The U.S. Postal Service: Common Questions About Post Office Closures

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Senator Joseph Lieberman introduced S. This report originally was written by [author name scrubbed], who has since left CRS. Readers with questions about this report's subject matter may contact [author name scrubbed]. Retail postal facilities may be contrasted with non-retail postal facilities, which do not directly serve the public. Mail processing plants and area offices are examples of non-retail postal facilities.

See Government Accountability Office, U. Postal Service, Publication Glossary of Postal Terms Washington: USPS, April , p. These data should not be interpreted to mean that customer access to postal services has declined. Customer access to postal services depends on many variables. For example, these data exclude non-USPS retail outlets that provide postal services, such as grocery stores that sell postage stamps.

The U.S. Postal Service: Common Questions About Post Office Closures

Since then, it has steadily declined, reaching 4, in FY The USPS's list of the retail facilities considered for closure under the closure proposal is at http: Postal Service, "Request of the U. The Washington Post produced a map indicating the locations of the 3, possible closures by state at http: A non-uniform parcel refers to package or large envelope that is anything other than a Priority Mail box or envelope. This is not the case with a contract or village post office. N, August 23, , at http: Postal Service May 24, , at http: Postal Service, "Form K," p.

See the communications at http: For example, Joseph L.

Bristow, who served as an assistant postmaster general from to , provides accounts in his book, Fraud and Politics at the Turn of the Century New York: The term "marketization" refers to the redesign of a government agency in order to make it provide goods and services in the manner of a private firm. Congress does provide an annual appropriation to the USPS to compensate it for the revenue it forgoes in providing, at congressional direction, free mailing privileges to the blind and overseas voters.

FY Appropriations , coordinated by [author name scrubbed].

Post office closures: What happens if a town has no post office?

Similarly, Congress requires the USPS in "selecting modes of transportation, the Postal Service shall give highest consideration to the prompt and economical delivery of all mail" 39 U. For example, see P.

Readers seeking additional details of the USPS's closure rules and rationales for its rules may consult 39 C. Establishment, Classification, and Discontinuance," at 76 F. USPS, July , pp.

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Postal Service, November 21, November 20, Washington: APWU, , pp. Senator Bernard Sanders introduced identical legislation, S. As noted below, he reintroduced this legislation, S. Davis introduced a very similar bill, H. In simplest terms, a "right of first refusal" would permit the USPS the first opportunity to purchase the property.

FAQ — American Postal Owners

At this US Post Office location staffing is limited. Customers who go there say only one clerk mans the counter. For customers, that begged the question:. The postal service confirmed a staffing issue and said management is addressing it, but that provided no comfort to the dozens of people who said they were turned away and had no clue about the random closings until they got there. After an initial report during FOX 4 News at Noon, a new sign appeared on the window, this time listing a one-hour closing and a set time.

An Post Shut Down Blackpool Post Office

Voicemails and texts to two listed media contacts with the postal service were not returned. FOX 4 also called that branch directly and asked for the manager by name. Requests must include the birthdate of the individual, as well as dates of employment. Both request options must include suitable proof of identity, such as a driver's license, employee identification card or Medicare card. A docket is the formal name for a public record that holds all documents and materials related to a PRC proceeding. Documents may include Commission orders, interventions, transcripts, testimony, evidence, comments and other information submitted on the record.

A proceeding is a formal, public process conducted by the PRC to examine an issue and produce a decision or product. For example, when the Postal Service decides to raise postage prices, it submits a proposal to the PRC, which conducts a proceeding to ensure that the proposal meets the requirements set by law. Other proceedings might examine service complaints, proposed nationwide changes to service, proposals for new products and services, or suggestions for new rules and procedures.

In any case, PRC proceedings are judicial in nature, with strict rules of procedure and practice. Proceedings are conducted to define the issues, clarify the facts and ensure due process for all parties so that fair and timely decisions are reached. When the PRC establishes a docket it assigns it a unique identification tag that indicates the specific proceeding, the nature of the issue being examined, and the fiscal year in which the proceeding began.

The nature of the proceeding is abbreviated by a letter code. The letter code is then followed by the current year and the number of the case for that year. In view of the judicial nature of Commission proceedings and to ensure that individual and household customers are represented, an Officer of the Commission is designated to represent the interests of the general public in public proceedings that come before the Commission.

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Each line has its own regulations and pricing rules that are administered by the Commission. The new postal law recognized that the Postal Service might need to raise market-dominant prices above the CPI-U price cap due to extraordinary or exceptional circumstances. Among other requirements, the Postal Service proposal must: Upon receiving an exigent rate proposal from the Postal Service, the Commission will establish a docket, provide for public comment and conduct a hearing on the record.