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The agreement is that it will be binding.

There is a bit of detail to still to work through," Little said. He suspected two other discussed referendums would also be included on euthanasia and electoral reform, although Little has talked down those prospects.

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Bridges would be voting against cannabis legalisation and said he hadn't smoked marijuana at any point in his life. Little said he would not be using a mooted "citizens assembly" for policy development, something the Green Party had pushed for. That agreement stipulated the referendum would have to happen at or before the general election. It's understood a Cabinet paper has been circulating on the issue for the last few months of , with some issues still to be ironed out.

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The Greens favoured passing a law to legalise marijuana prior to the actual vote, that would only be triggered if the referendum suggested that should happen. That way a future Government - possibly one the Greens are not part of - could not stretch out the timeframe for actually legalising cannabis. It would also mean the public could have a very clear idea of what a "yes" vote would mean in practice - unlike the situation developing after the United Kingdom's Brexit referendum.

Recent polling on the issue suggest the referendum will see the decriminalisation of marijuana. An August Curia poll found 65 per cent of the country supported legalising or decriminalising marijuana for personal possession. It is a compromise," May said. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the Prime Minister of "cynically running down the clock" until the UK leaves the EU by offering lawmakers "her deal or no deal.

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Corbyn accused May of leading the UK into a "national crisis. As pressure for a new vote grew inside and outside a bitterly divided Westminster, May dismissed calls to change course and firmly rejected holding a second Brexit referendum. She said doing so would be a betrayal of the British people. Because, it would say to millions who trusted in our democracy that our democracy does not deliver," she told the Commons.


UK flirts with second referendum to escape eternal Brexit chaos. May also ignored calls from MPs to hold the parliamentary vote sooner, and described claims that a better Brexit agreement could be reached as "fiction. We asked the British people to take this decision.

EU chiefs should prepare for second Brexit referendum, ex-UK PM Tony Blair tells Euronews

She also urged lawmakers to "not follow" Labour leader Corbyn into triggering a general election. The Prime Minister abruptly called off a vote on her Brexit plan last week, after it became clear it would be defeated.


She was then forced to fend off a leadership challenge from rebellious Tory MPs. The challenge failed, but left her weakened politically.

Brexit will weaken Europe, isolate Britain and fuel global tensions. At a European Union summit in Brussels, May failed to secure guarantees that would satisfy her rebels. Lidington is part of a group of senior ministers -- Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark -- who believe a new referendum may be the only way to break the parliamentary gridlock, the newspaper said. Corbyn slams May's behavior as 'contemptuous' Months ago, a second Brexit referendum was widely seen as improbable, a last-ditch attempt by bitter Remain voters to undo a result they didn't like.

But support for a new poll -- and pressure from influential sections of the media and politics -- has been growing, especially as it has become increasingly clear the parliamentary math does not favor May's Brexit bill. With Brexit due to take place on March 29, such an impasse increases the possibility of a "no deal" exit, which could crater the UK economy and even lead to fuel and food shortages , according to to predictions.

Theresa May accused of leading the UK into a 'national crisis' - CNN

Why there is no easy path in the Brexit deal One complication for supporters of a new referendum is that it would require an extension of the Article 50 process -- the legal mechanism by which the UK is leaving the EU. That process requires the UK to leave the EU on March 29, whether a withdrawal deal is in place or not.

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It can only be extended if Britain requests it, and the remaining 27 EU nations agree. How Theresa May can get out of her Brexit hell. The opposition Labour Party favors a general election to break the deadlock -- although that could also require an extension of the Article 50 process.