A Fall from the Walls of Troy

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Bronze Age politics

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A Fall from the Walls of Troy by Jill Zeller

Available editions United Kingdom. Mariacarmela Montesanto , University of Liverpool. The probable location of the ancient city of Troy. Author provided The Late Bronze Age was an era of powerful kingdoms and city states, centred around fortified walled palaces.

Troy: Fall of a City recap – series 1, episode 6: The Battle on the Beach

Bronze Age politics The Hittites were an ancient Anatolian people whose empire was centred in north and central Anatolia from around BC. What history tells us More than a century of archaeological and historical research in the eastern Mediterranean basin appears to confirm that there was a war on Troy when Homer says there was. Outstanding value The location of Troy, at the crossroad between the East and the West, is not only a centre of challenge embodied by the Troyan war , but also of dialogue.

How the ruins of Troy look today. Ancient Greece Archaeology Homer Greek mythology. Found this article useful?

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The night before, King Menalaus had walked upto his wifes room and found her missing. He glanced out the window and saw the Trojan longboat pulled out of the harbour. The first ship to strike Trojan ground was that of Achilles. He and his men were battle ready and ready to kill.

Myths and Legends

They jumped off of their boat and ran head on at the oncoming defenders. Achilles looked back and noticed that the other ships only just making the shore. He drew his arm back, grasping him spear in his left hand, and thrust it forward through one mans chest and into anothers. It may have been gory, but it was a throw unmatched.

He directed his men forward toward the wall where more men stood ready on guard. Arrows flew and swords crashed together, as was any war of that time. But this was the Trojan war, the decade that rocked the history books for a millenium, just because of one girl. That is how it went for the ten whole years. By know, Achilles the mighty Greek warrior and all of his men were long dead.

The once peaceful land that many called home now looked like a living hell. The sand was red, peoples wounds were red, the walls of Troy had dead bodies littered around its base. The soldiers were tired, the generals were tired, even Menalaus was sick of it.

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