lifetime friends. Leia mais Leia menos. The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World.

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The Greatest Salesman in the World. Let the Story Do the Work: The Art of Storytelling for Business Success. Detalhes do produto Formato: Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. I am a Husband and Father of 5 two of which were adopted and came from traumatic history. As you could imagine, communicating with everyone was very challenging. Not to mention the Complexity and Stress of today's Fast-Paced lifestyle, just adds to the problem. This was a recipe for disaster I'm able to understand listen to everyone and convey a better message through the techniques in this book.

My Wife - who doesn't know - has been able to keep a better composure as a result.

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She's skeptical about Psychiatric Techniques, so it's been hard for me to share the details outlined in this book. So I just finished this book last night after literally ingesting it. I don't know that there is a book I have read in years that has more of an opportunity to impact people for the better than this one. Often our natural human inclination is to think inward in a self-interested way.

In "Just Listen" Dr. Mark Goulston proves in page after page that getting the attention off of ourselves and pointing it instead toward others is ironically one of the most effective ways of improving our own odds of success. When the salesperson cares more about understanding the desires of his or her prospect than in performing a monologue on his product he actually will see sales increase. When the parents try and empathize with the hormonal screwy teenager rather than just lecture them, common ground can be forged.


When the job applicant cares to know more about the organization and the interviewer than they care about self promoting, it actually makes them more attractive to their would be future employer. She is the recipient of the Margaret A.

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Edwards Award from the American Library Association. Music plays such an important part of this novel. How important is music in your life? I have to say, though, that when I got an iPod a few years back, it did change the way I thought about, and experienced, music. A lot of this book grew out of that. Annabel feels like an outcast in her school.

Did you ever feel this way in high school?

Just Listen

She was the kind of girl—beautiful, popular, successful—that I would have thought had it made in high school. But even the girl who seems perfect has problems, and Annabel is no exception.

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What would you like readers to learn from Annabel? In high school, and even now, I have a tendency to back off from things that make me nervous, or uncomfortable, or downright scared. But if you avoid, the problem only gets bigger and harder to deal with: It might not be easy, but at least it will be over, eventually. Even if you attended high school posts there is at least one Zeppelin song that will trigger a few high school memories.

What is it about Led Zeppelin and high school? I totally associate Led Zeppelin with high school. For me, Led Zeppelin is an adolescent rite of passage, like prom and your first real relationship.

Owen has a very eclectic taste in music. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have a favorite song?

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I listen to all kinds of music. I used to actually be more self concious about the music I liked, because so many of my friends were into more alternative stuff. As far as a favorite song, it would be impossible to pick: