Lentreprise réseau : Vers lextinction du prolétariat ? (French Edition)

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For example, too much self-promotion can alienate the audience you're trying to reach, said Catherine Kaputa, an advertising executive turned personal branding strategist. Kaputa and two other prominent personal branding strategists list the six most common and most damaging personal branding mistakes people make, so that as you recharge your job search for the new year, you can ensure your personal branding efforts put your best face forward.

Which day would the vice president's birthday fall on the next year? Benjamin, now 13, said he typed the question directly into the Google search box, to no avail. I didn't think the answer was important enough to be on Google. Sponsored by Google and developed by the University of Maryland and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, the research was aimed at discerning the differences between how children and adults search and identify the barriers children face when trying to retrieve information.

Like other children, Benjamin was frustrated by his lack of search skills or, depending on your view, the limits of search engines. When considering children, search engines had long focused on filtering out explicit material from results. But now, because increasing numbers of children are using search as a starting point for homework, exploration or entertainment, more engineers are looking to children for guidance on how to improve their tools.

By saving your commonly-used searches, you can save time and effort by launching searches at the click of a button rather than typing and retyping the same searches. We aggregate and organize content being shared on the internet as it happens, like eye-witness reports of breaking news, photos and videos from big events, and links to the hottest memes of the day. We do this by constantly indexing live updates from services including Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Delicious and more.

When you search for a topic on Scoopler, we give you the most relevant results, updated in real-time. What Do They Do? Grandes institutions, organismes bancaires, assurances, industries et PME en sont friandes.

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Dans un tel contexte, la solution "standard" est de mettre en place des tunnels IPSEC entre chacun des sites les "spoke" ou "client" et chacun des datacenters les "bug" ou "serveur". Que sera-t-il capable de faire? It is actually a Twitter search tool, that shows you related items. Posted by Free Help at 1: You choose 2 terms, and they essentially "fight" for first place. Posted by Free Help at 8: Posted by Free Help at 4: That's because Google News is a great source of readers, sending publishers about 1 billion clicks every month. Each of those clicks is an opportunity for publishers, allowing them to show ads, sell subscriptions and introduce readers to the great content they produce every day.

While we think this offers a tremendous opportunity for any publisher who wants new readers, publishers are the ones who create the content and they're in control of it. If they decide they don't want to be in Google, it's easy to do. Today, we're making it even easier with a web crawler specifically for Google News. Publishers have always had the ability to block Google from including their content in Google's index. With something called Robots Exclusion Protocol or REP - a web-wide standard supported by all major search engines and any reputable company that crawls the web.

When our crawler arrives at any site, it checks to see if there's a robots. With this file, or similar REP directives on specific pages, publishers can block their entire site, certain sections or individual pages. They can also give instructions on how they want us to index their content, such as telling us to exclude images or snippets of text. Furthermore, they can apply different instructions to different crawlers, giving access to some while blocking others. The new Google News web crawler extends these controls to Google News. If they wanted to, it's always been easy for publishers to keep their content out of Google News and still remain in Google Search.

The CIA decided to create a venture capital company called In-Q-Tel to invest in companies that can help the intelligence community. It has been around for a decade and is widely seen as an innovative idea. In-Q-Tel recently made an investment in a Silicon Valley company, FireEye, that helps organizations secure their networks. Ashar Aziz is the CEO of FireEye and said that the number of malware attacks is skyrocketing, which means protecting agencies such as the CIA is growing increasingly challenging.

A successful attack is one in which the malware successfully creates a foothold in the system, is able to connect back to its masters, and then the masters [are] able to control the machine as they see fit, whether they want to steal the data, install a keylogger or use it for more mundane tasks, such as spam. This does not mean, however, that the relationship is akin to one found in the private sector. Many smaller companies have had difficulty working with the Intelligence Community IC , though it is not impossible.

We appreciated that interaction with the federal government and user community so we could understand their needs. It certainly helped our go-to-market effort. The conundrum here is that, because the attacks are really stealthy, very few people even realize that they're under attack. Time and time again, we go to large and small customers alike [who] think they're completely secure, and they plug our products in and figure out the extent to which attacks are coming in and out of their networks -- and it's eye-opening for them.

They don't know what they don't know and it's scary. Adrian Lane, un analyste du cabinet Securosis, rappelle que cela fait plus d'un an que Guardium et son concurrent Imperva faisaient l'objet de rumeurs d'acquisition. There is the subsidized day care and preschool. There are the four company doctors and the dozen nurses who provide free primary care. The recreational amenities include basketball and racquetball courts, a swimming pool, exercise rooms and 40 miles of running and biking trails.

There is a meditation garden, as well as on-site haircuts, manicures, and jewelry repair. Employees are encouraged to work hour weeks. Academics have studied the company's benefit-enhanced corporate culture as a model for nurturing creativity and loyalty among engineers and other workers.

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And I do think I. Olin Library chose to not renew its subscription to the popular newspaper and legal document database, Lexis-Nexis. Due to a rising cost of the subscription to Lexis-Nexis, Olin Library allowed the subscription to expire on November 1. Associate librarian,s Craig Smith, explained that while the library budget has remained static, the cost of Lexis-Nexis has consistently risen over the last few years. As an alternative to Lexis-Nexis, Smith believes that Campus Westlaw Research should give students similar access to information.

The most popular functions of Lexis-Nexis for Drury users were world news, business, and legal document searches. Chose qui pourrait changer. This newsletter's readers who are practicing lawyers and those involved in law firm administration or both face numerous challenges to operating efficiently. We submit, however, that the No. The author claims no expertise in information technology, human resources management or time efficiency. This author has been a tax law specialist for 35 years, and early on identified and "wrestled" with the challenges of trying to keep up with the plethora of tax regulations, rulings, cases and legislation and secondary sources that help create tax advisers' information overflow.

We recently revisited the topic of tax lawyer information overload, and observed that we still crave more and more dissemination of materials, articles and governmental releases, so we can better serve our clients and stay even with our peers who we must assume are doing the same thing. At the same time, we identified the tax lawyer as "Info Schitzo" -- a part of us would be thrilled if there was a moratorium on new developments, guidance and articles until we can catch up on our backlog of law-oriented reading fat chance of that ever happening!

Sayonara, or See You in ? The tax law practice is not different from many other law specialties; information overflow is our common enemy. So, if you are using either of the two tools for feed advertising, you can now see how far your ad implementation are doing in terms of item clicks. Google Analytics will even provide you with additional information that may help you understand who Feedburner gives more traffic to your sites. Picture 97 If you're using AdSense for Feeds of Google Feedburner, the new feature will also help you classify links through tagging the source as - "Feedburner", the medium as the channel by which feeds are sent, that is either as "feed" or "email.

This could either be through Google Reader, Yahoo mail and others. Since Daniel Defoe published the world's first English magazine back in , millions of magazines catering to nearly every imaginable taste have been created and consumed, passed from person to person in cafes, barber shops, libraries, and homes around the world. If you're wondering what cars people drove in the eighties or what was in fashion thirty years ago, there's a good chance that you'll find that answer in a magazine.

Yet few magazine archives are currently available online. Today, we're announcing an initiative to help bring more magazine archives and current magazines online, partnering with publishers to begin digitizing millions of articles from titles as diverse as New York Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Ebony. Are you a baseball history fanatic? Try a search for [hank aaron pursuing babe ruth's record] on Google Book Search. You'll find a link to a Ebony article about Hank Aaron, written as he closed in on Babe Ruth's original record for career home runs. You can read the article in full color and in its original context, just as you would in the printed magazine.

Scroll back a few pages, for example, and you'll find a two-page spread on 's fall fashions. If you'd like to read further, you can click on "Browse all issues" to view issues from across the decades. Et pourtant, les deux n'ont pas de rapport direct. This is the right place to be. Just put your query in the search box and press Enter. You'll see results from both engines side by side. Si vous aimez vous faire peur, cet outil est fait pour vous. I very much like that now anyone on the 'net can download a file containing the entire summer of work by the student, and there is even a download count next to each file for each student!

He is still a core Parrot Virtual Machine developer and I hope that he can find time to work on this awesome project some time in the near future. Since Parrot is currently redesigning its JIT framework from the ground up, a project similar to this would be great for next year. Doing this can prevent catastrophic rounding errors. What this means is that Parrot can do arithmetic on arbitrarily large integers BigInt's or floating point numbers with arbitrary precision BigNum's.

Financial people are very interested in these as well, since no one wants to be short-changed on their interest due to rounding error. Daniel has also been contributing patches to many other parts of Parrot and will probably be getting a commit bit soon, which is great news to hear. It forced every company in the world with a website to get hip to social media and do it now. Essentially, anyone who downloads a browser toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer, with one for Google's Chrome soon to come, can add comments and notes to a sidebar expansion of any website.

Without your permission or even knowledge.

And remember what Google does best I would expect your competitors will have the opportunity to place their ads on your Sidewiki soon, too. Of course, you would be able to place yours on theirs, too. While Google is a technology company, not a social media company, what their latest technology does is force feed social media on the world.

Download free ebooks websites!

If you weren't ready for conversations with customers this morning, you'd better get ready by tonight People are probably commenting on your site as we speak. Google's promotional video below paints a pretty picture, asking the following: It indicates the Sidewiki will lead to pages having: His advice is sound and worth following.

But Jeremiah falls short of the reality of the situation: Few businesses in the world are plugged in to the social vibe or are Starbucks buddies with the Silicon Valley set. There are going to be a lot of companies upset about this. While I agree this is where the world is going and businesses need to move toward understanding and embracing both the technology and the communications implications of its implementation, just telling them they have to is short-sighted.

This software feature is the online equivalent of people suddenly being allowed to post graffiti, flyers and posters all over the front of your building. Jeremiah Owyang has some great insights and implications you should consider as a marketer or executive of a company in light of this development. While I agree this is where the world is going and businesses need to move toward understanding and embracing both the technology and the communications implications of its implementa! Whether you're researching advice on heart disease prevention or looking for museums to visit in New York City, many others have done the same and could have added their knowledge along the way.

What if everyone, from a local expert to a renowned doctor, had an easy way of sharing their insights with you about any page on the web? What if you could add your own insights for others who are passing through? Today, we're launching Google Sidewiki, which allows you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage. Google Sidewiki appears as a browser sidebar, where you can read and write entries along the side of the page.

Changes in the search volume of a given sector on google. You can access individual trend indexes by clicking on the left-hand navigation. Interesting Examples Google Retail Index and clothing store sales From the graph below you will see that actual clothing store sales source and retail sales search volume on Google have been decreasing over time. There are seasonal spikes in actual retail sales, but over time there has been a pronounced decrease. In order to pursue this mission the Research Center for the Legal Systems of Intellectual Property has formed a research organization to carry out various projects.

Policy proposals are to be delivered through an independent, private third party, which will contribute to the sound development of IP legislation, currently under the dominant leadership of the Japanese government. In order to engage in policy-making discussion up front, it is essential to have academic policy proposals that are based on substantial research and analysis, in addition to having policy proposals that are simply verified by government bureaucrats.

Our projects include the development of a global network of researchers and scholars and the design of a global database system for the resolution and judgment of IP disputes. Solving IP disputes is the motive and the means for the implementation of each project. Conducting empirical and philosophical research, tracing back to the fundamental structure of IP law, will help us to discuss IP legislation academically, independent of the changing trend of IP law. In order to make returns to the public, it is important to inform other universities and legal professions of this valuable knowledge, and to invite researchers from other universities and various organizations or associations to join our research group.

Collaborating with faculty for educating IP professionals at Waseda law school is necessary. In accordance with the points mentioned thus far, our organization aims to take bold steps to implement policy proposals from an academic standpoint over the next five years of the COE project. How news media manage to deceive and lie? What you and I can do to recognize misleading sources? In this guide H. Michael Sweeney uncovers the most effective disinformation tactics to help you identify half-truths.

Disinformation is false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is synonymous with and sometimes called Black propaganda. It may include the distribution of forged documents, manuscripts, and photographs, or the spreading of malicious rumors and fabricated intelligence. Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false. Source Wikipedia Disinformation is carried out in different ways. Here are some examples: Most people believe that something which has not been reported just does not exist.

People that have a large consensus or cover important positions in politics, economics or the military may leverage their reputation to label a a fact as false and preposterous. Now that I have presented you some examples of how disinformation works, let me share with you some practical advice to protect yourself against misleading information: London, May 2, In the game, players are presented with a series of screens, each of which shows two keywords from a specific market sector.

They then have to guess which is the most popular. To ensure that players were motivated to win, they gave away a highly prized video iPod each day to the player who scored the highest in the shortest period of time. From recorded scores of over two thousand players, many of whom were experienced search engine optimisers, the percentage correct were little better that you would expect from chance - just You can't stop doing it.

Sometimes it feels as if the basic drives for food, sex, and sleep have been overridden by a new need for endless nuggets of electronic information. We are so insatiably curious that we gather data even if it gets us in trouble. Google searches are becoming a cause of mistrials as jurors, after hearing testimony, ignore judges' instructions and go look up facts for themselves. We search for information we don't even care about. Nina Shen Rastogi confessed in Double X, "My boyfriend has threatened to break up with me if I keep whipping out my iPhone to look up random facts about celebrities when we're out to dinner.

We actually resemble nothing so much as those legendary lab rats that endlessly pressed a lever to give themselves a little electrical jolt to the brain. While we tap, tap away at our search engines, it appears we are stimulating the same system in our brains that scientists accidentally discovered more than 50 years ago when probing rat skulls.

According to a post on the company's Webmaster Central Blog: The new infrastructure sits 'under the hood' of Google's search engine, which means that most users won't notice a difference in search results. Microsoft's Bing has gained traction on a series of positive reviews, and the company's pending partnership with Yahoo promises to push its search market share up to nearly 30 percent. Meanwhile, a new generation of "real-time search" firms are promising to deliver more timely results to queries, by pulling from up-to-the-minute tweets and blog posts.

Google is letting its secret project leak now because it's looking for free feedback. It's asking Web developers and "power searchers" to go to the preview at www2. Anciennement disponible sur le site internet. Members of the editorial board are Prof. Jens Leker University of Muenster, Germany. Please feel free to submit articles, case studies, book recommendations and conference announcements. Furthermore, you can add profiles of your company or association to the Crisisnavigator.

In addition to that, you are invited to become members of the international crisis community. An English and a German version of the Crisisnavigator are available.

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The web site is designed as an open Internet portal for researchers, executives, journalists and other people searching for information about these topics. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. Over the past 8 months I tried and tested practically all of the key players in 'social media monitoring services': And I have very few good words to say about them. The few good words will be in relation to the people who work at these companies - these are usually nice people. But the software and service is verging on epic fail - very problematic and clunky solutions wrapped in a big bold shiny but rather hollow promises.

OK maybe I'm being a bit too harsh Please direct any questions or comments to Electronic Information Products Division, or ipd uspto. Quelles influences peut-il avoir sur vos interactions professionnelles et personnelles? Typing "search engine" into the usual box might lead you to Microsoft's newly launched Bing, the combined search at Dogpile, or the former king of search, Altavista. But for those willing to dig around, searching for search engines can reveal a treasure trove: The net is rich with specialized search services, all trying to find a way to get their slice of the billions of dollars Google makes every year answering queries.

IceRocket, OneRiot and Scoopler are typical of the trend. The smartest one we found is Collecta. It scours the net for the most recent blog posts, news stories, tweets and comments and displays them in a continuous waterfall. L'enjeu est de taille. Son principe est simple: De l'arrachage de sac au vol d'autoradio.

Voici maintenant C'est qui qui paye pour mes infos? Those collaboratively written and edited pages will now sit side by side with professional news reporting. Is this another sign that a fact-based understanding of the world is being eclipsed by an amalgamation of aggregated collaborative thinking? Or is it the ascent of the best the internet has to offer - crowdsourced news gathering and fact checking as an essential part of the story? We argue it's the later, but it's easy to imagine many people seeing Wikipedia on a news page and feeling pretty cynical about it.

Google spokesman Gabriel Stricker told Zachary M. Seward of Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab this morning that "Currently, we're showing a small number of users links to Wikipedia topic pages that serve as a reference on current events. The web and the recession brought traditional media to their knees, in a dramatic change of the economic environment. People are usually quick to point out that old-fashioned curmudgeons will go bankrupt or that ordinary people are now able to produce their own news. Cheaper newsgathering combined to depressed advertisers means that news is moving out of traditional market economics Wikipedia is the most successful news website, in case you did't know.

However, it also means that players with deep pockets, who usually stayed outside the realm of the market, have less trouble getting to the playing field now than ever before. In other words, government- or industry-sponsored news outlets will have a much easier time pushing their stories forward now that foreign bureaus are closing down the world over. To quantify the process, I built a nice app based on the Google News API to find out the share of articles that were paid by a government or another.

Les outils pour suivre ses positions dans les moteurs et mieux connaitre les sites concurrents sont nombreux. Unlike Google, which generally returns links to mere web sites, Bing crawls listings at review services like Yelp. It then summarizes the results and displays a scorecard for each, rating things like service, drinks, food, wait time, lunch offerings, and so on, all laid out in a neat comparative table. Bing is also great at finding travel information. Activating the travel tab puts you in a full-service reservation system.

From there you can book tickets and even get tips about when to buy to get the best price. It will go live worldwide by June 3. But if Microsoft has come up with a clear improvement over Live. Below, a summary of his remarks, along with some video. I know the video is poor quality in the first and last clips below. Aside from being new to doing video, I was also using a new camera and had some focusing problems.

But you should be able to hear the audio OK. On newspapers, the economic woes they face, and Google's relationship in the ecosystem: Google wants good content to do well, otherwise it would have "nothing to search" he said. He said that through new programs from Google, "We're creating more and more value, I hope. Les entreprises n'ont plus le temps d'investir dans des projets trop structurants, mais sans verser pour autant dans le 'Quick and dirty'. Et d'ici 5 ans, tous les articles seront traduits en 23 langues.

La plateforme de veille internet Sindup surveille aujourd'hui plus de Que permet le moteur de veille internet? Don't misunderstand "give away". All human interactions are built on exchanges. You exchange the information for a relationship that allows you to keep in touch with your prospects and customers. It's a common relationship marketing strategy. The way it works is this: Repeat sales come from relationships.

On the web, relationships come from email lists and positive interactions with the people on the lists. Email lists and positive interactions come from giving away information. You need to have a relationship to somebody to sell to him or her. You have to establish a relationship of trust. Once you have enticed somebody to your web site, you can establish at least a brief relationship on your "pitch page" by telling your story, being honest about some shortcomings of your product, and including many endorsements from satisfied customers.

The products are largely intended for more complex research and for sophisticated searchers who fail to find what they're looking for in their initial queries. Google Squared, an experimental service, automatically compiles details from several Web pages and organizes them into a table on a single page, with multiple columns like a spread sheet. A search for "small dogs," for instance, returns a list of breeds, an accompanying image and a brief description, plus the average height and weight of each breed. Squared, to be available in Google Labs this month, marks a radical departure for the company, which has gained a huge following by retrieving a list of links to other Web sites.

In this case, Google is creating pages of its own from information culled from several sources and then displaying it in a grid. But how much information Google lifts from other Web sites is a sensitive topic. C'est fait en deux clics. Last week, at the request of the Centers for Disease Control, Google took a retroactive look at its search data from Mexico.

But the Google Flu Trends team, which aggregates and analyzes search queries to estimate how many people are sick, wasn't watching Mexican flu data until after the outbreak had already begun. That highlights the problem with tech-heavy disease-detection systems: Often, we don't know what internet data to look at until after a problem starts. The early signals of disease are hidden in plain sight, and it takes humans recognizing that something is happening before the computers can be asked to find it. And even if Flu Trends had picked up a noticeable bump in flu searches in Mexico early, a lot of additional analysis would have been required to understand the potential severity of the pandemic.

But it's encouraging to think that if the Flu Trends system were built out across the globe, it might sound an early alarm about the next unusual flu outbreak. You can check out the data yourself at the site, Experimental Flu Trends for Mexico, launched today. What's so important about Patent you ask? It's the patent that explains how Google's proprietary book scanning technology works. The software used to scan books, called Optical Character Recognition software or OCR for short, required each page of the book to be flat. Now anyone who's ever opened a book knows it's next to impossible for a book to lie flat without some sort of device.

One solution to the problem was to use glass plates that individually flattened each page, but this method wasn't very efficient. The other solution was to chop off the book's binding, but that method destroyed the book. How was one to go about scanning a book quickly and efficiently without destroying it? It was a problem that vexed book scanners for years until Google came up with this solution Turns out, Google created some seriously nifty infrared camera technology that detects the three-dimensional shape and angle of book pages when the book is placed in the scanner.

This information is transmitted to the OCR software, which adjusts for the distortions and allows the OCR software to read text more accurately. No more broken bindings, no more inefficient glass plates. Google has finally figured out a way to digitize books en masse. For all those who've pondered "How'd They Do That? Information on this page tracks the evolving situation and provides access to both technical guidelines and information useful for the general public. We've tried to apply all the SEO techniques we've come across from great sites like yours , but would appreciate any advice on anything we might be missing.

Le site offrira des manuscrits, des cartes, des livres rares, des films, des enregistrements sonores, des illustrations et photographies. Similar Images images similaires. L'internaute identifie ainsi une image, sur la base d'un ou des mots clefs, comme sur l'exemple ci-dessous. Tour d'horizon des principales offres. L'INPI vous propose de consulter via trois modes de recherches: Dans son dernier post du 27 mars, il indique: Yes, we do have some news to report.

We have launched a ranking change that reduces the number of results that are returned because of blogroll matches. There are still problems to work out, but this change appears to be a big improvement over our earlier fix. We had originally planned to launch an experiment for link: One coping strategy, care of Christopher Groscurth, an instructional consultant at the University of Michigan with a Ph. Bypass the painful chitchat by steering the conversation to project goals and how the person's golden Roledex could help your cause.

Groscurth did just that with one particularly annoying colleague. In many cases, you don't need a degree in psychology to zero in on the problem. Insecure people are some of the easiest to suss out. They tend to turn into jerks when challenged. You can't live in fear of these meltdowns, but you can ease their intensity by stroking the person's ego a little more during those rare moments when they get something right.

02 02 2016 20:21:47

It's disingenuous and annoying, perhaps, but ultimately worth it. So does a positive attitude. When dealing with a Debbie-Downer type, for example, try spinning their complaints into questions: Find it and focus on it all the way through the conversation, even it's just a physical feature or nice piece of clothing, advises Dr.

Kathleen Hall, chief executive of The Stress Institute, a mental-health consultancy that works with corporations and nonprofit organizations. Difficult and disconcerting as it may seem, try to imagine that you were born in their similar uncomfortable circumstances. Or even go the extra step and imagine that they've been told, that very morning, by the one person they love, that it's all over. Who cares if it's true? The fictional scenario will reduce the level of toxicity in your body--and that's what counts.

They don't want to be the bad guy, so therefore you must have provoked them. This tendency is called cognitive resonance: With that in mind, avoid assigning blame to the blighter at all costs. Instead of saying, "You kind of screwed this one up," go with "Here's what would really help save the day. Asking him to "reconsider"--implying that he had made a mistake--is asking for trouble.

Instead, present a new dilemma based on new information and ask for his decision. That way, he can save face without admitting his mistake. Know what you want to achieve during the talk and have an exit strategy once the mission is accomplished. Plan for contingencies, too. Sure, you once thought you and Facebook or MySpace would be together forever, but eventually terms of service change, end-user license agreements mature, and, well, you're just not in the same place anymore. Sadly, not all Web sites and social networks are created equal when it comes to breaking up. With some, it takes only a couple of clicks to say good-bye.

If you stop paying, that goes a long way toward ending it with a few sites. Others make you jump through more hoops than a tiger at the circus. No matter what you call it So we've cut to the chase as much as possible to give you the links, the tips, and in the worst cases, the fax and phone numbers you need to sever ties. Did we miss a service you want out of? And if you've managed to quit a service not in this story, be kind and share your tips. Search and browse medical sources updated continuously.

FeedNavigator downloads medical feeds published by web sites and aggregates their content into a single feed, latest news first. Customize this feed by selecting your favorite medical publications and search keywords. The FeedNavigator is fully made in Terkko. It's uncommercial and free for all. It's easy to use: How to search announcements There are five proposed ways of consulting financial information: Viewing documents Results include all document identification information as well as a link to the authentic signed document.

It is possible to sort these lists by date. The results screen shows the search criteria active for refinement , and the number of results. Les nouveaux usages du Web 2. Embrace the power of social networks and let your clients recommend you, and your work, to their friends and family. GM recognizes the potential communication synergies they represent, and the concurrent benefit of constructively engaging with these audiences across the world. Ensuite le terminal vous coutera dollars, soit environ euros plus les frais d'envoi, pour tout pays hors des Etats-Unis.

Automated news doesn't quite work. Wednesday, December 3, 2: Automation does indeed bring a lot to the table -- humans can't possibly discover and organize news as fast as computers can. But too often the lack of real intelligence leads to really unintelligent results. Only an algorithm would feature news about Anna Nicole Smith's hospitalization after she's already been declared dead, as our automated celeb news site WeSmirch did last year: Instantly obsolete news isn't the only hazard.

A fundamental component to any news organization program is the determination of whether two stories are related. Deciding is often rather easy: Unfortunately, the clues are sometimes far too subtle for the most advanced algorithms to notice. This leads to bad "related" grouping, and even the failure to surface breaking news in the first place. Even giant, technically-accomplished corporations have had trouble breaking news using algorithms.

It's time for a more "edited" Techmeme In it was clear to me that an ideal news aggregation site would need to combine automation with direct, hands on editing. You may wish to review those first, since most, if not all of them are still valid. But what the heck.

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  • Der Freibeuter und die Piratenlady: Frivole Abenteuer auf hoher See (German Edition).
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  • Conducción de generadores de vapor (Spanish Edition).

There may well have been a few lessons learned since then, so I'm pleased to bring you this updated compilation of my opinions. As with my previous article, these are not in any particular order, but if the shoe fits We have probably not seen the end of food and product-related crises originating in the People's Republic of China. Any organization with relevant connections to the PRC should factor this into their crisis preparedness. The Internet continues to make it easier to read about, hear and view skeletons in your closet.

Conduct your business as if everything you write, say and do might be recorded and you'll avoid a lot of crises P. There will be million multimedia-capable mobile phones mobile phones shipped in I was recently asked to name and describe my top 5 intelligence analysis methods. As I began to think about it, what seemed like a fairly straightforward question morphed into what I could only think of a series of blog posts. So, here they are Considerable emphasis has been put on improving the methods of intelligence analysis over the last six years. Still, the intuitive method also known as "read a bunch of stuff, think about it for a bit and then write something" remains the most popular method for producing intelligence analysis despite this method's well known tendency to permit a wide range of cognitive and systemic biases to corrupt the analytic product see Heuer and Tetlock for excellent overviews of these problems.

We have several tools that give insight into global, regional, past and present search trends. These tools are available for you to play with, explore, and learn from. Use them for everything from business research to trivia answers. Type in a website address to see visitors by region and related sites visited.

Create your own lists of "most popular" and "fastest rising" queries for different geographic regions over time and by topic. Updates throughout the day. Anne Confolant Advertisement L'Institut national de l'audiovisuel INA va plus loin pour promouvoir ses contenus audiovisuels. Elle apportera des indicateurs tant qualitatifs que quantitatifs. The changing economic landscape requires state economies to be innovative, globally-linked, entrepreneurial and dynamic, with an educated workforce and all sectors embracing the use of information technology.

The report, which updates and expands on the State New Economy Index reports from and , ranks the states accordingly. The five states ranking the highest in are, in order of rank, Massachusetts, Washington, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. With these measures as a frame of reference, the report outlines the next generation of innovative state-level public policies needed to meet the challenges of the New Economy, improve state competitiveness and boost incomes of all Americans. Quels types de documents puis-je trouver dans la base?

Certains documents sont multilingues et un petit nombre de textes sont disponibles dans toutes les langues. Comment interroger la base? Par ailleurs, le module de diffusion de l'information newsletters, rapports, tableaux de bord, etc. This is the first of many images to be captured by the world's highest-resolution commercial satellite known as the GeoEye The satellite can take photos at a resolution of up to 41 centimeters- close enough to zoom in on the home plate of a baseball diamond, according to WIRED news.

Not bad for a machine flying at nearly 17, MPH. The technology has been around for decades, but only licensed to Government agencies for use in spy satellites. It's only recently become available to the public and for business use. Google Earth, for example, launched in with marginal accuracy, and within two short years covered a third of the world's population. We're an earth-imaging satellite, and we can sell our imagery to customers around the world who have a need to map, measure and monitor things on the ground.

I confess that I was one of those productivity addicts who subscribed to all the GTD and lifehacking blogs out there, downloaded all the tools I could find, and signed up for every new Web 2. I lived almost a year of my life doing that, and it's a wonder that I didn't get a heart attack. If you haven't found satisfaction with any of the productivity tricks you've tried, it's possible that you're mistaking some of the myths for facts. These myths could come from something you've read, or they could be your own preconceived notions.

To get productive, you need to get rid of these myths. What are they and how do you debunk them? Chaque exploitant peut donc connaitre exactement ce que touche son voisin. De quoi semer zizanie et jalousie entre les agriculteurs! Soit une enveloppe d'1,8 milliard d'euros. Hakia announced Monday that they are hoping to expand their coverage to include ALL topics, a pretty lofty goal.

To aid them in their efforts, Hakia has made an open call to librarians and information professionals to assist in the effort. Why do they want the help of librarians and information professionals? Well because we know everything, of course! On a more serious note, the reason Hakia is looking to librarians for help is because they're trained in the art of finding not just information, but solid, credible information.

In other words, librarians are pretty good at sorting out the crap from the reliable stuff. All of Hakia's currently generated medical and health results have been vetted by the Medical Library Association. To take on all topics, Hakia will need all of the help that they can get. C'est surtout pour ces raisons qu'il est devenu le chouchou du grand public. Google's browser is open source, meaning Internet users are invited to add to the underlying software code to improve its performance and expand its capabilities.

A test version of the free browser will be available for download sometime this afternoon at www. This article concludes my series on an introduction to text analytics, based on a workshop, Text Analytics for Dummies, which I presented at this year's Text Analytics Summit. Text Analytics for the Responsive Enterprise. Last month, I covered the glossary slides, through slide The story to that point is captured in the statement that "text analytics looks for structure that is inherent in the textual source materials.

If that summary is rough going for you, refer to the glossary toward the end of last month's article. Continue on now for concrete examples of how statistics and linguistics are used by software to uncover meaning in text. Categories Narrow data to specific categories, like finance, health, and sports. Geographic distribution Know where to find your customers. See how search volume is distributed across regions and cities. Australia See examples of how you can use Google Insights for Search.

All the tools for Search Engine Submission and Optimization Search Engine Tools Type a web page address and SE-Inspector will check its title, meta tags, text, url, link popularity and keyword density. Type a Keyword and SE-Inspector will check the number of results on search engines, the ranking of your site for this keyword, the best ranked sites for this keyword, the content of these pages Can you be well ranked on the search engines for this keyword?

Our tool will indicate the number of times this request has been typed on the search engines of the entire web last month. It will also give you an evaluation of the technical possibility to be well ranked on the major search engines. All these data will suggest a notation about the opportunity to optimize a web page for this term or expression. Are you listed in the major search engines and directories? Measure the presence of your Web site on the major search engines. Submit your site on the search engines on which you do not appear yet.

Which site is the best ranked for your keywords? This year's awards were open to any open source projects, not just ones that were hosted on SourceForge. Your input was received and the votes were tallied. And in the end -- though it was a worthwhile exercise -- the roster of honorees offered few surprises.

The open source office productivity suite captured the award for best project overall, as well as being voted in as best project for the enterprise and education markets. Linux took the title for "Most Likely to Change the World," prompting me to wonder whether it's really fair to give a "most likely" award to something that has already done what it's "most likely" to do. More revealing, however, was the winner of the "Best New Project" title.

Magento, an open source e-commerce package, took the honors there, proving that interest in open source software remains strong among business customers. Other awards were more dubious. And Wine, the Windows compatibility layer for Linux, was voted "Most Likely to Be Accused of Patent Violation," despite the fact that avoiding intellectual property disputes has been one of the Wine project's goals from Day One. Not to mention recent news that the patent office seems on the verge of a major rethink of software patents. Au milieu de cette profusion de messages, certains sites de confiance vous proposent leur aide.

Many folks who attend the summit are new to text analytics. The summit sponsors and I figured they could use a solid grounding in the technology and typical applications to help them understand sometimes-intense summit content. Our figuring was right on: I expected 20 workshop attendees but we had over I've touched on technology underpinnings in previous articles, but I have never covered them comprehensively, hence this month's article, Text Analytics Basics.

This article - the first of two parts - should be especially useful as background for my recently published Business Intelligence Network research report, Voice of the Customer: I've posted my class slides on the web; they may be of some use even though many do not carry explanatory text. All the same, the overall text-analytics story should come through clearly.

That story starts with placing the technology in terms of what people do with electronic documents: Publish, manage and archive. Categorize and classify according to metadata and contents. For textual documents, text analytics enhances 2 and enables 3 and 4. Text analytics enriches indexing and search by discerning the concepts and relationships, which provide relevance-boosting context, behind search terms and document content.

That is, text analytics enables search engines to provide more accurate results as measured by both precision and recall, to be defined later and improved results ranking and results presentation. Text analytics - text data mining, actually - provides the technology behind clustering, categorizing and classifying documents and their contents, supporting both interactive exploration of text-sourced information and automated document processing. And information extraction IE - pulling important entities, concepts, relationships, facts and opinions from text - is the key to including text-sourced data in business intelligence BI and predictive-analytics applications.

The overview below along with the search help links located on the left will help you craft your queries to produce more relevant and manageable result clusters. Doing a search on PatentCluster is easy. Simply type one or more search terms the words or phrase that best describe the information you want to find into the search box and hit Enter on your keyboard.

After you click on search, what happens next is really cool. Instead of delivering thousands of search results in one long list, PatentCluster groups similar results together into clusters. Clusters help you see a topical overview of your search results so you can hone in on exactly what you're looking for or discover unexpected relationships between patents. The nature of culture Patterns of culture trad. The chrysantemum and the sword trad. The individual and his society trad. The psychologic frontiers of society en coll. The study of man , trad. The cultural background of personality , trad.

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