Transformation: The Miracles, The Healings, The Truth, John of God

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One of the Casa guides comes over to the family to see if they can offer any help. The father begins to cry as he talks to this woman. Perhaps, this is the most cherished gift I am given at the Casa, the gift of giving and expecting nothing in return. It is my first day at the Casa and I walk past a room filled with wheelchairs, crutches, canes, hearing aids, eyeglasses and various other implements that aid us when our bodies fail to work properly. I am told that those who are healed leave them, as there is no need for them anymore. I am ushered from the main hall into the surgery line.

As I meet various people throughout my stay at the Casa, they explain to me that they have been to the Casa more than once and have not been allowed to receive surgery while others wait anywhere from one to several weeks before they are ready for surgery. It is a process that is explained to me by one of the casa guides who says that some people are ready, spiritually speaking, to receive the healings while others are not.

Many people are instructed to sit in the current rooms as part of the healing process while others go there of their own accord to assist in the healing by raising their vibration and acting as a channel of energy. The meditation sessions last for three to four hours.

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After you get past your body being uncomfortable from sitting in one place for so long and you let go of your mind, you begin to connect to source at a very deep level. As a result, your awareness expands and sometimes you may even see colors and images. Many people explain that they begin to understand certain deep-rooted beliefs that keep them from moving forward in their life. I spend several sessions in the current rooms. In one sitting, I have an extraordinary experience in my meditation as I begin to see very clearly the faces of others appear to me.

At first, I have no idea who these people are but as the faces go by, one-by-one, I begin to recognize they are people I have seen at the Casa, people who have come for healing. I see the face of Mathew, the four year old who came to heal his vision, he is older, maybe about eight, and he has his sight. It suddenly becomes apparent to me that I am being shown all the people who will transform their illnesses and be healed. As I walk past the current rooms on the way to my surgery, I am nervous not knowing what to expect; I suddenly feel better as the energy shifts and my vibration rises to match the hundreds of people who are meditating.

I enter a room with twenty-five other people whom I do not know. They ask us who would like a physical surgery, and one brave American man stands up and is taken from the room. It was previously explained that we have the option of an invisible surgery, where there is no visible incision in the skin, or a physical surgery, where a surgery is performed with no anesthesia and very low-tech tools.

John of God

Apparently, there is no difference between the surgeries in terms of effectiveness; however, the patient may need the experience of the physical surgery for it to penetrate their belief systems. Once in the surgery room, we are told to place our right hand over our heart and focus our intention on what we would like healed. I start to feel disappointed, when suddenly a wave of sound comes over me. The only way I can describe the sensation is, it is the loudest silence I ever heard.

This is the second time I have heard this very distinct sound, as I had it happen the night before the surgery, while I was eating dinner. It is now apparent to me I had been receiving surgery long before I stepped into the surgery room at the Casa. During surgery I begin to feel movement inside my body. There is a very distinct feeling in my right lower abdomen but then simultaneously, I feel movement in my heart, my knee and then, head.

The movement is very quick and very brief, lasting for no more than a few minutes. I begin to cry, in fact, it is more like sobbing and it is not because I am in pain. I think I am so overwhelmed by what is actually happening to me and I am grateful to be a witness to my own miracle. When the Casa guides ask us to stand up and leave the surgery room, it takes me several minutes to get my bearings. I have a hard time walking to the next area where we are to receive instructions about what to do next.

As the Casa guides explained to me before and after surgery, I am to treat the invisible surgery like a physical surgery; it is bed rest for twenty-four hours. Of course, I take this Casa rule and there are many with a grain of salt, until I realize I can barely make it back to my posada, let alone lift my head off the pillow. My body aches and I have cold and hot flashes.

I am clearly recovering from surgery. As I later learn, many people at the Casa have their own unique stories of recovery.

The Miracle Man: Medium John of God

The experience of the surgery and recovery is mind-altering. How the surgeries and other healings at the Casa take place is even more phenomenal. When the invisible surgeries are being performed, John of God is not even in the room. The entities or spirit beings that work through John of God work on all twenty-five of us simultaneously, each person having their own unique experience.

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The entities have identified themselves as various saints and doctors who once walked this earth but it is quite apparent to me that there are more than two or three entities in that room. In the next room, John of God sits in a chair as hundreds of people come before him with questions and requests for healing themselves and others.

She spent several years at the Casa, going through life-transforming experiences herself and interviewing others about their experiences there, until one night she received an inner prompting to begin writing the book about the Casa NOW!!! She began the process of what she felt was as close to a channeled writing experience as she has ever had. While her first two books took her a year to write and edit, The Book of Miracles only took six weeks to write!!! The Casa is certainly a physical place, but its true essence goes beyond the physical. To pass through the gates of the Casa de Dom Inacio is to pass through a portal into a parallel world.

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In this world is a spiritual hospital in which the medical personnel are spirits, the chief administrator is God, and daily miracles of healing are the norm. He was amazed to see a beautiful, fair-haired woman standing next to a tree.

Spiritual Development at the Casa | John of God

He sat with her and they spoke for hours. That night he realized she was Saint Rita of Cassia, to whom he had felt devotion all his life. He returned to the same spot the following morning hoping to speak with her further. A beam of light appeared in the place where she had stood the day before and her voice emerged from the light. She told him to go to the nearby Spiritist Center of Christ the Redeemer where others were expecting him.

When he arrived at the center people invited him in and told him they had been waiting for him. He then lost consciousness for three hours. When he awoke he attributed it to lack of eating.

John of God Healing Journeys

To his great surprise he learned he had not simply passed out. He had incorporated the spirit of King Solomon and healed many people and performed amazing operations. He initially thought this had to be a mistake, but after eating he listened to the many witnesses of the healing miracles he had performed.

He was finally left with no doubt that he had been the medium for extraordinary healing from the spiritual plane.