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All conversations in the Archive Forum are read only. For active conversations, please visit our All Forums page to post a topic or response. One option we like about SyncedTool is the fact users can create private folders that are owned by them and not visible to the rest of the organization. Handy for personal notes and things of that nature. I am trying to see how we can achieve that in Box but I'm not seeing it. Open to suggestions or some direction on the topic. Users who create folders at their All Files page without inviting any one else creates a private folder that other users are unable to see, as long as no one is invited into that folder and no shared link is generated to the folder.

Top-tier European pro association football teams have moved to new stadiums designed with a large number of luxury boxes, such as Benfica , Bayern Munich , Arsenal , and Juventus. Other clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United have extensively renovated their existing stadiums to add large numbers of luxury boxes. Most notable in their use of luxury boxes is the National Football League.

Under the NFL's current revenue sharing agreement, teams must forfeit a large portion of their ticket revenues so that the funds can be redistributed among all the teams, particularly those in smaller markets.

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However, the luxury boxes, quickly becoming a top source of revenue for the franchises, were exempted from this sharing requirement. Furthermore, the NFL's blackout rule has led stadium operators to sacrifice seating capacity in favor of the luxury boxes, as it makes a sell-out easier with a lower total number of regular seats.

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Teams have used the threat of relocation to press state and local governments for financial assistance to either build new stadiums or renovate older venues. Club seating , club-level seating , or premium seating is a special section of seating in modern sports stadiums and arenas. Club-level seating is typically considered a more exclusive class of seating than elsewhere in the venue, other than the luxury boxes.

Club-level seating can either be sold as individual tickets, or marketed on a contract basis similar to luxury suites to allow for maximum profit on the part of the venue. While luxury boxes and personal seat licenses have been around since the s, club-level seating is a recent innovation of the s. The mid-stage is the optimal placement for luxury boxes in order to give them good sightlines to make them attractive for lessees, however only a limited number of luxury boxes can be placed there, as adding too many mid-level boxes will reduce seating capacity and degrade the viewing experience for other parts of the venue.


Club levels normally provide fans several additional amenities than standard seating. The seats themselves are often wider and more comfortable than regular seats.

These areas are air conditioned and allow access to special restaurants, merchandise stands, and lounge areas of the venue that are not otherwise available to standard ticketholders. Concession stands and vendors on the club level also often offer different menus than in other stands to give more of a special feel to the club.

These areas are closed off to the rest of the venue, and they usually can only be accessed through the exclusive, private club entrances. Parking and concierge service are often available to club levels.

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The club level is usually located towards the middle of the stage of seating sections, above the lower deck but below the upper deck. They are usually situated near the luxury boxes, whether right above, right below, or sandwiched between two levels of luxury boxes.

Unlike some luxury box levels, most club levels do not wrap entirely around the venue. Some club levels stop at a certain point, giving way to an expansion of the mezzanine , while others give way to lower-class luxury boxes such as "party suites". A notable exception to this is Emirates Stadium in London , which has a complete tier of club seating. Some venues such as the MetLife Stadium have luxury suites that are not completely enclosed and come with exposed seats similar to those at club level.

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