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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Calliope is on the search for something new and exciting - experiences she couldn't find in the stuffy, modest coastal cities. Will she find the road to Pornlandia?

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Will she meet a sexy guide to show her the way? Will the quiet woods ever be the same again? Join Calliope and Garix in their journey to Pornlandia in this exciting first story of the series. They may not do much traveling, but they sure get down to a lot more! Will Garix show her the way to Pornlandia, or will he show her the way to a fantastic orgasm? How can he hold her up like that? I just wish someone would do it for me!

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Read more Read less. Product description Product Description Calliope is on the search for something new and exciting - experiences she couldn't find in the stuffy, modest coastal cities. Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center recently examined captive chimpanzees and found that most of them predominantly used their right hand when communicating with one another-for example, when greeting another chimp by extending an arm. The animals did not show this hand preference for noncommunicative actions, such as wiping their noses.

Such lateralized hand use suggests that chimpanzees have a system in their left brain hemisphere that is coupled to the production of communicative gestures, says study author William Hopkins. The same cerebral hemisphere is host to most language functions in humans, which hints that an ancestral gestural system could have been the precursor for language, he says.

Methane Releases from Arctic Shelf May Be Larger and Faster Than Anticipated — EurekAlert — March 4, A section of the Arctic Ocean seafloor that holds vast stores of frozen methane is showing signs of instability and widespread venting of the powerful greenhouse gas, according to the findings of an international research team led by University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists Natalia Shakhova and Igor Semiletov. The research results show that the permafrost under the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, long thought to be an impermeable barrier sealing in methane, is perforated and is starting to leak large amounts of methane into the atmosphere.

Release of even a fraction of the methane stored in the shelf could trigger abrupt climate warming. Whales store carbon within their huge bodies and when they are killed, much of this carbon can be released.

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  • When whales die [naturally], their bodies sink, so they take that carbon down to the bottom of the ocean. Europe Approves the Growth of Genetically Modified Potatoes — AlterNet — March 10, After a year battle, the largest chemical company in the world, BASF won approval from the European Commission to begin commercially growing Amflora, a genetically modified potato, which is currently approved only for starch production, not human consumption, but the leftover skins will be fed to cattle.

    It will used for industrial purposes like paper and yarn production and making spray concrete. Critics fear that this could further the problems associated with antibiotic resistance. The study finds that, per person, about 2. For Europeans, the figure can exceed four tons per person. Most of these emissions are outsourced to developing countries, especially China. Both chemicals are widely used in North America and elsewhere, including China.

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    And, the researchers point out, the concentration of each pesticide that produced adverse effects in the experiments was at or below those that bees could encounter while pollinating treated crop fields. New Google Public Data Explorer — Sun Sentinel — March 10, The latest tool unwrapped by Google Labs makes it easier to analyze data from schools, governments, non-profits and more and also visualize those numbers in animated charts.

    Google Public Data Explorer covers 80 public data topic generated by the most popular searches made on Google. Work with ready-made charts or create your own, anything from maps to and bubble charts which then can be shared online. The visualizations are dynamic, so you can watch them move over time, change topics, highlight different entries and change the scale. The Zomm monitors the signal strength of a Bluetooth connection to your phone and sounds an alert if you get more than a few yards away.

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    Tokyo Researchers Unveil Robotic Baby — Red Orbit — March 10, Japan may have one of the lowest birthrates in the world, but researchers at a Japanese university are hoping that a new bionic baby will help change all of that. The robotic infant is known as Yotaro. Plumbing the Depths — Economist — March 4, A recent wave of advances is enabling oil companies to detect and recover offshore oil in ever more difficult places.

    In Petrobras, a Brazilian oil giant, announced that it had found as much as 8 billion barrels of oil at its Tupi field, km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The discovery, beneath 2, meters of water, 3, meters of sand and rocks and a 2,meter layer of salt, was touted at the time as potentially the largest offshore find ever made. Such discoveries were literally unfathomable just a few years ago.

    Software, as much as hardware, is changing the game. Gasifying Biomass with Sunlight — Technology Review — March 10, A solar-driven process could yield far more fuel than conventional biomass production. At those temperatures, most of the biomass is converted to a synthetic gas.

    But the heat required for this process usually comes from a portion of the biomass being gasified. Instead, Weimer and his research team have developed ways of using concentrated solar heat to drive the gasification process. One hide-out was found earlier in blood cells called macrophages.

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    Another pool was discovered in memory T-cells. Finding these sources of infection is important because eliminating them would allow AIDS patients to stop taking drugs after their infection was over. Children between the ages of 3 and 11 years are particularly vulnerable because of their social behaviour games etc. Although conventional anti-lice lotions are effective in a many cases, an ever increasing resistance to these treatments has been observed.

    Researchers have therefore performed a clinical trial to compare the effectiveness of a new oral treatment oral Ivermectin with that of a conventional anti-lice treatment. Ivermectin acts by blocking neurotransmissions in the brains of invertebrates. Ivermectin is already available on the market and commonly prescribed for treatment of scabies. Designer Nano Luggage to Carry Drugs to Diseased Cells — PhysOrg — March 9, Scientists have succeeded in growing empty particles derived from the Cowpea mosaic virus and have made them carry useful chemicals.

    Scientists had previously tried to empty virus particles of their genetic material using irradiation or chemical treatment. Though successful in rendering the particles non-infectious, these methods have not fully emptied the particles.

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    One application could be in cancer treatment. These particles could seek out cancer cells to the exclusion of healthy cells. Once bound to the cancer cell, the virus particle would release an anti-cancer agent that has been carried as an internal cargo allowing the drug to be delivered in a more targeted way. Among the water Have-Nots are the 3. It gives you a view of the edge of the universe.