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People who have type-B blood should eat a variety of vegetables each day, especially green vegetables, which D'Adamo says will aid with weight loss by speeding up the metabolism.

The body has a natural ability to heal itself and is constantly striving for balance.

The most beneficial green vegetables include broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, collard greens, beet leaves and mustard greens. Beets, yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, red and white cabbage, eggplant, parsnips and all types of peppers -- including jalapeno and bell peppers -- are also considered good choices for type-B people following the plan.

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When it comes to dairy products, an individual with type-B blood is said to benefit most from yogurt, low- or nonfat milk, goat milk or cheeses such as mozzarella, ricotta, cottage, feta or farmer cheese. These, along with eggs, supposedly contribute to efficient metabolism for type-B people. D'Adamo recommends that people of African or Caucasian ancestry have no more than three or four eggs per week, while those of Asian ancestry can have five or six. Wheat, barley, corn and rye are off-limits to type-B people on the blood type diet, while cereal grains such as oats, oat bran, rice bran, spelt and millet are encouraged, as are brown rice bread, rice cakes, Ezekiel or Essene bread and any other products made with oat or rice flour.

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  5. Quinoa, pumpernickel bread, semolina pasta, soy flour bread and white, brown and basmati rice are considered neutral foods -- they're allowed but are not considered particularly beneficial. For people who have type-B blood, licorice tea is allegedly a good way to avoid hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Other beneficial beverages include green tea; herbal teas containing peppermint, ginger, ginseng, sage, rose hips or raspberry leaf; and juices prepared from pineapple, grapes, papaya, cranberries or cabbage.

    Michelle Kerns writes for a variety of print and online publications and specializes in literature and science topics.

    Foods Most Beneficial for Type B Blood

    She has served as a book columnist since and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle. Kerns studied English literature and neurology at UC Davis. Skip to main content. Eat Plenty of Meat and Fish The nomads that D'Adamo says type-B people descended from ate a diet high in animal-based protein from both domesticated and hunted sources.

    Get Your Fill of Green Vegetables People who have type-B blood should eat a variety of vegetables each day, especially green vegetables, which D'Adamo says will aid with weight loss by speeding up the metabolism.

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    Fruit salad Type A Breakfast: Buckwheat pancakes topped with maple syrup, tahini, jam, or lemon juice Lunch: Curried peanut tempeh with carrots, celery, and broccoli Snack: Rice pasta with feta and greens Dessert: Crumb apple pie Type B Breakfast: Oatmeal with unsalted butter or ghee Lunch: Indian curry salad Snack: Apple-braised lamb shoulder chops Dessert: Carob fudge Type AB Breakfast: Silken tofu scramble with carrots and zucchini Lunch: Cream of mushroom soup Snack: White bean hummus with celery sticks Dinner: Grilled cod and veggies over apricot-walnut couscous Dessert: Flourless almond butter and raisin cookies.

    But there is some evidence that people with certain blood types may be more prone to certain illnesses. Is the Blood Type Diet Safe? If you follow this diet for a long time, you could experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies. She notes that the blood type diet may work for some people, but given how restrictive it is, people may have trouble sticking with it long term — and thus not be able to keep off the weight they lost.

    Still, for people curious about the benefits of the blood type diet, Weinandy sees no harm in trying it for a short period of time.

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