Sunshine and Summertime

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Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. Sunshine And Summertime Faith Hill. We've got barefoot ladies and tricked out mercedes And people getting crazy on the boulevard We've got classic colas and ice cold corona's And big pool parties in the back yard [chorus] Hey that's the way we do it New friends and blue skies that never end Hey that's the way we like it Good times, sunshine and summertime You'll see straw sombreros and t-top cameros And stereos blastin' in the parking lot You'll see rock hard bodies and bikini hotties And everybody's got it goin' on And showin' what they've got [chorus] Hey everybody can't you feel the rhythm now Hey everybody don't you want to party Hey everybody can't you feel the rhythm now Hey everybody don't you wanna party [chorus].

And since I love stencils, paint and pillows, I decided to turn it into a fun pretty for the couch! I started by making my stencil.

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I placed my hand-lettered sign on the Pix Scan mat. I hope you enjoy it, for all of you who have a Silhouette machine. Sunshine and Summertime Cut File for Silhouette users only.

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I cut out my stencil using contact paper. My settings for cutting contact paper on the Silhouette are: Once the contact paper was cut out, I used transfer tape to get it on the pillow. Oh yes, the pillow. I cut three pieces of fabric from the drop cloth. Here are the dimensions of the pieces: I placed plastic bags between the layers once I was ready to paint! I used some leftover pink and gold paint to stencil the words on to the pillow.

Use a craft foam brush and use up and down strokes all over the stencil. The key is to use just a little bit of paint. Dab your brush before putting it on the stencil.

Sunshine and Summertime

More of like a dry brushing. I have a few more drop cloth pillow ideas up my sleeve. Making Home Base 2. House By Hoff 3.

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Life on Virgina Street. The Happy Housie 6. Tell Love and Chocolate. Rain on A Tin Roof 2. The Blissful Bee 3. Just A Girl and Her Blog 5.

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View From The Fridge 6. Delineate Your Dwelling 3.

Up to Date Interiors 5. Hey everybody, don't you want to party?? Heyyyyyy that's the way we like it? All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.

Faith Hill - Sunshine and Summertime [ New Video + Lyrics + Download ]

All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Sunshine And Summertime lyrics. We've got bare foot ladies and tricked out Mercedes People getting crazy on the boulevard We've got classic colas and ice cold corona's and big pool parties in the back yard I said?