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The few online book reviews I've found indicate that the script takes liberties, first by focusing on the noble idealist Hoffman over the ambitious Callahan, and last by tacking on a jarringly tacked-on ending that aims to reassure us about human nature and politics. At the setting of an illustrious career, J.

A Fever of the Blood

Peverell Marley's black and white photography takes a sharply etched, flatly lit approach that feels like serious TV writ large. I'd argue the movie's best asset is William H. Ziegler's tense editing rhythms, providing a modern sense of pace as the story flips among characters. Ziegler is one of the era's major, versatile editors and would make a good candidate for studying the editor-as- auteur. An adulterous soap opera set in the world of horse-racing, it doesn't feel like the typical horse movie, which is about poor but likeable people especially a child somewhere and the wonderful animal they love and nurture.

Rather, this film foreshadows the decade's car-racing movies Grand Prix , Le Mans , Winning about hard-driving, tunnel-vision guys and the women who love them to little avail. This item gives feature exposure to TV stars Ty Hardin Bronco and Dorothy Provine The Roaring 20s , with the main credit going to Suzanne Pleshette, who had an interesting half-and-half career at the time.

Hardin plays the man who likes horses better than people, and he's not too heavy-handedly symbolized by the enormous skittish "stud" who keeps bringing himself up short. His world and the plot are structured on competition, mostly between men expressing control through money and more behind-handedly between women.

Blink and you'll miss Kitty White singing "Blues in the Night" in that scene. Pleshette's very good at playing intelligent-but-trapped, but despite her top billing, this isn't her movie and it even takes a while for her to show up. She's about even with Provine, who injects interest into her more thankless role as a continually humiliated ex-squeeze. The script isn't flabby and it's always well-played, with supporting work from Ralph Meeker, Simon Oakland, Jimmy Murphy, and Murray Matheson as various racetrack types, from blowhards to thwarted friends.

It's mostly a character study of Hardin's difficult protagonist and, through him, the harsh world. The ending doesn't feel nearly as compromised as A Fever in the Blood , and the whole thing is smoothly watchable even though it's not much more than a sour snapshot. The director is Richard Wilson, who began his career working with Orson Welles before moving on to nothing of consequence. Wilson's work is a cut above solid here, with well-composed contrasts from conflicting characters within shots and a few scenes staged in relatively long takes, like a crossroads-conversation in a glass-walled apartment.

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Note also a jittery, lengthy scene of two men fighting in front of a rearing horse, whose whinnies are more unnerving than music would have been. I'm struck by the excellence of Ziegler's work as he edits the black and white cinematography of Lucien Ballard—not flat and sleek, but with weight and balance between the clean and gritty, as necessary.

Throughout, Ziegler's rhythms keep it propulsive and restless, with real excitement where required. I've sat through many Big Races, and this one can hold its head up. The unpredictable nature of its huge black animal, distracted by the "wall of noise", keeps us on edge, and it's really put over by the first-class shooting including subjective shots, again anticipating Grand Prix and cutting.

The poster on the DVD cover calls it "the modern motion picture that looks hot and hard at today's go-for-the-money generation", which sounds like it's promising sexiness within the standard tone of moral condemnation. Well, this simple drama among several harsh men and sexy women hasn't dated badly and still feels pretty modern. I think Ziegler has as much to do with that as anyone. Well into her 30s, silent film star Mary Pickford was the waif-iest waif in film history, and the number of convincing variations she wrung on this theme is remarkable.

Richard Tognetti reflects on synergising music and film with the cello-like voice of narrator Willem Dafoe in his work for Jennifer Peedom's gorgeous documentary, Mountain. The rootsy releases of prove that Americana is and always has been experiencing a Rainbow Wave. Considering its YA audience, Markus Zusak's Bridge of Clay is a superb and accessible gateway to developing critical literacy skills.

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Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova have their final showdown in a war of ideas, wherein Jean applies a different tactic to quell the conflict. Callahan and Hoffman both have political ambitions, eyeing the upcoming election for governor.

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The high-profile nature of the murder case persuades Callahan that it could vault him to the governor's office if he prosecutes it himself. He personally arrests the prime suspect, Thornwall, a wealthy man with political connections, the husband of the murdered woman.

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Hoffman is assigned to be the judge in the case, which could impact his own political future. A senator, Alex Simon, informs both the judge and the D. His wife, Cathy, was once romantically involved with Judge Hoffman, to whom Simon offers the bribe of appointment to the federal bench if he agrees to not oppose Simon for governor. Callahan turns ruthless and vindictive in achieving his political aims, determined to win a conviction at any cost. Called by the defense, his right-hand man unethically blurts on the witness stand that the defendant had once before threatened his wife and the defense attorney moves for a mistrial.

Denying the motion will aid Callahan.

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To demonstrate to Simon that he has not been swayed by the bribe offer a mistrial would hurt Callahan and help Simon , Hoffman denies the motion. Although the evidence is inadmissible hearsay and ordered stricken from the record, the jury, armed with this knowledge, convicts the defendant of murder anyway, thus paving the way for Callahan's candidacy. Hoffman's guilty conscience forces him to go public with the revelation that Simon offered him a bribe.

The senator dies of a heart attack but makes a deathbed confession of the bribe attempt. With proof of Callahan's unethical conduct, Hoffman then tries to discredit him using unethical methods of his own, but conscience stops him from doing so. In the backwash of all the maneuvering, Hoffman's career as a judge is ruined, but Cathy is proud of him for standing by his convictions.

A gardener who committed the murder flees town in a panic, is apprehended by police and confesses to the crime.

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Callahan uses it to free Thornwall, again to promote himself. However the gubernatorial convention now distrusts him and Callahan fails to win a majority. Cathy urges Hoffman to have faith in the people and go to the convention, where he is swept up by the admiring crowd to the party's nomination. Judge Leland Hoffman Angie Dickinson Cathy Simon Jack Kelly Dan Callahan Don Ameche Alex Simon Ray Danton Clem Marker lawyer Herbert Marshall