120 Ideas for Tiny Living

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She writes just as good as she speaks. Nov 22, Heather rated it it was amazing. A must-read book for those of us intrigued by the tiny-house lifestyle, but not sure where to start. I really felt that the book also was a slice of life into the author, her partner and cat. The stories really inspired me to look at ways to simplify my own life.

Tiny House, Tinier Dog- Living in a 120 Square Feet (Small Home

I'm using many of the tips from the book everyday and I'm excited to look more into a place to build a tiny house for my own family! I can see referring to this book again and again for all the great ideas. I highly recommend this excel A must-read book for those of us intrigued by the tiny-house lifestyle, but not sure where to start.

I highly recommend this excellent book for anyone wanting to learn more about tiny-houses and simplifying your life! Not very informative The typos in this book are numerous and it gives very little in the way of real information.

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That would be fine if it told a good story but it doesn't do that either. I was at the very least expecting quite a few pics of tiny houses but no, the pics are scanty and do not show us any great examples of tiny houses. Just a few incomplete pics of their house. It did, however, have quite a few good shots of the cat. May 11, Ryan rated it liked it Shelves: Hits a lot of different topics that people need to consider if they are thinking about jumping into a Tiny House.

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The author lives this life so you know the tips are from experience. Offers some recipes for tiny house cooking which I found a bit superfluous. Not an end all be all resource, but introduces to you many things that need further exploration that you may not have otherwise considered. Nov 30, Crystal rated it liked it Shelves: Not a lot of detailed information.

Should probably be a 99cent Kindle option, but that's okay.

120 Ideas for Tiny Living

I hoped for some more in-depth info, but was met instead with superficial couple-of-sentences, maybe a paragraph at the most, numbered points. There were some interesting ideas in the book, but it's more like a teaser than an actual, practical handbook. Jill rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Cynthia rated it liked it Nov 27, Pug Cake rated it it was ok Jan 12, Tash Robb rated it really liked it Jan 02, Cindy rated it liked it Sep 13, Raven rated it it was ok Jan 12, Kim Belanger-Mills rated it really liked it Dec 28, Jamie rated it really liked it Oct 10, Linda Smith rated it really liked it Nov 30, Tonya rated it it was ok Jan 01, Corcorran rated it it was amazing Jun 07, Cindy Lynn Ferver rated it liked it Nov 16, Debra Taylor rated it really liked it Jan 20, Shannon rated it liked it Dec 28, Rusty Henrichsen rated it it was ok Dec 16, Catherine Williams rated it liked it Aug 12, Traci R rated it really liked it Aug 27, Deanna Hoard rated it liked it Jan 02, Michelle rated it liked it Nov 11, Lisa rated it did not like it Dec 02, Jason Stover rated it really liked it Jan 29, Do you have any writing experience prior to this book?

I am a professional freelance writer and make a full time living that way. Years before writing Ideas for Tiny Living I had written some articles for a magazine that no longer exists. I also published a couple of stories and essays in anthologies a long time ago, but this is my first book. I also have been writing my blog, Life in Square Feet, since and always come up with ideas for new blogs. One of my favorite ideas is 64 regarding summertime. I think the seasons play a big role in tiny living. What are your thoughts on that?

The seasons play a big role in my life in general. I love the changing of the seasons and try to experience each one fully even though I know it will come again in a year. In our tiny house, since we chose to be off the grid, the seasons really do make a big difference. There are some rainy days that we have to come up with indoor activities. As the sun moves throughout the year, we have to readjust the solar panels to get the most out of our power system. I get rewarded in the fall when the leaves paint the mountains with their splendid colors and the evenings are crisp and cool.

I think we should all be mindful of the turning of the seasons. What is your favorite idea in the book? I really love food, and I really love beer — so my favorite tip would have to be 66, the Baconalia.

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The concept started while we were camping with friends and decided to cook up 2 pounds of bacon. Our campsite hosted an impromptu bacon party for all passersby. Now we often will cook bacon — and potatoes in the resulting bacon grease — when we are celebrating something fun. We always make sure we have delicious beer on hand, too. Is there a book being planned even now? A follow up maybe? The concept comes from a quote by Thoreau and it has always inspired me to make sure I live every day as fully as possible.

I thought that if I did the whole book thing over again, I might write about that.

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The tiny house is only a small part of my journey to deliberate living. It breaks my heart to see and hear about people who are so unhappy in their lives and simple changes can make such a huge difference.

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  8. However, I am currently working on another eBook but this one is on another favorite topic of mine: Why the Kindle version? Read 87 of There are three chances to win. Winner will be chosen via random. Purchase your copy today. It takes very little extra effort to cook for 3 meals as opposed to just one. That frees up a lot of time that I can use doing things I enjoy more than cooking.

    120 Ideas for Tiny Living: an interview with Laura LaVoie

    I try to make as much time each day to do the things that bring me joy and help me feel more alive. If you are going away in snowy weather switch off the inverter to avoid battery drain from snowed over PV panels. In the first week we gave away a uhaul full of stuff that would not fit in our shrunken space. Our home is on 80 acres and spend more time out than in making it easier but I would love to hear some of your ideas. Still organizing and purging.