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All of the books in the Sight Words K—1 Library contain the most common sight words presented in patterned, predictable texts, or decodable texts.

Lightning Bolt in the Grand Canyon

These books all have supportive illustrations, large print, and simple sentence structures. The books also include stories that are substantive enough to have comprehension and vocabulary conversations while students build word recognition skills.


The books in this collection are most appropriate for readers in grades K—1 and directly address the Common Core State Standards in general and foundational skills in particular. Support students as they fine-tune their ability to hear the subtleties in words. The titles in this collection introduce students to idioms, figures of speech, and sophisticated vocabulary. Many of the selections repeat the same words so that students enjoy multiple exposures to words that may be unfamiliar.

Through listening to, reading, and re-reading the books in this library, students will work on a number of the reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language standards in the Common Core. Miss Annie 1 Freedom! Miss Annie 2 Rooftop Cat Mr. Fox 1 The Meeting Mr. Fox 2 A Hubbub Mr. Fox 3 What a Team!

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When it foundational skills standards. In the primary programs imagined in the Foundational Skills grades, the importance of understanding the section of the Common Core hinge upon texts basic features of print, as well as demonstrating that support readers as they learn, and come to an understanding of spoken words, syllables, and appreciate, language. The simple sentence structure, supportive illustrations, decodable PREK—1 LIBRARY texts, and patterned texts make these books ideal for early readers who are developing and honing word analysis skills.

The collection includes both fiction and nonfiction texts that are appropriate for readers in kindergarten through second grade, and supports Kindergarten and first grade pre Kindergarten programs. Containing informational books about topics such as current pop stars, extreme sports, as well as suspenseful, high-energy narratives with cool settings and interesting characters, this collection offers something for every kind of reader.

These selections will help students build confidence and sight word vocabulary as required by the Common Core State Standards, while at the same time reminding them of the joy and pleasure that can be found between the covers of books! LernerClassroom books are available in a wide range of text types, book sizes, formats, and shapes. They cover an array of interesting themes and topics that will engage your students. Students will build reading P Sounds skills and confidence.

Each book uses rhyme, 3 The Nice Mice in the Rice: What Is a Conjunction? What Is an Interjection? Offering a lighthearted perspective, Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is an Adverb? Feet and Puppies, Thieves and Guppies: What Are Irregular Plurals? What Is an Adjective?

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What Are Homonyms and Homophones? What Is a Pronoun? What Is a Noun? What Is a Synonym? What Are Similes and Metaphors? What Is an Antonym? Thumbtacks, Earwax, Lipstick, Dipstick: What Is a Compound Word? What Is a Verb? What Is a Preposition? Predict and Test book series.

Humorous and kid-friendly mysteries 5 The Case of the July 4th Jinx: Communicate analyze clues and think about solutions. Diverse 7 The Case of the Purple Pool: Work Backward respect, fairness, cooperation, and perseverance.

Supersonic perilous predicaments—and the Department for Mission 3: Grave Danger battle increasingly sinister paranormal activity. A Tale from Russia young reader. Intriguing stories celebrate bravery, One Last Wish: Original The Princess and the Giant: The Tale of the Oki Islands: Fox and her daughter move in with Mr.

But foxes and badgers 3 What a Team! This sweet series looks at 4 Peace and Quiet the ups and downs of forming a blended family.

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These award-winning books by best-selling authors are designed to break down the barriers that can stop this from happening. Inspires students to create their own success stories! Get inspired— Yes She Did!: A Story about Milton S. Hershey straightforward accounts of historical figures. A Story about Anna Pavlova white illustrations. A Story about Mary Jemison Mr.

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A Story about Dr. A Story about E. This series meets the Common I Core State Standards for both mathematics and language arts. K—2 Covering the basic principles of money, commerce, and economics, these nonfiction titles introduce emergent readers to the idea that everything has a comparative value. PreK—1 Albert Keeps Score: Comparing Numbers Albert the Muffin-Maker: Activities in each book and online Mice on Ice: The Right Place for Albert: Reading Schedules will identify with the characters, laugh at their Bad Luck Brad: Chickens on the Move: Subtraction The Long Wait: Using Money Too-Tall Tina: A Mystery with Money mathematics to solve mysteries.

The manga- 3 The Secret Ghost: We dallied for a while in town before making the 4 mile drive up the hill to our boondocking site in the Kaibab National Forest. This was a very pleasant area indeed, offering plenty of dispersed camping amongst the trees and with miles of forest trails just itching to be explored.


Being once again at high elevation, the temperatures were much more reasonable, and we slept well that night after traipsing through the forest and hanging off trees. The next day, we broke camp and headed into the park. As expected, the Grand Canyon was teeming with people, but luckily it was the end of the busy season and so we could still get the odd glimpse of the canyon through the masses. A cool architecturally designed historic building at Hermits Rest. Our legs a little shaky, we climbed back into the RV and drove east along Desert View Drive, stopping off occasionally to admire the views, but by this time our eyes had almost become blind to canyons.

Our final stop was at the Desert View Watchtower, then we were hoofing it down the road to our next destination. The state of our feet after the walk. The orangey areas are an accumulation of red canyon dust. An apparently literate elk, who was enjoying the potable water and who I had to ask to kindly move aside so I could get some.

In our minds eye, it had been far more definitive, with clearly demarcated canyon rims and a sharp drop downwards to the Colorado River far below. While the sharp drops were certainly present, in actuality the canyon was more open, and for some reason we found this vaguely disappointing. As we drove away from the park, however, we were able to enjoy a brief glimpse of our imagined canyon as the light died away — this was the Little Colorado River Canyon, and quite impressive to behold, despite being overshadowed by its greedy older brother.

With nary a backward glance, we roared down the road to our next adventure.