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Visitors to a remote island discover that a reclusive Nazi commandant has been breeding a group of Zombie soldiers.

The Night Gwen Stacy Died

A bizarre series of murders begins in Los Angeles, where people start going bald and then become homicidal maniacs. But could the blame rest on a particularly dangerous form of LSD called Blue Sunshine the murderers took ten years before? There's something pretty grisly going on under London in the Tube tunnels between Holborn and Russell Square.

When a top civil servant becomes the latest to disappear down there Scotland A young Soldier is killed in the line of duty in Vietnam.

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That same night, the soldier returns home, brought back by his Mother's wishes that he "Don't Die"! Upon his Return, Andy sits in his room, refusing to see his friends or family, venturing out only at night. The Vampiric horror is secondary to the terror that comes from the disintegration of a typical American family. Between the time that he made his delightfully campy debut film Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things and his horror masterpiece Black Christmas , Bob Clark made this under-mentioned little horror gem.

Vietnam soldier dies during battle, but then inexplicably returns home to his family who soon enough discover that there's something very wrong with their now-ghoulish loved one.

The story serves up not only scenes of shocking violence, suspense, and scares, but actually manages to strike some strong emotional notes as well. Aside from it's unsettling storyline, director Clark creates an atmosphere of eerie dread that energizes this smart horror film.

The unnerving music score by Carl Zittrer who also created the warped music score for Black Christmas strongly adds to the tense atmosphere. Also great are the makeup FX of a young Tom Savini. Dead of Night marked his cinematic debut as a makeup artist. The cast is quite good.

Richard Backus delivers a creepy performance as the haunted young soldier. John Marley is strong as Backus' understandably troubled father and Lynn Carlin is sympathetic as his unstable mother.

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Dead of Night is another of those low-budget horror gems of the 70's that got lost after the death of the drive in. But horror fans owe it to themselves to resurrect this forgotten film from the late-great Clark. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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    Next I'll have to remove a gas mask that hangs on a peg over somebody's bunk and hang it over mine.

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    Margaret did not know he was at home: Depressed as Jem had often and long seen him, this night there was something different about him still; beaten down by some inward My homeland, I cannot bear to think of you in dead of night. Lustrous stones are rooted there still while my sap's gone dry. You ask, my friend, How deep this grief? Simply a spring swelled river too eager to Not alone the dead, but the living likewise, are given to be burned in secret here ; and into this canal, at dead of night , are flung the rash wretches who have madly dared to oppose with speech or act the powers that rule in Siam.

    Now, in dead of night , I wake again and again to the screen door caterwauling its accusing silence. That cat's a conjunction cut from my poem in one fell swoop of your pen, it's gone, but it's left a trail of blood on the unprotected page and I can The moon, she wrote, was, for the first time, a visible token, shining in dead of night , that the sun was still blazing somewhere, in an August sky. So, accompanied by the Pope's own envoys, a party set forth by dead of night but had no sooner opened the tomb than they were interrupted by revellers returning fromone of the patriotic banquets whichhad becomeso popular in recent That Worth did not hesitate to plunge into a churning river at dead of night , clad in prison clothes and aware that apprehension might well mean death, reflected both his physical toughness and a growing faith in his own invincibility.

    The Abbey was torn down by Henry VIII, in a fervour of asset-stripping, and the stone parcelled out to nobles in London to build their fine houses. But a lot was stolen in dead of night , and many old houses in these parts have chunks of Abbey The man who had stood high on the armoured car in dead of night had not been a lone wolf; he was part of a pack that would get noisier and stronger.

    Bolshevism was finding its confidence again. A leader had returned to Petrograd who Then, on by deluxe personnel carrier in dead of night to Best Eastern Hyangsan Hotel in Myohyang for a refreshing debriefing in the internment spa. James Waldby - jwpat7 Cyberherbalist 6, 2 21 This ngram seems to support that conclusion; both are used but the dead of night is more common: And just for another interesting comparison, the dark of night is also significantly more common than the dark of the night: Though dead is always more common than dark: WendiKidd 1 9