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Brownlow, smiling; 'but no doubt they will bring that about for themselves in the fulness of time, and if we step in to forestall them, it seems to me that we shall be performing a very Quixotic act, in direct opposition to our own interest--or at least to Oliver's, which is the same thing.

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The pilgrims read "Nomadic Life" and keep themselves in a constant state of Quixotic heroism. Therefore all public ends look vague and quixotic beside private ones. She is ready prey to any man who knows how to play adroitly either on her affectionate ardor or her Quixotic enthusiasm; and a man stands by with that very intention in his mind--a man with no other principle than transient caprice, and who has a personal animosity towards me-- I am sure of it--an animosity which is fed by the consciousness of his ingratitude, and which he has constantly vented in ridicule of which I am as well assured as if I had heard it.

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Over against this conduct, so far as it goes, may be set Swift's quixotic but extensive and constant personal benevolence and generosity to the poor. This family training, too, combined with their turn for combativeness, makes them eminently quixotic. The voice went on: Oh, that's dead right, and I'm the last man to ask you to take Quixotic risks. A cytometer is an instrument for counting cells.

A durometer is an instrument for measuring hardness of substances.

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A fathometer is an instrument for measuring underwater depth using sound. Try this one today: Three of the following words are real, and one is totally made up by me.

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