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The Journal notes that "aging needs to be redefined.

How to Protect Senior Independence: Don’t Fall this Fall!

Widespread negative assumptions about 'getting old' have led the public to take a fatalistic stance that there is not much to be done about aging. There is much to be done before we all start getting blood transfusions like Peter Thiel. Perhaps the first is to recognize that everyone is different; I know year-olds who are lonely, tired of their jobs and are physical wrecks; I know year-olds who fill lecture halls to discuss their latest book. When I wrote my birthday post, I got a long and thoughtful comment from a reader who said I was delusional for claiming that I "was just getting started.

See, I really am slowing down in the right ways.

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Of course, I recognize that things are changing; I'm not kidding myself. The younger adult group showed a significant positive correlation between the credibility of the ad and the stated intent to purchase across all three emotional arousal groups. The older adults, however, showed no significant association between how credible they believed the ad to be and their intent to purchase if they were in the emotional arousal groups.

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Stanford concluded that inducing both high-arousal positive and high-arousal negative emotions in older adults increased their susceptibility to misleading ads, resulting in a greater intention to purchase falsely advertised items. So how do fraudsters induce high-arousal states in their marks? Here are some common messages that can generate either positive or negative emotions:.

Elderly Falls - How to get seniors back up from a fall

Here are possible messages that arouse powerful emotions in these cases:. It's only natural to feel these human emotions, but you should postpone any important decisions beyond the heat of the moment and wait for your emotions to subside so that your normal, logical, decision-making abilities can regain control. It helps to find a few trusted people you can talk things over with, whether adult children or other friends and relatives.

Before seniors return home, the RESTORE therapists make a home visit to ensure seniors at Heritage Health go back to safe conditions—keeping them on the feet and on their own for longer. For general information about falls in the elderly population, please visit www.

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Preventing Seniors From Falling is Going to Be a Huge Market

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