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The eastern night sky, at To start off each night, a glance at the eastern horizon will reveal the star Capella and a collection of stars known as The Pleiades.

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Capella is the sixth brightest star in our night sky, and for a good reason. Although it looks to be one point of light to the unaided eye, it has actually a double binary star system - four stars, in two binary pairs that orbit each other, and all four stars bigger and more massive than our Sun. The Pleiades is a collection of stars - a cluster of over 1,, with over a dozen massive, young, blue stars that are the most visible in the cluster.

Nicknamed The Seven Sisters, after the most prominent members, it is the brightest, and thus most visible star cluster in the northern hemisphere. As the night progresses, the orange giant star, Aldebaran, rises. Fourteenth brightest in the night sky, this star is only 50 per cent more massive than the Sun, but since it is further along in its "lifespan" than the Sun, it has expanded into a red giant, thus it is immense - 44 times larger than the Sun.

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After Aldebaran, the constellation Orion rises, which contains two of the brightest stars - Rigel, the sixth brightest, and Betelgeuse yes, it really is pronounced Beetlejuice , the tenth brightest we see in the night sky. Similar to Capella, Rigel is a system of stars - three at the very least - dominated by blue-white supergiant star that's nearly 80 times larger than the Sun.

It is orbited by two smaller blue-white stars in a close binary, and it's possible that one of these two may have a third star orbiting them as well. Betelgeuse is one incredibly large star.

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As a red supergiant, it is notable as actually appearing to be orange-red in colour, as opposed to dimmer stars, which tend to appear white. Also, Betelgeuse is usually dimmer than Rigel, but once in awhile it surpasses Rigel to become the brightest star in the constellation. This is due to Betelgeuse being a pulsating, variable star - it changes in both size and brightness over time. The eastern night sky, at 1: Later in the night, as Orion rises higher in the sky, three more bright stars crest the horizon - Pollux, Procyon and Sirius.

This has been done for many asteroids in the past that have occulted fainter stars. The map at the top of this page shows the predicted path of the Regulus-shadow that Erigone will cast.

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The blue lines show where the edges of the shadow will travel if the prediction is perfect. Astronomers expect the prediction to be closely on target; the actual shadow path is almost sure to fall somewhere within the outer uncertainty lines. Similarly, the following predicted times should be off by no more than a minute: The shadow will be moving at 11, miles per hour. The shadow path is roughly as wide as Erigone itself, an irregular object about 45 miles across that's orbiting the Sun in the asteroid belt. It's currently million miles from Earth.

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It's so small and far that it appears 26, times fainter than Regulus that is, magnitude She'll be traveling to watch the event with friends in upstate New York. People anywhere from the Carolinas to Nova Scotia to Winnipeg are also encouraged to watch Regulus during the critical minutes and report whether or not it vanishes, and when. Erigone might have a satellite asteroid accompanying it! A "secondary occultation" crossing different territory would reveal such a satellite if it exists. Whether you're near or far from the path, watch steadily from at least 2: EDT for a chance at catching the star being eclipsed by a second, unknown object.

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In the Central time zone: Or visit its website at SkyandTelescope. Please be civil in your comments. See also the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When you think of the night sky, you likely think about thousands of stars glittering against a pitch-black backdrop of night , something you can only truly experience far away from cities or any other sources of light pollution. Almost immediately, their color and relative brightness stands out from all the other stars in their vicinity, and each one has a story all its own. Yet none of these stars are among the 10 brightest! Each star has its own life cycle that its destined for from the moment of its birth.

Sirius is Dog Star and brightest star

These low-mass stars are red due to their low temperatures , dim, and burn through their fuel slowly, with the longest-lived ones destined to live for literally trillions of years. A typical A-class star might be 20 times as bright as our Sun, while the most massive stars may be tens of thousands of times as bright!

Even though the giant phase is much shorter-lived than the hydrogen-burning phase, its incredible brightness allows it to be seen prominently from far greater distances than the original star ever could be.

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With all of that in mind, what are the ten brightest stars in the sky?